(Jan 17 – 23, 2010)

Unluckily for us, this week hasn’t been that too outlandish…other than the fact that the JETS keep on winning! (still haven’t figured this one out) but anyway, here’s this weeks “Simply RiCOCKulous!!

1)      MEMPHIS TN, is my hometown and you would think this makes me a die hard University of Tennessee Football fan….but no! Actually, the majority of Memphians, (yea, that’s what we’re called), HATE UT! We HATE their Men’s Basketball Program the most, Accept & Respect the Women’s BBALL program and somewhat dislike the Football Team! However, I actually tend to enjoy it when they do well! Mainly because there is no other good College Football Program in the state! So I played particular close attention to the whole Lane Kiffin situation!  And all I have to say is….Who the HELL is Derek Dooley?!?  No, seriously, who the hell is that?!? Can anybody tell me who he is…better yet can anybody in the state of Louisiana, where he coached the last couple of years tell me who he is?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I hope he turns out to be a great coach and makes the program respectable again…but he’s not what UT needed! In the SEC (the BEST conference in college football!) you need a coach with a well known and bordering on celebrity name! You know, 1 like the evil guy from Harry Potter. A name where its mere mention makes other coaches tremble and recruits want to come! And what confuses me even more is that the last time UT was looking at coaches (last year, for those of you playing at home) they were close to getting Jon Gruden who (didn’t go b/c he was still coaching the NFL’s JV team, the Tampa Bay Bucs) actually has ties to the school and would have been a prime example of a name that recruits would have recognized! So how do you go from the human “Chucky Doll” to Coach DD? And to make things worse it looks like Gruden wasn’t even a mention this time in potential hires this time! So to the Tennessee Football program I wish you the best of luck but your coaching hire is not only a head scratcher but also “Simply RiCOCKulous”!

2)      UNC Basketball, what the hell is up with you guys?  The current reigning College Basketball Champions are looking mighty disheveled this year. I know they lost a couple of good players from last year but they got the #1 recruiting class in the nation last year to go along with 5 Seniors! Conference play is just beginning and it’s not looking too good for the Tar Heels. Not only do they lose back to back ACC conference games for the first time in over 2 years (Georgia Tech and Clemson) but add that to a loss to the COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON and this year is not looking that great! Now I don’t want jump the gun as there is still quite a bit of season left, but UNC not playing, while I will admit brings me joy, is not good for the College BBALL landscape…Here’s to hoping they get their shit together..… “Simply RiCOCKulous

3)      Is the fact that Mark McGwire has basically come out and admitted he was on the “Juice really that big a surprise? Why are we even talking about this? I personally don’t care about the use of steroids and enhancers in the game. Let’s just be real for a second here, baseball is boring as HELL to WATCH!  The only sports more boring to watch are Golf and Curling (seriously Canada?!)  So I say to Bud Selig and crew, do us all a favor and make the roids legal.  That’s right, make them all take the stuff. That’s how you even the playing field and it makes the game more exciting…because I know I’m not alone in saying I wouldn’t mind see a baseball game with a score of like 25-18! Either, way let’s get over this steroids in baseball stuff, just like the 70’s it happened, a LOT of people did it, we got some good entertainment out of it, supposedly cleaned the game up and now its time to MOVE ON!!…. “Simply RiCOCKulous!

– The BLASIAN: Kennedy Wong


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