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Scout the home crowd next time Dwayne!

Dwayne Bowe already probably not Hailey’s favorite player might be seeing his way out of Kansas City sooner than later.  In a blurb in ESPN The Magazine, Bowe said the Chiefs imported ‘talent’ to road games. Women were waiting for them 3 to 4 days before a game in San Diego. This story has prompted many to speculate that Da Bowe Show, no relation to the T.O. Show, is over in Kansas City, especially with Haley’s interactions last season with Larry Johnson. It’s lead others to joke “The Chief’s have groupies?”. As a Chiefs fan myself, I wonder if the groupies are much better in Oakland than in Kansas City, since we have lost the last two at home to the also lowly Raiders but have won the last 7 there. Maybe import some to KC, whaddu say fellas?

Just a Thought

The Bearded Guy

Currently the NBA dominates many of the main pages of sports websites, not just with playoff updates but with the upcoming Lebron sweepstakes. Beyond the upcoming free agency of Lebron, several significant things occurred over the last week that will make a difference in the remainder of this season. The fascinating part is that something major has happened at each level from ownership to players performance all within this time span. I will highlight the week in four categories: The Team, The Owner, The Coach, and The player.

The Team: The Celtics

Garnett: I get to be Bernie next time Paul!

Remember the regular season? You know the one in which the aging stars were taking turns being Bernie carried around by a couple of younger guys? Then something happened….some say it was Quentin Richardson’s shove on Pierce in Game 1 vs The Heat and other’s think they were tired of being over looked. Whatever the change, it has made a huge difference.

Series 1 MIA Heat vs BOS Celtics, Best player: Dwayne Wade, MIA

Series 2 BOS Celtics vs CLE Cavaliers, Best player: Lebron James, CLE

Series 3 BOS Celtics vs ORL Magic, Best Player:   Dwight Howard, ORL

Yet Despite not having the best player in any of the series, Celtics have simply out played everyone and if the playoffs ended today, Rajon Rondo would be the Playoffs MVP. Now I  know he did not have a great game, but he has been the drive force and put up some great games through out the playoffs. Although, Boston lost tonight with Pierce and Allen carrying the load, they are up 3-1 and the Magic needed OT to win one game. Rajon Rondo will come back strong next game, and it will be 4-1 series after Wednesday in Orlando, unless Matt Barnes get’s his fiance to come in and fight for him cause she can box! (As seen on Basketball Wives).

The Owner: Mikhail Prokhorov

It's affffirmatav I own you

Although the sale of the New Jersey Nets was approved on May 11,  Mikhail made last week his by appearing at the Draft Lottery and doing an interview with the Yes Network’s Mike Francesa on Mike’d Up (Formerly Mike and the Mad Dog). To his dismay, New Jersey didn’t land John Wall, I mean, they didn’t get the first pick in 2010 Draft, ending up with the three pick.  This could basically end the chances of getting Lebron to come in and play with Wall.  Unless the Wizards find that trash bag full of Rubles along with the 3rd pick in Belmont Harbor.  Mikhail made his fortunes on some insider deals and favors, so I don’t see him changing his practices now. Wizard’s GM go to before you start negotiating the terms.

The Coach: Mike Brown

Nice Cuff links, plenty of room to hide the buy off money from the Knicks

In an effort to keep their King, Mike Brown must be beheaded. Anyone who saw the lineup verse the Celtics would think Mike Brown was trying to land a job out of town. His line-ups with Shaq, Big Z, and the reemergence of Boobie Gibson while keeping his high energy guys, specifically Anderson Varejao, on the bench was so deplorable that I am surprised no one has mentioned the 1919 White Sox, someone should contact Donaghy’s Knick Friends for some info on the fix. I guess Coach Brown had seen all the exhibits at The Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland and couldn’t stand the thought of staying. Can we give more fire to the made up rumor about Delonte West and Gloria James, by saying Mike Brown actually video taped on four occasions? Good-Bye Mike, your coaching won’t be missed, but I hear your ability to capture a scene in wide angle might.

The Player: Amare Stoudemire.

"No Watery or Glassy Eyes Here"

After Game 1, Stoudemire called Odom’s game one performance lucky. Well turns out it didn’t matter what candy he ate cause the Lakers took  game two. Perhaps the Stoudemires’ were just unlucky with the first two games and his mom’s joy ride home, if that was the case yesterday luck changed for him as he poured in 42 points in a must win to keep the series relevant game (see NBA comebacks from 0-3, p.s. there aren’t any). Being shopped around mid-season to a crucial part of a finals contenders is quite the swing, he must have gotten a special pair of rec specs that have changed his fortune and cursed the Cavs for not picking him up.

The old ineffective pair

That’s just the tip.


The Bearded Guy

Reverse Oreo Sports has agreed to terms on the release of Kennedy Wong a.k.a. The Blasian.  Everyone at Reverse Oreo Sports wishes Mr. Wong all the best in his future endeavors.

The Blasian was part of this blog since its inception but the pressure might have been too much to bear and he hasn’t surfaced on this site in two months, a site he helped to create.  You might remember Mr. Wong from his not so weekly “Simply RiCOCKulous” posts or, as he was the resident expert, his single NASCAR post.

Although he will no longer be writing for this blog, his clever turn of phrase can be enjoyed on Facebook, where he is a frequent contributor to his friend’s walls…well…some of his friend’s walls.

Good luck and Godspeed to you Mr. Wong in whatever you decide to do, whether that be spinning vinyl or in the business world.

Who the hell is Wade LeBlanc?

Posted: May 23, 2010 by sandydmz in Baseball
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Today, I was thrilled to wake up to find that AFN (yes, we luckily get it since we live so close to the base) was broadcasting the San Diego versus Mariners game.  Even more to my surprise and joy was that none other than LeBlanc was pitching for the Padres.  I’ve been keeping him on my radar as one of the people that I hate to play ever since the beginning of the season, and as one of the under rated players getting paid next to nothing that’s gonna beat my Giants down…I’m still haunted by memories of Paul LoDuca being a $300,000 killer of our team.

Before today, the man had six starts this season, 5 of which were quality starts, number 6 failed by just 1/3 of an inning.  One of the only things that has killed me about him is that he can’t go deep into games.  His five quality starts are barely quality starts. I do have to say that pitchers who rely too heavily on their bullpen are a bit frustrating.  Other than that, the 25 year old, who’s only in his third season in the big leagues, somehow finds a way to keep runners from scoring…with the exception of today that is.  What ended in a 15-8 win for Seattle in what was really an embarrassing game for pitching in general, LeBlanc gave up 8 earned runs in just 3 innings.  This skyrocketed his pregame ERA of 1.5 all the way to 3.3.  This is clearly due to the fact that his lack of innings causes every run to hit him hard, nonetheless giving up 8 in no time flat.  I will give him that the first runner on was a lucky ball off third base that is just one of those things you can’t do anything about.  Also, his third baseman being unable to convert the out with the runner on third breaking on a ground ball, pretty sad show of fielding.  But LeBlanc walking two batters in a row to load the bases with no outs: absolutely not a good sign and I just can’t feel quite so bad for him.

Although he demonstrates an obvious need for discipline in his pitching, I still have a good feeling about him.  He’s only 25 and is really in his first real full season.  He’s already shown a huge improvement on keeping long balls to a minimum.  He allows quite a few runners on, but is able to keep them from scoring, but you can see in his short 2009 season, that although he kept batters to a .210 average and had a fairly decent WHIP of 1.17, he was averaging over 1 homerun per 9 innings pitched which was a clear contributor to his 3.69 ERA.  Once he has a bit more command on his pitches and consistency in his starts, I see him being a real threat and big time pitcher.  Endurance would also be a huge plus if he remains a starting pitcher, but if he can’t go deep into games, I’d definitely be curious to see how he would work as a relief pitcher.  I would love a middle reliever that can put in five good innings, but I am just not thrilled about a starter who maxes out at five or six.  I think he would be better as a middle reliever for now, but the Padres have a pretty excellent group of relievers and no need to add one more to the list.  I’ll keep an eye on him until he proves me completely insane for believing in him, but for now, I like how he looks and am really excited to see this guy’s future.

If not, it looks like his mini hoops career may be going somewhere.


Wasn’t really feeling sports this week.  My White Sox still suck, Lance Armstrong was accused of doping (again), Hanley Ramirez has been doggin’ it on the field, I think something is happening in hockey and the inevitable Lakers – Celtics NBA Finals is gonna happen.  I don’t really give a shit, right now.

Something did pique my interest this week.  I’ve been in Korea for about nine months now and I’ve gotten used to the way things are around here.  I’m no Korean culture expert but I think I know what’s up.  But, I read something this week that made me question something about this place, something that every Korean loves and has to have.  I thought I knew quite a bit on this subject but then someone came along and blew my mind and I’ve had to rethink what I (thought I) knew.

Luckily, common sense prevailed and I realized I was right all along.  I like it when that happens.

The point here:

Never take what people think they know at face value.

Always do your research.

It’s ok to laugh at people who pretend to know it all.

Inside jokes are fun.

Thanks for indulging me.  Here’s a little something for your enjoyment.

Kimchi Recipe

Napa cabbage – approximately one pound
4 cups of cold water
3 tablespoons of sea salt
1 tablespoon of fresh garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of fresh ginger, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of fresh green onions (scallions), finely chopped
1 teaspoon of dried red chili pepper flakes (more if you like things spicy, less if you don’t)
1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of sugar


Separate and wash cabbage leaves. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of sea or kosher salt evenly on cabbage leaves. Place salted cabbage leaves in a large bowl, add 4 cups of cold water, cover with plastic wrap, and place in refrigerator overnight. Be sure that water covers all cabbage leaves – place a plate or other heavy object on top of leaves to ensure that they stay covered with water.

The next day, pour off water and thoroughly rinse cabbage leaves. You can shake them gently in the sink to remove excess moisture.

Place cabbage leaves back into large bowl and add garlic, green onion or scallions, ginger, dried red chili flakes, sugar, and 1 tablespoon of salt. Use your hands to rub seasoning evenly into all cabbage leaves. Be sure to use gloves to do this, otherwise, your hands will burn from the chili flakes. If you are pressed for time, mix seasoning ingredients with about a cup of warm water before adding them to cabbage to allow for easier distribution on cabbage leaves.

Transfer seasoned cabbage leaves into a large glass bottle. Be sure to use firm pressure with your hands to push down on cabbage leaves as they stack up inside the bottle. Transfer any liquid that accumulated during the mixing process into the bottle as well – it will become kim chi brine. Some liquid will also come out of the cabbage leaves as you press down on them as they are stacked in the bottle.

Leave about 2 inches of room at the top of the bottle before capping it tightly with a lid. Allow bottle of kim chi to sit at room temperature for 2-3 days.

Your kim chi is now ready to eat. Use scissors or a knife and cutting board to cut cabbage leaves into 2 inch pieces before serving as a side dish to a bowl of rice, soup, and perhaps a piece of fish. Refrigerate remaining kim chi and take out small portions right before meals. The refrigerated kim chi will continue to ferment slowly in the refrigerator over time, becoming more sour and flavorful with each passing day. So long as you use clean utensils to take out small portions, it will keep for up to a month in your refrigerator.

MLB Minute: Griffey!

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Don’t Call it a comeback, as ESPN said he, “awakened from his slumber” to deliver a walk off hit today to beat the Blue Jays.  In this month the Blue Jays have been on a tear, while the Mariners, well, have not.  Yet, the Blue Jays are still the third best team in the division, and last time I checked that did not mean jack.  On the other hand, Griffey proves that he doesn’t belong in a home watching TV Land episodes of Golden Girls, at least not yet, despite his loss of power, his perfect swing can still produce results in the clutch.  So in the end, this game might not mean anything, but it’s nice to see Griffey convert the opportunity and get his name out there for something other than his recent naps.

All Smiles, No Yawns

Look for a perspective on Floyd Landis coming soon

The Bearded Guy

Starting in the mid 90’s, after Real World had paved the way, we saw a boom in reality TV.  Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol came from this generation and have stuck around on major networks.  But when you get into the mid 30’s to 40’s channel-wise you are presented with a new type of reality TV.  The major train-wreck kind, the I want to marry a rock star, my boy friend is a tool, to the newly founded market of I’m an athlete or associate with an athlete.  I plan to dive into explore the new trend by breaking down the athlete based shows and the purpose behind them:

The Michael Vick Project:

This show aired on BET at the beginning of this year going 10 episodes.  After a sub-par comeback to the League, his PR team went about documenting the whole thing in order to try to rehabilitate his image.  The show lost steam and had little push in advertising.  Watching the first episode I could not decide whether I was supposed to like him or not, and why in the world were they interviewing his brother to back him as a creditable guy.  Does anyone remember Marcus’s actions at VT? BET maybe should have thought that through and said ‘Marcus, you go ahead and sit this one out’.  I don’t believe there are plans for a re-up for the show and for good reason…. Vick’s 2009 stat line: 6-13 for 86 yards, one touchdown, 24 rushes for 95 yards and two td’s as a backup.  Oddly his 93.7 passer rating was the highest of his career.

Purpose: Humanize him with a proposal, grave visit, family interviews, and his expression of shame!

The T.O. Show:

Why is this the main poster?

This little Gem is coming back for a second season after the VH1 quality success of the first 7 episodes.  In this show, our eyes are opened to the eccentric star that cries when you talk about his quarterback while wearing the jacket from Thriller.  This show was also a push to change the perception of a star, driven by his publicists who wanted some air time as well.  In season one, we get to see Terrell hook up with his Realtor, party it up, try to reunite with his X, and cry with his Grandma.  He loves to cry. Although, we all know Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, this was a deliberate attempt for his TEAM to win us over. 2009 stats: 55 receptions for 829 yards and five TD’s, in a continuing decline of production.

Purpose:  To win back fans who were alienated by his odd 2007-2008 seasons.  Left us in the awkward zone still.

Basketball Wives:

Who's the Married ONE?

First, only one of them is married to a basketball player, Jennifer who’s married to retired player EricMr EdWilliams.  On the comedic side, her bio describes Eric as “…a wealthy and successful professional basketball player….” I had to look up who he played for and he was on 9 (7 teams) different rosters.  I don’t think that counts as successful, that’s like people saying Michael Olowokondi was a positive force for the rebuilding Clippers, OH WAIT his ex-girlfriend (NOT WIFE) is on the show.  I thought this show was going to be setup like a lot of the other group reality shows and we were going to see them all duking it out in some outlandish mansion that still isn’t big enough for people to have their own rooms.  Can someone explain that reality TV dilemma to me?  All the women feel they are better than Royce, the sideline dancer, ’cause NBA dancers maybe not be humans in their eyes? I don’t know, cause they way the chase jerseys just isn’t right, since they arent stalking them in college or at a night club.

Purpose:  For all these girls to stretch the money they have left. More like The NBA Hills than a reality show. The closest  show to a train wreck.

Please E! Make fantasy a reality!

Here’s hoping the  E! channel moves forward with Ben Roethlisberger’s new show “Small College Bar’s with Ben and Friends”.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch!


The Bearded Guy

P.S.  The Mark,  Sorry for being LOUD