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Great Day to be a Chiefs Fan in Jorts

1) This is the year of the 68 passer rating. In the rain, the Chiefs hold on to beat the Chargers in the opening kick-off of the new Arrowhead Stadium, (some of you may ask:  What’s a new Arrowhead? It’s a knife so watch your back, I will now referred to it as such so not to deceive people who want to go, I mean the stadium is in Missouri.) Not only did Matt Cassel have a passer rating of 68- it was also the number of yards he threw for. This definitely did not look like the Charlie Weis offense we saw last year with Clausen gunning it around at Notre Dame, but this time his team won.  Yet beware Chuck being too cautious could lead to an embarrassing exit in Kansas City.  Romeo thanks for beefing up the KC defense, missed tackles and blown assignments have been a fixture for the past two and half seasons. Oh wait, there was still a former Boise State receiver left wide open for an easy touchdown that made all of us sweat. But too Romee’s credit the Chiefs held strong against two fourth down situations deep in KC territory.

# 23 in this weeks Bearded Guy Poll

2) FCS teams are not to be trifled with.  After victories at Ole Miss and Virginia Tech, many athletic directors will be looking at their match up this week and hope they can survive  their ‘cupcake’ before entering into Conference play.  It’s quiet apparent that North Dakota State should be in the top 25 despite their loss to Northern Iowa, based simply on the round-a-bout logic of Kansas losing to them (6-3) then Kansas Beating 15 Georgia Tech (28-25) and coming in with a 1-0 record.

So here’s The Bearded Guy’s first Edition  Top 25

1-6) Ohio St-Alabama-Boise-Oklahoma-TCU-Nebraska

7-10) Some really good teams and Florida

11) Northern Iowa 1-0, Key Win: NDSU

12-21) Some good teams and LSU

22) The Denard Robinson’s and 20+ practice hours

23) NDSU 1-1, Key Win: Kansas  Admirable Defeats: 11 Northern Iowa

24) Virginia Tech, 0-2, com’on they have really cool uniforms so they get to stay

25) Kansas 1-1, Key Win: Last weeks 15 GT  Admirable Defeat: NDSU, I mean seriously losing to a ranked team by a field goal can’t hurt you!

Wasn't playing Youngstown St. in Week 2

3) Time to be serious: I observed that freshmen are still freshmen: when you put them on the road week two at number one, they might figuratively crap themselves (See Penn State at Alabama). The score reflects total domination, not the two turnovers in the first half in the red-zone that killed the lions, but not Joe Paterno.

Grinnell 2-0 and Monmouth 0-2

4) Apparently preseason Division III rankings do not mean all that much, go figure. As my Alma Mater, preseason 240, decided they would play spoiler on the road against an opponent with post-season aspirations. Not only that, it was the 1000th game in the programs history and would have made the Monmouth head coach the winning-est coach in the program’s history. This was salt in the wound for Alex Taney who was injured on the first pass play of the game, turns out the offensive line might have been a little suspect. I hope he’s able to make it back for basketball season and he can make the trip to Darby. I remember him referring to our student section so lovingly. If you don’t get the references its Grinnell vs. Monmouth. Shout out to the  Grinnell student body for giving the pioneers a heroes welcome upon the teams arrival home.  I don’t think the Pioneers, not the ones who didn’t make it to the Mississippi River, are satisfied just with these two games but it’s a great start for Jeff Pedersen’s squad.

Week 1-2 High School Team of the Week

5) Gardner Edgerton is my high school team of the week.  2-0 and coached by my former high school coach, Marvin Diener, they lost in the state final last year to a loaded Hutchinson (KS) team. I don’t see Diener and a top prospect Bubba Starling (Real name, I promise) letting that happen again.

In jest, yet serious

The Bearded Guy

College football is finally here. And next week we’ll celebrate the beginning of the NFL season. These events also signify the end of the awkward time of year when baseball needs to carry the weight for the four major sports.

As a final thank you to baseball for providing entertainment during the hockey, football, and basketball offseasons, I’d just like to sum up a few key moments from the last couple months.

The Kid retires- Ken Griffey finally called it quits. After a few weeks of being treated like shit by the media, Griffey Jr. finally gave in and announced his retirement. This maybe hit me a little harder as he was one of my first childhood heroes, but his end to baseball was unfitting for one of the most respected players in baseball history. He was one of the few clean players able to make a name for himself during the steroid era and will be an easy Hall of Famer. While the asterisk has been used as a notation for the substance abusers of the past decade, Griffey Jr. should be the one with the asterisk next to his name so that the future will always remember that his numbers are an understatement of his dominance and there’s no telling how much more he could have produced in a non-steroid era. I think we all wish he had decided he had to retire at the end of last year, but at least he ended on a high note with the walk off hit.

Ken Griffey Jr.* *Never tested positive for, or was accused of, substance abuse during baseball's "Steroid Era".

Ozzie can’t keep his damn mouth shut- Let’s at least give him credit that he brought up a good, debatable issue. Too bad he can never present anything in a reasonable manner. The comparison of a Spanish speaking player to a Japanese speaking player in the United States is just not bringing tons of sympathy. He really just highlighted how hard Japanese players have it and how few people speak Japanese in the US. Of course, he is correct that non-native English speakers should always have access to translators if they feel they need it, and hopefully he’s encouraged all new players to work this into their contracts, but why did he continue with his banter about how he’s the only one warning Latinos about drug use? Especially when the League is spending much more time warning Latinos about drug use than they are warning Asians. And bringing up the mention of rookie salary when there’s a clear difference of signing an inexperienced player from Latin America and a player who has already proven himself in an Asian professional league. Guillen definitely has some points and is bringing up things that should be considered, but it would be nice if he would realize that these are highly debatable issues and there are clear arguments against his emotional rambling.

The Cardinals and Reds put on a show- It was a dick move, but HILARIOUS (maybe not for Cardinals fans) when Brandon Phillips decided to publicly shit talk St Louis. One day before playing them, he actually called them “bitches”…”all of them”. It would have been disappointing if a brawl hadn’t broken out. Those front row, behind the plate seats were worth every penny as the whole field got pushed up against the backstop. The show included beatings left and right, including kicks in the head provided by Red’s pitcher Johnny Cueto. And hey, Ozzie, one of his teammates acted as his translator during his press interview.

"I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they're little bitches, all of 'em."

A-Rod, with a struggle, hit 600 homeruns- This really wasn’t that exciting. Maybe it was for A-Rod personally, but for the public, no. For the last 10 years, we’ve all been waiting for him to do this. No one ever doubted it would happen. What was interesting to me, though, was the little coverage on his steroid use. A-Rod is destined to be the homerun king, but while Barry Bonds’ road to the top was covered by hateful media as he became the face for the steroid era, A-Rod’s is glory, media support, and maybe one line thrown in about his steroid use. As a Giants fan and a Bonds fan, I can’t say that I’m not bitter about this.

The Nationals’ had a rookie sensation for a couple months- He was all I heard about for weeks. The anticipation was incredible. He was supposed to be the biggest thing to happen to baseball. And he actually lived up to his hype in his first start. He dominated. His rookie card went for an absurd amount of money, a stupid amount of money, even if he had continued playing well. Instead, we saw the rookie pitcher’s season come to a halt within a few months of his MLB debut.  The rookie phenom just underwent Tommy John surgery, which will keep him out all next season. Hopefully he can bounce back and continue to live up to his reputation, but we’ll have to wait until the 2012 season to find out.

As a side note, keep an eye on Buster Posey. As a rookie, he’s been carrying the Giants in their playoff race, and has put up incredible numbers thus far. He’s currently hitting .329 with 10 homeruns and 54 RBIs (about 1/10 of the Giants’ total RBIs) in just 82 games.

100 game winners? – As the season comes to end we should have some excitement to see if either the Yankees or the Rays can reach 100. Although both are on pace to break 100, their 7 games against each other in the final weeks and the almost certainty that they will both be going to playoffs make this a bit less likely.

To summarize:

Dear MLB, thanks for, once again, getting us through summer.

-The Sand-Rant