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Unlike last week there is a nice amount of stuff to gab about this week because as always people are stupid and the things they do are …..“Simply RiCOCKulous”!!

1) I’ve made a horrible self realization this week! The realization that I might be 1 of the only REAL NBA Fans left! Now let me clarify what I mean by REAL NBA Fans!  REAL NBA Fans don’t just watch during the playoffs or the holidays. They watch (or try to at least) from the beginning until the end of the season.  REAL NBA Fans don’t just pull for Kobe, LeBron (“THE” Bron in French), D. Wade, or whatever hot young star has the coolest commercial out at the moment. They pull for a TEAM and generally their fave player is the best player on that team! But most importantly, REAL NBA Fans recognize the REAL GOOD NBA PLAYERS regardless of whether they are on the team you like or not. Until this point that recognition of REAL NBA PLAYERS always culminated with the NBA All-Star game! However, this year the FAKE NBA Fans have ruined that!

To illustrate my point I’ll give you 3 guard choices. Player A averages 22.6pts, 7.2 assists, 1.3 steals, 3.6 TO’s and shoots 41.1%. Player B averages 19.4pts, 5.9 assists, 0.8 steals, 2.7 TO’s and shoots 47.1%. Player C averages 14.3pts, 4.2 assists, 0.6 steals, 2.3 TO’s and shoots 44.1%.  Based on the info above, which 2 players would you pick first to be All-Stars?  People with brains would say A 1st and then B.

So tell me how in the HELL does C get selected as an All-Star and the other 2 do not! Player A is Gunman Arenas, and he’s suspended, so I’ll give you a pass when it comes to him not being an All-Star! Player B is Derrick Rose who also has not been voted in and Player C is Allen Iverson who miraculously is an All-Star Starter.

That’s right Allen “I played for the Grizzlies is now a trivia answer” Iverson has made the 2010 NBA All-Star team. My disclaimer here is that I was a HUGE A.I.  fan b4 the season started! I stuck with him through the “We Talking Bout Practice?!?” rant and the “Nobody Likes Me” rant in Detroit. And in my opinion he is one of the most talented players EVER to lace’em up in the league!  However, quite simply put, he doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star this year! Not only have Derrick Rose and Buckshot Arenas had better years but to so has Joe Johnson, Rajon Rando, Brandon Jennings..etc, etc.   So what happened you ask, well A.I. is still immensely popular and was voted in off fan love alone.   I’m mean I’m all for fan love but when something this stupid occurs the D. Stern should be granted like Emergency  Executive Powers and allowed to tell Allen Iverson to re-inact his Grizzlies career and leave before the games start!  For us REAL NBA Fans this is a travesty and probably wasn’t even this bad when Yao Ming was voted in over Shaq in Yao’s  rookie year because  it seamed like EVERYONE in China voted for him!  So to all you FAKE NBA FANS who have no respect for the game…I can only describe you and your 2010 All-Star Version of Allen Iverson as “Simply RiCOCKulous”

Yea, how you got on the team has me beating my head too!!

2) This “Simply RiCOCKulous” is for myself, yea that’s right! I’m giving myself one! Why?? Because at I was all excited when I found out Serena Williams was apparently going bottomless at tennis tournament (take a look here if you don’t believe me)!

The Moon on Venus

Only to be crushed when I  found out that not only was she not bottomless (just flesh colored shorts), but that is was Venus and not Serena! So for biased towards one talented Williams Sister over the other (but can you really blame me Serena was in ESPN’s the Mag’s Body issue and Venus wasn’t), I say to myself… “Simply RiCOCKulous”!

3) If I was going to think of a place in the USA where White People would have to make a stand so they could get an equal shot at something and not be discriminated against (the concept of which still blows my mind!), Augusta Georgia, (home of the Annual Good Ole Boy Invitational Golf Tournament aka the Masters) would be the LAST PLACE on Earth I think that would happen!  However, Augusta Georgia’s newest event in a long line of segregated efforts is (drum roll please) a WHITES ONLY Basketball League! Or as I will call it from now on the NJBA (the Non Jumping Basketball Association).  Now I know just like myself you are wondering what in the Hell?? But League Owner and Creator, Don “Moose” Lewis, (couldn’t make that name up if I tried) says “White  American-born citizens are in the minority now. So now, here’s a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like.” Yep and even the President of the U.S. couldn’t qualify to participate because “only players that are natural-born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league.” Fantastic job Moose!  Way to NOT,  make a big deal out of athletics and racial stereotypes “Simply RiCOCKulous”!

So does J.Will (White Chocolate) Count?

And honorable mention for this week:

This one is non-sports related! But because Love is a Game to some I’ve decided to link THIS Simply RiCOCKulous story here for you to enjoy! The morals are 1) Billboards are evil and 2) Treat your significant other, or the one you are cheating on them with right or  your pics  might end up near your local highway!

– Kennedy Wong a.k.a. The BLASIAN

Alright, the past two weeks I am 2-6 on my playoff picks. Sure I felt bad after the wild card weekend going 1 and 3, but Simmons went 0 and 4. I felt pretty confident the next weekend I would lock down some solid picks, just to come up short again going 1 and 3. So in an attempt to save my post season, I am going to pick this week and the Super Bowl! I turning the playoffs into a march madness betting system, its kind of a hail mary, but I think its possible.

Jets v Colts (-7)

I watched Peyton Manning feel out the defense all first half last week then just own them in the last four minutes before halftime. Everyone knew when he put up 14 points right then that it was over. Peyton is the smartest football player playing.  I think it gives them the edge. Plus he  and his brother love Oreos! So got to give him some love. He will control the game, and it will be the colts by 10 or more

If only Peyton had known about the Reverse Oreo

Pick: Colts

Vikings v Saints (-3.5)

So I was asleep for most of the Saints game last week, but both the Saints and the Vikings took care of business. A side note, Keith Brooking is a bitch, seriously you are professional, it’s your teams job to stop the opposing team, not to stop themselves. This isn’t little league where kids can be driven away from a sport or scarred for life. Keith, it’s called making a play, and if you can’t do it that’s your own fault.

KB sad

I think he is beginning to get all watery eyed

Anyways, Vikings have not been good on the road, but the Saints lost two at home down the stretch. Any stat in this game has an equal counter stat. I anticipate it being a great game, but I think the Vikings actually step up and are able to make the plays on the road to win the game.

Pick: Vikings

Super Bowl

Vikings v Colts (undetermined, maybe -4)

Favre’s magic got them this far, and you are taking to dome teams and putting them outside in Florida, where Peyton in a rainy Super Bowl watched Grossman struggle getting snaps from the Center. I think the emotional aspects should favor Favre, but I simply can’t bet against Peyton this year. I would take the Colts in either match up and would actually be more willing to against the Saints, especially with their defense.

Things to come

Super Bowl Champs: Colts, they got No Ceilings


The Bearded Guy

I know, I’ve been a terrible prognosticator but I’m not giving up.  I’ve gambled for far too long to step away just because I’ve been a Mush for a few weeks.  Things will turn around.  If not, who cares, I’ll be in Hong Kong for a week so I could give a shit. 

Before I get to my picks I have to talk about the coverage of these games.  I won’t see any of these games and I don’t get ESPN of the NFL Network but I can just imagine what the talking heads are….well….talking about.  I’m pretty sure the coverage has revolved and will revolve around Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez.  Don’t let The Blasian fool you, he definitely has much man-love for the guy.  As Shakespeare once wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  Replace, “The lady” with, “The Blasian”. 

The Bard knew how The Blasian felt for The Sanchise

Back to the coverage.  Most people probably don’t know that Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are playing in these games because Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez are hogging all the coverage.  Has John Madden come out of retirement yet?  How is he not doing the Vikings – Saints game?  If you think it’s bad this week, imagine if the Jets and Vikings both win on Sunday.  Then we will have two weeks of non-stop Favre, Sanchez talk.  If the Vikings win, they might as well change the name from Super Bowl XLIV to Super Bowl Favre.  I can’t see any of the coverage and I’m already annoyed.

On to the games:

NY Jets @ Indianapolis (-7)

Pick:  Colts     

Blah blah blah….the Colts offense is awesome.  Blah blah blah……The Sanchise is a rookie.  Blah blah blah….Rex Ryan is fat.  Blah blah blah….there’s no way the Jets win this one.

Indianapolis 23-10

Minnesota @ New Orleans (-3.5)

Pick:  Vikings

Blah blah blah…both teams play in a dome.  Blah blah blah….Sean Payton forgot how to coach the last time he was in the Championship game.  Blah blah blah…….Adrian Peterson.  Blah blah blah……Sidney Rice.  Blah blah blah….BRETT FUCKING  FAVRE.

Minnesota 31-27

Sound the horn Vikings fans.  That sound you hear is Packer fan killing himself.  Enjoy Super Bowl Favre.

The Blasian likey?

Now who says, the BLASIAN doesn’t deliver?!?! As I promised last week, I did better with my pics! That’s right I went from a horrible 1-3 to an ASTOUNDING 2-2!  Yep, go ahead and call Ms. Cleo and the Psychic Friends Hotline, cuz I can certainly give her a run for her money! 

The Great and All Knowing Miss Cleo!

And hey maybe this week I’ll even go 3-1 (unfortunately there are only 2 games left)! I actually started out 2 for 2 last weekend and if it wasn’t for the JETS and the GREATEST NFL Choke Artist of All Time, Tony Romo, I might have had a chance at perfection…but no hard feelings and with that being said its time for my venom filled picks for this week (heres looking at you Mark Girly Sanchez)! 



Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints 

So apparently the Vikes D covered all their bases last week b/c word on the street is that they read my blog and made sure to fly Jessica Simpson out to the game in Minny. I mean how else do you explain Romo’s performance and the beating (maybe beating is too kind of  a word) the Cowgirls took last week? The bad news for the Vikes this week though is that Drew Breezy won’t be having any of the same type of problems! D. Breezy has been immaculate this year and I don’t see any choke any is game! I look for Breezy and homies, mainly Colston and Meachem (my Tennessee buddy) to wreck shop.  And don’t expect a repeat great performance from Mr. Kardashian next week either, b/c  that was an anomaly of a game for Reggie! In the words of Jay-Z “He’s alright but he’s not REAL (-ly that good)”! But I will tell you who is real… the Aints O-Line is fantastic and only let D.Breezy get smothered by an overgrown man on the opposing team  20x this year.  Add that to helping their run by committee offense, gain over 2,000 yards this year and they have  definitely done a great job so I expect J. Allen and the rest of the Vike’s D to have a tough day at the office. 

But never fear, my Horned Hat Friends b/c all is not lost!  You do have the Magical, Mystical Brett Favre at the helm and All-Day Peterson literally running over people.  This will more than give the Vikes a fighting chance. However, your  X-factor, Percy Harvin must find a way to come out and compete well despite his injuries if the Vikes are to pull this one out! 

The BLASIAN  expects this one to be close (yes! I just referred to myself in the 3rd person)! So based on giving the offensive advantage to the Aints (primarily due to the deeper receiving core and better all-around running game) although I give the slight defensive advantage to the Vikes (and yes I know Darren Sharper is a BEAST) I’m going to have to roll with the Aint’s in this one, b/c  just like I said last week I that the Aints are the team of DESTINY this year! And I know this makes you guys at home  sad that we won’t be able to hear another rendition Brett’s American Idol song “Pants on the Ground”

Pick: Saints: NO 30 – MIN 24 



New York JETS vs. Indianapolis Colts 

WARNING: If you are a JETS or Mark Sanchez fan, ESPECIALLY if you are Mark Sanchez fan stop reading now!  

FUCKING MARK “GIRLY” SANCHEZ!! Let me quickly run down the list of people that I dislike 3) My 1st Grade Teacher, Mr. Bobbins (still scarred from you making the class point & laugh at me after I had that “accident” during, Go to the Pool Day ), 2) Mark Sanchez and 1) Satan . You see that Martina (I mean Mark) Sanchez!! The only person I hate more than you is the DEVIL, and congrats for being POISED ENOUGH to be more hated than the man that caused me to be nicknamed “Do-Do Pool Boy” in 1st Grade.  That’s right Martina, you have embarrassed me for two straight weeks now. Every time I pick against you guys, you have the AUDACITY to win the damn game!! And let’s be serious, teams with QB’s who pose for pictures like this should NEVER win Playoff GAMES! 

Everyone knows you don't wear white after Labor Day, Mark!

I mean I don’t know about you but I don’t want a guy who wears white pants that are not part of his football jersey to lead my team anywhere! And to make matters worse JETS fans have been so annoying about their recent resurgence, Even here in Korea, I have heard the loud “J-E-T-S, JETs, JETS” cheer (and no its not because North Korea is attacking!).  Then add THIS to the mix, where an innocent child has been scarred for life by JETS Fans and its just been too much for poor lil me to handle. 

I mean,  I don’t think you guys grasp the importance of putting Martina Sanchez out of the playoffs.  Here we have a QB that models, plays for an East Coast Team, and in their 1st year as a starter is  basically just riding a good coach and defense, to what that team hopes is a Super Bowl victory. You know who else did that? That’s right Tom “Freakin” Brady! Now, you understand?!?  That’s right if  we don’t stop Martina Sanchez before its too late, she could become the next Tom Brady.  And let’s be real, nobody wants to deal with another Tom Brady! 

P.S. Ohh yea the game…I’m going with the Colts!  Payton Manning, blah, blah, blah, Payton Manning!! 

Pick: Colts: INDY 42 – JETS 12 

– Kennedy Wong a.k.a. The BLASIAN

This Sunday the Inter – AC Milan Derby will take place.  It’s week two of return matches and both teams are fighting for the top spot in Serie A.  The first meeting of the season was won by Inter 4-0.  AC Milan was the “home” team that day.  Inter was clearly the better team that day.  They started the season like a machine and that’s why they’re still top of the table.  AC Milan was still trying to find it’s identity and had struggled through the preseason.  Now, Leonardo’s boys are red hot and, with a reborn Ronaldinho, they’ve been one of the hottest teams in the league. 

Gattuso will be on the case. Watch your ankles Inter.

Both lineups will see some pretty big changes from the first meeting.  AC Milan will have six changes while Inter will have six changes.  The changes for AC Milan will see a returning, vintage Dida and Beckham back for his second stint in Milan.  Youngsters like Abate and Antonini have shown great form for AC Milan and I don’t miss Oddo or Jankulovski.  These kids are going to be great one day.  Sure Pato is out but that’s not the biggest loss for Milan, it’s Nesta.  Yes, that Nesta.  I am a huge AC Milan fan but I have not liked Nesta since he’s gotten there.  He’s either been hurt or really bad.  Lately, he’s been classic Nesta.  The Nesta that was at Lazio.  

Inter’s biggest loss will be Eto’o, who is playing in the African Nations Cup.  Cameroon just qualified for the second round.  Mourinho is probably pissed.  Recently aquired Pandev will take the place of Eto’o.  Why did Lazio let this guy go?  They’ll regret it.  You don’t think Lazio, who is just above relegation, could use a guy like Pandev?

August 23, 2009 

AC Milan – Storari, Zambrotta, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Jankulovski, Gattuso, Pirlo, Flamini, Ronaldinho, Borriello, Pato 

Inter – Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu, Zanetti, Stankovic, Motta, Sneijder, Milito, Eto’o 

Probable Lineups – January 24, 2010 

Inter – Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Santon, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Sneijder, Milito, Balotelli, Pandev 

AC Milan – Dida, Abate, Kaladze, Thiago Silva, Antonini, Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Borriello 


This game has a tie written all over it but I hope not.  Both teams are one and two in scoring and tied for first in defense.  AC Milan needs this game.  If they can win this game, they would be three points behind with one game to make up.  Beckham needs to do something in this game.  I saw him last week and he didn’t really add anything.  He was hardly going forward.  He nearly always passed backwards or sideways.  I know AC Milan has Antonini making runs up the right side but why not use Beckham?  

Ronaldinho will be the key to this game.  He’s found his touch.  Looks like someone wants to go to the World Cup in South Africa.  He’s running, passing and driving defenders crazy.  This is the Ronaldinho that was lighting it up for Barcelona.  We could’ve used him last year but at least he’s turned it around.  Remember Rivaldo?  That guy just couldn’t get it done and now he’s in Uzbekistan playing for Bunyodkor.  I saw Rivaldo play against the Pohang Steelers (K-League) in the Asian Champions League and he still looked like he didn’t care. What a waste. 

How's things in Uzbekistan?

Forza Milan!!! 


Episode 7 & 8 were not the best of the bunch but very good nonetheless.  As much as I like Vinny, Pauly D is moving up the charts as the best cast member on the show.  The dude is just cool.  He doesn’t say a lot but, then again, he doesn’t need to.  He has much game.  Why Pauly, why, are you going to hang out with Danielle again?  She’s obviously psycho and she’s definitely not going to put out.  The third time she popped up on the boardwalk, you should have hit the eject button on her.  If Pauly can get her to give it up, going back on her Jewish faith, then he will shoot to number one with a bullet.  

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish .....whatever..... keep your daughters away from this guy.

Snooki reveals, after a huge burn from The Situation, that she had an eating disorder that she only cured a year ago.  Not buying it.  She says she used to eat a cracker a day because she was so worried about her looks.  No F’n way.  Unless, for the last year, she’s been eating nothing but Big Mac’s and pickles every damn day.  She’s north of 120 bills and looks like she’s always been that way.  

She said in episode 7 that she’s not a whore unless she’s been drinking.  Nice.  She falls in love with the next guy she sees at the clubs.  But just like The Situation, she’s not been able to close the deal.     

The cracker a day diet?

The Situation.  Has there been anyone as annoying on tv as this guy?  He obviously had his heart broken by Sammi and is still trying to deny it.  His diss on Ronnie is that he made out with Sammi first so somehow he’s one up on him.  Also, not buying it.  Sure Mike, you held Sammi’s hand first but Ronnie’s hittin’ it every single night bro.  Edge: Ronnie.  His bust up with JWoww and pointing out to Sammi that Ronnie was talking to a girl only further solidifies his induction into the Douche Hall of Fame.  He won’t have to wait five years after he retires, he gets in immediately.  He’s a unanimous Hall of Famer.   

GTL baby! Douche HOF

Ronnie continues to get the life sucked out of him.  You can see that, left to his own devices, he would be a pretty crazy guy to hang out with.  You can also see that he just wants to kick the shit out of The Situation.  I liked that he was talking to a girl (harmless) while Sammi was watching and then when confronted about it, he absolutely denies it.   

When are guys going to realize to stop fucking with Ronnie.  He’s 2-0 since the show started with 2 KO’s (they would’ve stopped the first fight for sure).  If MTV had CompuBox stats like HBO, then Ronnie would be connecting at around 99%.  Ronnie jacked-up that dude in episode 8 with one punch.  “That’s one shot kid!”  He was out cold on the pavement.  It was funny watching him try to get up.  Unfortunately, Ronnie got arrested and we’ll have to wait ’til this week to see what happens.  Who’s next  

Wanna go to the gun show?

Except for punching/hitting The Situation, JWoww was pretty quiet in the two episodes.  Somehow she still has a boyfriend.  That guy has to be the stupidest person in the world.  House music or no, JWoww doesn’t seen like a one man kinda girl.  

I never said they're real.

Vinny was solid as always.  He just loves to get under The Situation’s skin.  I wouldn’t doubt it if he banged Mike’s sister out of spite.  On second thought, maybe not.  He seems like he’s better than that.  He had the best quote of the episodes when he told The Situation, “How’s my dick taste bro?”, after Mike stole his girl in AC.  

Can I interest you in a fist pump?


Final episode this Thursday.  I’m gonna miss this show.  There’s no way they can top this. 


I just saw that UTEP ended Memphis’ 64-game conference winning streak.  This left Memphis tied with Kentucky for the all-time Division I conference winning streak record.  UTEP won 72-67, at the FedEx Forum no less.  But wait, how does Memphis even share that record with the great Kentucky teams of the 1940’s?  I thought they vacated all their wins from the 2007-2008 season, including their 16 wins in Conference USA.  Doesn’t that mean their streak ended at 29 games?  That’s how many consecutive conference games they had won at the end of the 2006-2007 season.  Sorry Blasian.  Is the NCAA different from other sports when it comes to handling CHEATERS?

In the Olympics, if someone is caught CHEATING, they’re stripped of their medal and it’s given to someone else.  That person doesn’t continue to call themselves a gold medalist and an Olympic champion.  Their name is stricken from the record books.  In the Olympics, CHEATERS never win and winners never CHEAT. 

Not the 1998 100 m Olympic gold medalist in Seoul. Also, not the 100 m record holder either. The IOC cleared the books of him.

In Italy when Juventus was found guilty of wrong-doing in 2006 Italian football scandal, they had to vacate their Serie A title.  The record books show that Inter Milan won the title in the 2005-2006 season, not Juventus.  That seems fair.  Why should Juventus call themselves champions when they were obvious CHEATERS?

Sorry, you can't keep that. Please give it to Inter. They didn't CHEAT.

Now, I know there will be at least one angry person reading this but rules are rules.  Without rules, there would be chaos.  Without rules, a coach can’t tarnish two programs and still be allowed to coach at a prestigious school like Kentucky.  Wait…..   When will the NCAA wise up and strike Memphis basketball from the record books for most consecutive Division I conference wins? 

Sorry Derrick! No SAT, no wins.