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Dear Reverse Oreo Followers, that means just you sittingpugs,

I am back from the abyss to rescue you from reading about Wrestle Mania.  Turns out, The Mark still considers it a sport. Anyways, if you know me, a few of the readers do, you know I have been in a dark place this week and half….I saw KU go down to NIU. Although, I will never say WE won the 2008 national championship or WE lost to NIU. I am still a huge fan of my home state team.

This article is about my denial…my denial to listen to The Mark or to believe the elements of the breakdown coming.  Bill Simmons has been the only one to mention this…he beat me to it…it’s the Sherron Collins Affect. Announcers love him, he played tough basketball, he is the winningest player in Kansas basketball history, he led a team minus 6 of the players from the national championship team to a big 12 title and sweet 16, but he is the reason Kansas lost and the reason this years team seemed so disjointed.

Lets break it down…..Kansas wins the 2008 National Title six players leave due to graduation or the draft. 5 are drafted. So whats left for KU is Collins and some what Aldrich. Cole had a great game in the semi-final which gave fans a glimpse of the future, but no one was expecting much from this team in 2009.  So there are zero seniors and one junior to speak of….Sherron…it became his team.  He battles! He carries a youthful team with potential but typically plays like at their experience level. He carries  them so much and so often that in the tournament last year other players are petrified to shoot, and it shows in their percentages and attempts. The role playing white guys (Reed and Morningstar) have no confidence in the one skill that lets them be on the floor (3 pointer) and Sherron only trusts Cole as a secondary scoring option. It was alright against North Dakota State, it was more than enough than Dayton. Then came Michigan State….Sherron muscling down the stretch…missing a key shot, then turning it over, then missing his one free throw. And the year is over.

Sherron and Cole stay, Kansas has an amazing recruiting class, all but one pretty much rode the bench this year, and the young guys have matured. Pre-season number one, potentially 3 All-Americans with depth and Tyshawn Taylor coming off a stellar summer as a leader in u19 international competition. Then the season begins:

-Tyshawn looks uncomfortable on the floor and like he doesn’t quiet fit in to a specific roll. Making him sloppy with the ball several times early and down the stretch.

Explanation:  Sherron has decided to be the team’s leader he must also being the teams point guard. He handles most of the offensive sets and has a high number of turnovers numerous times.

-Cole Aldrich doesn’t look like “Tournament Cole”, you know the one who had a triple double with blocks and a smooth hook shot.

Explanation: Many things a foot injury and family member passing away, but also his touches all year depended on how many offensive rebounds he could get, Sherron’s drive style offense created a ton on congestion in the paint. No room to get Cole the touches needed to wear down teams.

Xavier Henry disappears mid-season, January, making me believe Kansas has a shot to get him back next year. He disappeared so much that in the first K-State game, Self often went with the limited abilities to create their own offense of Morningstar and Reed over him. Giving into “Ok, we played these guys last year, all we have to do is give the ball to Sherron and let him do him.” That team looked like the tournament team from the year before, scared deferring to Sherron, turning the ball over trying to get it to him, didn’t we have two significant lower block threats? and an amazing wing player?  Atleast Sherron came through that time.

Explanation:  Xavier was not allowed to create because of Collins style of drive first-look second. I hope I can Thank Collins for that later.

Collins created all these problems because he had to be the leader, he had to be the scorer, he had to be the go to guy. A lot of people are blaming Self for this loss, for not letting his guys be the athletic guys they were against NIU. But this team was taken from Self a long time ago when it became all about Sherron.

Thanks for the memories, the wins, the good and bad, and for hopefully hurting Xavier’s draft stock enough that I get to see him in a Kansas Uniform one more year.


Pre Bracket Final Four:

Syracuse, Kansas, Michigan State, and Kentucky.

The one odd one I pick sticks!

All Americans Still Alive:

John Wall, Eliminated: Elite 8

Evan Turner, Eliminated: Sweet 16

Wes Johnson, Eliminated: Sweet 16

Scottie Reynolds, Eliminated: Round of 32 almost Round of 64

DeMarcus Cousins, Eliminated: Elite 8.

Just saying…..

Thing to Watch Now:

The Pacific

This Sunday is Wrestlemania XXVI and I know The Blasian and The Bearded One don’t give a crap but there are a ton of you out there who do.  Yes, I’m a huge wrestling mark and this is my Super Bowl.  I watch RAW, NXT, SmackDown and I scour the websites for wrestling news every day.  I also contribute to The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show.  The Blasian and The Bearded One are laughing right now but they can suck it.

There are nine matches announced and I like them all.  The Hart v McMahon match might be the weakest on paper but I think outside interference will make it a better match.  Top to bottom, all the matches look like they could tear down the house.  Thankfully, there isn’t a diva match on the card to bring this Wrestlemania down.

The matches:

Undertaker v Shawn Michaels – This is a rematch of last year’s epic showdown.  It will be a career vs streak match.  There is no way Undertaker loses this match and there is no way Michaels retires.  So how do they make this work?  Officially, Undertaker pins HBK but it won’t be clean.  There has to be someone who affects the outcome.  The top candidates are Bret Hart, Vince McMahon and HHH.

Bret Hart could get revenge for the Montreal Screwjob by costing Michaels the match and his career.  They reconciled on TV on January 4th, or so it seemed, but that may have been a way for Hart to lull HBK into a false sense of security.  Does Bret Hart really want to go out like that?  While this is interesting, it’s unlikely that Bret would want to be known as the person who ended Michaels’ career.  Maybe The Hart Dynasty could do the job for him?

Vince McMahon could punish HBK for getting involved in his business.  HHH told him to stay out of the Bret-Vince thing because Michaels has already been punished before for sticking his nose in the Chairman’s business.  Vince loves being the bad guy so it wouldn’t be hard for him to get involved in this.

The only problem with Bret Hart or Vince McMahon getting involved in this match is that they will have already fought earlier in the card.  The HBK – Taker match should close the show.

HHH is my likely candidate to get involved and cost Michaels his career.  There has been dissention in the DX ranks for a few months and maybe HHH has had enough of Michaels only thinking about himself.  Plus, HHH needs a change and heel turn might do him good.

Whoever gets involved, The Undertaker will be 18-0 after Mania and HBK will be retired, for now.  If Vince or HHH gets involved then look for Michaels to be away for about six months and then come back to get his revenge, and then retire for good.

WWE Champ Batista v John Cena – The build-up to this match has been tremendous.  Cena is the same ol’ Cena but Batista has taken it to the next level.  This heel Batista is the best he’s ever been.  He’s been telling the world what he thinks about Cena and it’s exactly what we have been thinking for quite a long time.  He’s ripped Cena as a corporate creation and isn’t impressed with his clever turn of phrase.

Hopefully this match can live up to the great build but I have a feeling it won’t.  It should be decent but if there’s interference in the Hart-McMahon match, this might be the lesser of all the matches.  Methinks John Cena takes the belt and that would be a shame.  WWE needs to keep building Batista’s heel persona, move past Cena and set his sights on another wrestler the fans might be tiring of (HHH?).

Look for Batista to destroy Cena for most of the match but then Cena will turn into Super Cena and somehow fight back and get the win.  That would be disappointing.  These guys really need to have a knock-down, drag-out brawl for this not to be a stinker.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho v Edge – Get ready for a fantastic match.  The build to this has been so good because of the work these guys do on the mic.  Jericho, Edge and CM Punk are the best talkers in the business right now and put Jericho and Edge on the list of all-time mic guys.

Edge came back to win the Rumble to get a shot at Chris Jericho.  Jericho bad mouthed Edge after Edge’s injury so we could see this coming from a mile away.  Edge is the face heel to Jericho’s textbook heel character.  I don’t know if I like Edge getting cheered but that spear chant is pretty awesome when the whole arena gets into it.  Jericho is just good period.  Plus, he’s not a bad singer.

Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear

This should be a physical match and these guys will take lots of bumps.  I’d be surprised if they didn’t bring the house down.  Too bad there are no stipulations or a special match.  I gotta believe Edge takes this and feuds with Jericho a bit more after Mania before moving on to start a program with Christian (MITB?).

HHH v Sheamus – Should be physical but no way HHH lets Sheamus get over on him at Wrestlemania.  Sheamus already had the spotlight.  Now it’s time for him to build himself back up but it won’t be here.  It should be the same formula as the Batista-Cena fight.  Sheamus will destroy HHH for a good portion of the match and then HHH fights back and hits a spine-buster out of nowhere and then the Pedigree.  This match can be saved with a lot of action outside the ring.

I haven't seen anyone this pasty since John Stockton

If, by some strange reason, Sheamus were to beat HHH here than look for a pissed off Hunter to turn heel and either cost Shawn his match or join forces with Vince against Bret Hart.  Maybe a heel turn would do him good.

Money In The Bank – Christian v Dolph Ziggler v Kane v Shelton Benjamin v Jack Swagger v MVP v Drew McIntyre v Kofi Kingston v Evan Bourne v Matt Hardy – Spot-fest but very enjoyable.  The legitimate winners of this match should be Christian, Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre (???).  Why The Chairman is in love with Drew McIntyre is beyond me but he’s in here and in the back of your mind you gotta believe he’s got a shot at winning this.  WWE wants him to be a big star and maybe him holding the briefcase makes him look more important than he really is.

Kofi Kingston’s stock has fallen in recent months but he’s a big draw and he’ll be back on top and maybe this is the match to get him there.  Rumor has it that Randy Orton was furious with Kofi after he botched a spot that led Orton to miss an RKO.  Randy complained, Vince listened, Kofi de-pushed.  Let’s see if this gets him back on track.  Look for a boom shot onto a ladder.

Boom all you want, just don't mess up Randy's RKO. He hates that.

Evan Bourne is in this for the crazy stuff he can do.  He has no shot of winning but he’ll fly around and take serious bumps.  Shelton Benjamin has been in this before and he can do some crazy stuff.  Kane is in this for name value and he can do a spot here and there.  Dolph Ziggler is just filler and I’d be surprised if he was still in at the end.

MVP is in so people can get excited about him and maybe he can get a push after this.  He needs a belt to matter.  He doesn’t have to win this (he won’t) but he needs to do something so people can remember him.

Jack Swagger needs this match (a good showing).  He went from ECW Champion to losing to Santino Marella.  He’s physical and can work but he doesn’t have anyone to feud with.  He needs a move to SmackDown to take on R-Truth and/or John Morrison.

The All-American American

Matt Hardy is a huge fan favorite and he knows his way around a ladder match.  He’ll do some crazy stuff, guaranteed.  Besides that, maybe WWE is giving him a rub in this match to keep him happy.  They would hate to see The Hardy Boyz reunite on TNA.  Matt is hot right now.  His rookie, Justin Gabriel, is a way over on NXT and it looks like WWE wants to push him.  I’d like to see him win this match but it won’t happen.  He’ll be in until the end.

Christian is the likely winner of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.  I see him on a collision course with Edge.  That program would be awesome.  The only question is when would he cash in the briefcase?  He could do it later in the show but that wouldn’t be smart.  Edge and Christian are so over right now and WWE wouldn’t want either of them to start getting booed.  With an all Money In The Bank PPV coming later in the year, the winner can’t hold off too long.  We’ll see but this match will have you jumping out of your chair.

Unified Tag Team Championship – ShowMiz (Big Show & The Miz) v Truth and Wisdom (R-Truth & John Morrison) – Hopefully Big Show doesn’t play a big role in this match.  I see R-Truth and Morrison taking home the belts.  R-Truth needs to win some gold.  He’s over, moves merch and he’s done everything the company’s asked him to do.  It’s funny that Morrison is the more successful WWE wrestler of the two but he needs the rub of being with R-Truth to take the next step with the fans.  Truth makes up for Morrison not be able to talk on the mic.

Big Show will try to use his size and power to control the match and slow it down.  When Miz, R-Truth and Morrison are involved it should be fast-paced with some nice spots.  Somehow I have a feeling that Big Show might walk out on his partner for some reason.  He’s known to do that.  That would cost them the match.

Who knows, maybe Miz’ NXT rookie, Daniel Bryan, could interfere and cost ShowMiz the belts.  The Miz has been trying to teach Bryan a lesson since day one of NXT and it could be a little payback.  This would make this Tuesday more interesting on NXT because it time to grade the rookies.

Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes – Is this the match that elevates DiBiase or does Orton get over on his ex-Legacy members?  Cody Rhodes seems least likely to win this match.  Maybe Rhodes turns on DiBiase and does the job to prove his worth to Orton.  Cody Rhodes needs to be on a team because I don’t think he can get over as a singles wrestler, yet.  Ted DiBiase is ready to go single and win some belts.  He has the most to gain in this match.  Orton will still be Orton after the match.  Randy Orton could turn face but I don’t see how that would work.  My pick is DiBiase but I don’t know how it will happen.

Another interesting angle is that these guys just beat the hell out of each other and Randy Orton is so impressed that he reforms Legacy.  Sounds good but is that the best thing for DiBiase?

They need to get back together

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio – If Mysterio loses, he has to join The Straight Edge Society.  There was talk of this being a hair vs mask match but I don’t think anyone believes that Mysterio will ever lose his mask.  The gimmick would die and WWE couldn’t afford to let that happen.  Mysterio is over and sells tons of merchandise.

Plus, CM Punk getting his head shaved would damage The Straight Edge Society and they need to last for a while.  It’s the best gimmick going and CM Punk is the best heel in the business (sorry Jericho) and no one is even close.  When Punk was singing Happy Birthday to Mysterio’s daughter on SmackDown, it was one of the creepiest things in a long time.  Punk is Jim Jones and he sells it so well.  His looks and the way he talks are so believable and he generates so much heat every time he comes out.

CM Punk wins this match.  It should be wild with plenty of nice spots.  So Mysterio will be in The Straight Edge Society?  How will that work?  Will he reluctantly join Punk’s clan or will a full heel turn be in Mysterio’s future?  Can the fans get behind a heel Mysterio?  This could be interesting.

Saving us from ourselves

Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon – This No Holds Barred match has interference written all over it.  This should be the last hurrah for Hart and I doubt he came back to lose in this match.  If WWE was smart, they would have The Hart Dynasty help out Bret and that would give them a rub because they’re not getting over on their own.

Shawn Michaels could get involved but on who’s side?  This would be interesting but how would he pull it off with his big match on the card.  If he got involved, it would have to be on Bret Hart’s side because I don’t think the fan’s want a Shawn Michaels heel turn.

Whoever gets involved, don’t expect Bret Hart to do too much and that’s why I think the interference will be on his side.  Bret Hart takes this and Vince McMahon takes a lot of punishment.  Bret Hart gets his revenge and goes out on top at Wrestlemania.  Bret gets his closure and will be back in the future to induct Owen into the Hall of Fame.

Quite the card.  I’m looking forward to it.  My favorite match on the card is Jericho vs Edge.  I hope WWE has Shawn Michaels – Undertaker end the show because the fans will be exhausted after the match and it won’t be fair to whoever would have to follow them.  If you’re a wrestling fan you shouldn’t miss this.  Even if you’re a TNA mark you can’t tell me that you’re not interested.  If you’re back in the States and don’t want to pay $50 for the PPV, go to Buffalo Wild Wings or any one of these locations and check it out.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to talk about on Monday.


On Saturday I am officially requesting that the Korean Government change its slogan from “KOREA; SPARKLING!!” to “KOREA; SPARKLING FOOD POISONING.” I went out this last week with a couple of my fellow co-workers to celebrate the start of a new school year.  Naturally, I was psyched, because my personal life (iemoving apts and a plethora of other things) had been keeping me busy and kind of aloof lately. So this was a great opportunity for me to spend “quality time” with some individuals I genuinely like!  And, after my colleagues decided that ingesting large amounts of it, would be the best way to actually turn me into a Soju Bottle (소주), then decided (and I, in my newly found Soju induced INFINITE WISDOM, concurred) that it would be a great idea to eat lots of delicious raw meat called Bossam (보쌈) and (probably rotten) fish parts.  However, for some reason, the combination of the food and Soju decided they didn’t like foreigners and caused your favorite Blasian to hold all day meetings for the next 2 days in the Porcelain Room (or as the Koreans call it the 화장실 – I’ll let you translate that one on your own). And seeing as how within the last 2 -3 weeks about 4 other English Teachers here have had some varying level of Food Poisoning.  I think my request to change the slogan is not completely RiCOCKulous……

But the week is already starting to get better, as I have beautiful young women writing me poems (thanks again by the way) and come on, it can’t get much better than that!!!  So now that we’re all caught up on the life of K. Wong, it’s time for this weeks’………“Simply RiCOCKulous!”

1) I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict the Heisman winner for next year in College Football right now!  JEREMIAH MASOLI!!!…That’s right he’s going to finally get Oregon over the hump and out of USC’s shadow and lead his team to prominence…Well, that’s probably what I would have wrote if he hadn’t just been suspended for the ENTIRE Football SEASON next year for one of the most RiCOCKulous things ever!! Mr. Masoli decided it would be a great idea to steal a pair of laptops and a guitar!

Dude you were probably going to make millions in a little bit over a year by being selected in the NFL Draft….but NOOO! U you just couldn’t wait till then to get some new computers and live out your John Mayer fantasies, could you???  And I understand that you needed a computer with the faster bandwidth and increased memory so you can get the most out of Windows 7 and finish writing your thesis on the virtues of Man Coverage vs Zone, buf if you needed a computer that bad, go to the BOOSTERS!! That’s what they are there for!!  So to Jeremiah “I just lost a shot at the Heisman and Millions of Dollars” Massoli,  you might be able to know where to attack a zone coverage but your decision making ability off the field is…“Simply RiCOCKulous”!

Say Bye-Bye Jeremiah!!

2) The BeardedMan recommended that I talk about the Family Love-Fest that is NFL D-II Draft Prospect Tony Washington and the fact that HE REALLY DOES LOVE his family a little too much, but I thought that went beyond the RiCOCKulous, to the just plain disturbing.  So for this weeks second entry, I’m going to talk about the bore fest that was the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight on this past Saturday. OMG if you paid money to see that, I’m sooooooo sorry and you have my deepest condolences.  I understand that Clottey had a defensive strategy but dang!! The entire fight could be summed up like this. 1st) Bell Rings 2nd) Manny comes out and punches and Clottey comes out and goes into the fetal position for a little over 2 mins. And every once in awhile Clottey would come out of his shell to hit Pac-Man with the an UPPERCUT (which I have no idea how he never saw coming!!) And the worst part is…I chose to watch the fight rather than go to the Penis and Vagina Festival in Japan!…I guess I’ll know better next time!

Anyway, here’s to hoping the Mayweather vs. Mosley fight is WAY more entertaining.  So to those who conspired to deny us the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight for the Clottey fight instead…you are “Simply RiCOCKulous”!

3) It is quite possibly the greatest time of the year for any basketball fan!  That’s right March Madness has officially descended upon us and if you are a manager, good luck getting people to do  work for the next couple of weeks…Plus, by now I’m sure you are tired of hearing about John Wall, Kentucky and Kansas!  And unlike the Mark or the BeardedMan I won’t continue to bore you with talk of the NCAA Tourney.  Instead I’ll focus on the ONLY BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT that matters…..that’s right, the N.I.T. aka the National Invitational Tournament (and not the “NOT INVITED Tournament” as some so rudely refer to it).

But in order to fully appreciate the majesty that is the N.I.T. let’s first imagine being the most powerful and respected person in your field and then having it all slip away when the new hot shot arrives to take your spot!  And now imagine the hard work you have ahead of yourself as you try to get back some semblance of the respect and power you had.  No, I’m not describing the plot for the new “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” movie, but the history of the N.I.T. Tourney which is actually older and originally crowned the National Champion until the NCAA decided to expand it’s tourney!

The Business World's version of the N.I.T.

And just to prove to you how great the N.I.T. is…where else are you going to see Annual College Basketball powers like Memphis, North Carolina, and UCONN play this March?  That’s right not in that SISSY NCAA Tourney, but only in the N.I.T.  now add to that a great lineup a Cincinnati team that was ranked as high as the top teens this year and let the fun begin.  That other tourney has 65 teams. Which means anybody and they momma could get in!! But not so in the MANLY N.I.T., only the most hardened 32 teams were lucky enough to be selected for the Mortal Kombat of College Basketball!

As always, I'll be picking Sub-Zero!!

However, I do have some bad news for those of you Illinois fans b/c all though the Illini are a No. 1 seed in the DANGEROUS and EXCITING N.I.T., you won’t be able to go to the 1st-round game because Cirque du Soleil is performing at the Assembly Hall this week.  But irregardless of that, don’t think for one minute that the N.I.T. is not taken seriously by the participating institutions and its fans!

Is this really more important than the N.I.T.?!?!

So here are my predictions for the real Final Four…that’s right the N.I.T. Final Four; Memphis, Missippi St, UCONN and Cincy.  And despite the close call to Northeastern University…I’m  going with UCONN to win it all…So to all of those so called fans who will watch the SISSY NCAA Tourney and not the N.I.T. you guys are ….“Simply RiCOCKulous”… we all know the real action is in the N.I.T.!

– Kennedy Wong  a.k.a. The Blasian

The selection and post-selection shows are finished and the brackets are all over the net waiting to be printed.  By the way, if you’re in the States and you need help with your picks, make sure to pick up a copy of the Monday USA Today.  They always, in my opinion, have the best coverage and analysis before the tournament.  It gives me a headache to watch all the shows talk about the tournament.  Most talking heads are vague enough that they can always be right later in the tournament.

If I were back in Chicago I would have already filled out ten brackets just as a precursor to all the information I will devour in the days before the tournament.  Don’t disregard that first bracket you fill out “just for fun” because sometimes your gut is better at picking games than stats.  Sometimes too much information is bad information.  When all is said and done and the information has been absorbed, I fill out my final bracket and that’s the one I use.  I’m not Multiple Bracket Guy.  I hate that guy.  Don’t be that guy or any of these guys.

I'll miss you most of all Jim Nantz

The tournament has been very lucrative for me over the years.  I’ve won a pool on five occasions.  In 1994, while at Eastern Michigan, I nailed the tournament for four large.  While everyone was drooling over the Duke roster of Grant Hill, Cherokee Parks, Antonio Lang, Chris Collins and Jeff Capel, I put all my chips on Arkansas with Scotty Thurman and Corliss Williamson.  The other times I’ve filled out a bracket the story was always the same.  I’d kill round one (28-4, 29-3) and then my brackets get busted in round two.  So, by the end of the first weekend I’d already be out of the running.

Thanks Scotty, I owe you big time.

This site doesn’t promote gambling but it’s not discouraging it either.  If you’re in college, find your campus bookie (every school has them) and become friends with him.  He’ll automatically be the most interesting person you know.  If you know what you’re doing, you can make some good money in college.  If you’re just looking for a quick, big score then stay away.

Guys of his ilk will be the most interesting people you ever know

I’m not going to bore you with my (lack of) insight on the greatest three weeks of sports because I haven’t been able to really follow the season as a whole here in South Korea.  I know the rankings, I’ve seen box scores and I’ve even been able to watch streams of some games but that’s not enough that you should care what I think.  I will give you my Final Four and winner but feel free to disregard it.  I’ll just do it for posterity.  You’ll probably get some insight later in the week from The Bearded Guy and The Blasian.  To be honest, forget everything The Blasian tells you about the tournament.  He still thinks the Memphis Tigers were in the 2008 National Championship game against Kansas but we all know that Memphis went winless in the 2007/2008 season.  Yes, Kansas did win the tournament that year but I can’t remember who they played.  The NCAA can be confusing sometimes when it comes to records and history.

I know Mario Chalmers hit a big shot in 2008 but I can't remember against whom

With the time difference, the lack of coverage in the ROK and the fact that North Carolina and Eastern Michigan are not in the tournament, I don’t have much to say about March Madness.  This will be the second time in my life that I won’t be in the States for the tournament.  In 2003 I was in Hong Kong and it sucked not being able to see any games.  I don’t know if there was something like back then.  You can’t get psyched about it by reading recaps and message boards (remember them?).  Somehow Malcolm Gladwell became a huge fan of the NBA as a child by only reading old issues of Sports Illustrated and never seeing an actual game in his native Canada but Gladwell must have some gene I’m missing because I need to watch the games to get excited about them.  Maybe it’s not a gene, maybe it’s a Canadian thing.

Malcom Gladwell - Genius and Canadian. That doesn't sound right.

My favorite memory of the March Madness was back in 1996 when I travelled with a bunch of other Eastern Michigan students to Indianapolis for rounds one and two of the tournament.  Eastern beat Duke in round one and it was the greatest sporting experiences I’ve ever had.  The Eastern fans were hot and it was nice giving it back to the Dukies.  Plus, Greg Newton told me to fuck off as Duke was leaving the court at the end of the half.  Good times.  Unfortunately, we lost to Ray Allen and UCONN in round two but we had so much fun over those four days.

What I think might happen:

Final Four – Kansas v Pittsburgh, West Virgina v Duke
Final – Kansas v West Virginia
Champs – Kansas

I’m sure you’re gonna be hearing a lot about John Wall.

Try to watch any games Gus Johnson is doing because you’ll be in for a wild ride.

Gus Johnson is excited about everything

Back in the day, Craig Bolerjack and Ian Eagle would always be in The Pit in New Mexico, Boise or some other out-of-the-way venue and I couldn’t wait to see where CBS shipped them off to.  It was like they were being punished or paying their dues.  We use to actually have bets on where they would show up.  Now that Bolerjack and Eagle have moved up the pecking order, who are the announcers CBS sends to the Siberia of March Madness?

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!!!!

10) Because I Can’t – For some strange reason, NASCAR is not a big hit out in South Korea?!?! Yet, I do see Korean’s with the odd (and old) Tony Stewart Home Depot Jacket on. But for the most part they remain clueless about the glory that is the Greatest Sport that goes in a circle for 3 hours!  And this makes me sad for the Korean people because Lord knows that if someone would have told me b4 I moved out here that I wouldn’t be able to watch my fav NASCAR Drivers every weekend like I did in the States, I probably would have stayed home. (Not really but sounds good) And besides screaming WHOOOOOOOOOOOO for no reason just isn’t the same here!

9) D.S.P. : DANICA SUE PATRICK – No, it’s not because she could be the 1st female driver to make it to the top flight of stock car racing in decades b/c to me Kasey Kahne (youll remember him from the All-State Insurance Commericals) has always been a girl!  And no it’s not because I think she’ll actually be a good NASCAR Driver.  B/c she won’t (She only won 1 race in all here Indy Car Races)…but I do think she is definitely more suited for NASCAR than Indy. She’s got a short fuse personality just like the rest of the guys and will fit in nicely with the boys! I personally can’t wait till she Brittney Griner’s one of the other drivers for crashing her out! (Yep, Im all giddy just thinking about right now!)

8 ) Dear Lord Baby JesusDear Tiny Jesus, with your golden  fleece diapers and your tiny little fat balled up fist..I mean Dear 8lb. 6oz. newborn Infant Jesus, Dont even know a word yet but still Omnipotent how could you not be a fan of a sport that gives you Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby! A movie that provided such culturally moving and poignant lines like: Hakuna Matata Bitches;Always remember, if you ain’t first, you’re last; Im going to be all over you like a spider monkey ; Shake And BAKE and I’m the best there is, plain and simple, I mean I wake up every morning and I piss excellence”.  Now let’s all say it together…..THANK YOU NASCAR!

Dear Sweet Lil Lord Baby Jesus!!

7) NASCAR Fans – Easily the most passionate fan base to be a part of …and besides this picture says it all!  How could you not want to hang out with this guy?!?!

Now This is PASSION!!

6) More Cheating than Baseball Players – “If you aint Cheating you aint trying!”  Any sport that lives by that motto is good to me! You think steroids and baseball is considered cheating, think of the possibilities with a highly complex piece of machinery like a NASCAR.  I mean besides, don’t you want your athletes to care enuff about their fans to at least try to do something dirty so you can support the winning guy??….IF not then I guess you’re not a REAL sports fan!!

5) Can you do doughnuts in a car at your place of employment? – Didn’t Think So!!!

Don't you wish you could do this at work!!

4) The Wrecks Hockey has fights…and people love that…Well, NASCAR has wrecks! Yea, pulling some ones shirt over there head and punching them might be fun to look at for like 5 seconds….But that Awesome 13 Car Pile up that happened at 200mph (and in less than 5 seconds), well you can easily watch that on repeat for like 5 mins!!  So Case Closed NASCAR WINS!!

3) So Jimmie Johnson Doesn’t Win AGAIN – Just like how Tennis has Serena and R.Fed winning everything, so does NASCAR.  His name is Jimmie Johnson (4 peat Champion of NASCARto put his recent domination into perspective. Jordan only one 3 NBA championships in a row) and compared to the other drivers he has a pretty tame personality (and a hot wife, so I can’t really hate him like one might hate a Tom Brady) but dammit let somebody else win for a change!!

Plz Jimmie...Enough is Enough!!

2) Drama – As much as men might protest, we do however enjoy a good amount of drama in our lives.  The difference between us and the fairer sex is that for guys this drama doesn’t come in the form of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives but in the form of touchdowns, T.K.O’s, goals, and home runs. And as much as we might hate them, the performances of guys like Chad Ochocinco, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Muhammad Ali are Daytime Emmy worthy in our eyes.

With that said,  no other sport brings you as more unadulterated MAN drama as NASCAR! Drivers routinely get fined for degrading each other in the Media, cheat as much as possible without getting caught, drive fast cars, wreck competitors on purpose, get into fist fights on the track, hold vendettas, run over opposing crew members from time to time and still make millions of dollars and have hot wives…God Bless AMERICA!!

Take the following quotes from other drivers about Kyle Busch, one of the most talented and hated drivers in NASCAR:

“He’s the only driver I know who can go three-wide all by himself…He’s hoppin’ around down there like a little league shortstop.” – Darrell Waltrip

“I jerked him by the helmet and just rattled his cage a little. He’s just a little girl about it.” – Steven Wallace

“Hopefully the fans will enjoy it. They get to boo me in three different areas this weekend, and we’ll have a good time.” Kyle Busch

“You hear that? People are cheering…………for Kyle Busch.” Kyle Petty

So the first time NASCAR was on TV, the race ended like this...AWESOME!!

1) The Tailgating Experience – Any sport that was started by bootleggers in the south who just wanted to see whose car was the fastest car when outrunning the cops, should definitely be attended by the type of people you’d want to party with!

My first NASCAR experience went like this (and I was dragged there by a buddy, by the way) 1) Find a Tailgate spot and set up 2) 20 mins later: We started drinking beer and grilling 3) 15 Mins later:  some random woman from Kentucky is sitting in my lap and screaming “WHOOOO” at the top of her lungz…4) 10 mins after that: some guys from South Carolina are giving us more beer and food and talking about going to the strip club after the race with us…5) 15 mins later: some old guy from Florida comes over and gives us mixed drinks they just made out of the back of his RV all while we are bumping Biggie Smallz out of my buddies truck 6) Right b4 going into the race:  some young kid from Virginia comes over and asks us to sell him some weed (b/c apparently all black people sell it)  And all this is before we even got into the race and continued to drink and eat and share our Wal-Mart Cake with the 30 people in our section!

Add to that the fact that you get to do it all over again after the race b/c traffic is so thick and its easily been the BEST sporting experience of my LIFE!!

Plus, nobody cared that we were a lil different from the normal NASCAR fan (i.e. Black) they just wanted to have a good time and scream WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!…So yea,  NASCAR brings people together and if that’s not the best reason to follow it this season then I don’t know what is!

NASCAR Bringing Folks Together!!

So to anyone hating on NASCAR, I say pack up, grab some friends  and just go 1 time and I promise you that you will soon be hooked!!

– Kennedy Wong aka The Blasian

I just caught up with the first two episodes of WWE NXT and I am really impressed with this show.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked what the new ECW was but it had run its course.  Guys like Christian, Zack Ryder, and Shelton Benjamin should be in the big time.  ECW gave us new stars and reinvented some veterans but WWE needed to make the change and try something different.  Now we have NXT and, if you’re a wrestling fan, you should be watching it.

TNA is garbage.  It’s always been garbage and now, with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, it’s even bigger garbage that probably won’t live to see 2011.  The NXT rookies are more compelling and have more swagger and charisma than TNA World Champion AJ Styles and he’s been in TNA for eight years.  Maybe that’s why NXT is doing better ratings in the last two weeks than TNA.  It took TNA seven years to make it to at least a 1.4 rating and NXT did it in its first week.  If you’re not watching TNA, don’t bother.  If you are watching it, why?

TNA wishes it was this good

The premise of NXT is simple.  Eight “rookies” are each paired with a WWE “pro”  There are some good pairings and some pairings are train wrecks.  I’m sure the relationships between the individual rookies and pro’s will develop and, in some cases, deteriorate over the course of the show.  The pro’s will vote for and against a rookie but they can’t vote for their own rookie either way.  This means that the rookies have to learn from their pro’s but they have to impress everyone.  The winner will become a WWE Superstar.

Matt Striker is the host of the show which airs on Syfy on Tuesday nights at 10pm EST.  Josh Matthews and, a heelish, Michael Cole are the announcers.  Matthews jocks all the rookies and Cole reminds him that they’ve never done anything in WWE.  Striker sides with Cole when it comes to how to treat the rookies, and we already know he’s a heel announcer on SmackDown.  Striker, with the absence of Jim Ross, is the best announcer in WWE right now.  What the hell, throw TNA in there too.

So far my favorite aspect of the show is that CM Punk, who is paired with Darren Young, doesn’t want to be on the show and doesn’t want anything to do with his rookie.  On the first episode Punk is interviewed and openly says, “I don’t understand why I’m here.  I have no idea why I’m on this show.  I don’t know who Darren Young is or who he thinks he is but I mentor Luke Gallows and Sarina so if Darren Young wishes to be mentored by the Straight Edge Savior, CM Punk, I suggest he thinks about accepting straight edge into his life.”

The Pairings:

The Miz and Daniel Brian – This is by far the most intriguing pairing on the show.  For those of you who don’t know, Daniel Bryan is Bryan Danielson.  Danielson has been a star overseas and on the independents for ten years.  He has a loyal following.  The Miz (Mike Mizanin) is a former reality star who’s resume includes The Real World 10, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, The Gauntlet and many others.  ESPN’s Bill Simmons and writer Chuck Klosterman regard The Miz to be one of the best, if not the best, pure athletes in all the MTV challenge shows.  The Miz has been in WWE since 2006 and he’s the current United States Champion and Unified Tag Team Champion with The Big Show (Show Mizzness).

ROH marks went crazy on the internet when they heard this pairing.  How could The Miz be mentoring someone who is better and way more experienced than him?  That’s why WWE is king.  They know people won’t like it but will watch.  This storyline is what makes the show good.  It seems everyone, except Matthews, hates Daniel Bryan because he thinks he’s too good to be on the show ( but he will work hard to prove himself) and they want him to respect the business.  He’s already lost twice in the first two weeks but look for him to shine very soon.  He took a nasty bump when he flew out of the ring at Chris Jericho.  Jericho reversed it and sent him flying into the announcer’s table.  You could just see the pain on Bryan’s face but he went on.  On last week’s episode he had a big welt on his ribs.

King of The Gauntlet and mentor to Daniel Bryan

Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett – These two were made for each other.  Both Jericho and Barrett think they’re better than everyone.  The tall Barrett is from Manchester England and I think he regards himself as someone superior to the commoners.  Jericho, the current World Heavyweight Champion, talks a good game and so does Barrett.

R-Truth and Davis Otunga – If you don’t know, David Otunga is the fiance of Jennifer Hudson.  He has been on the red carpet and met the President (twice).  Otunga thinks his star power is enough for him to win this competition.  He tangled with Darren Young on the first two episodes.  After his loss to Young in episode two, Otunga pushed Truth away after the match.  The intense R-Truth found him backstage and the two started to brawl.  We’ll see where this goes.

CM Punk  and Darren Young – As I said earlier, this is my favorite part of the show.  CM Punk doesn’t look like a mentor in this relationship.  When Young makes his ring entrance, Punk and The Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows and Sarina) don’t even walk with him.  It’s like someone is forcing them to be with Darren Young.  During Young’s second match with Davis Otunga, Punk looks at Gallows and says, “Why am I here?”.  He looks disinterested, bored and like he’s being punished.

Darren Young is the South Beach playboy and he likes to party.  That doesn’t sit well with The Straight Edge Society.  In episode two, Young says he’s interested in Punk’s straight edge lifestyle.  I see a different/changing Darren Young in the weeks ahead and Punk will warm up to his protégé.  A haircut could very well be in Darren Young’s future.

Why are we on this show?

Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel – Gabriel has Hardy Boyz moves and works well with Hardy.  The only problem so far with Gabriel is his look.  He looks gay and his wardrobe doesn’t help.  I think the announcers made an Adam Lambert reference in the second episode.  Justin Gabriel is from South Africa and wrestled under the name, Justin Angel.  His 540 splash against William Regal and Skip Sheffield was awesome.  Man up your look a little bit Justin.  A gay character doesn’t play well in WWE, as Orlando Jordan.

Carlito and Michael Tarver – Tarver is a muscular, fast wrestler but being paired with Carlito doesn’t do him any favors.  Carlito is known to be one of the lazier wrestlers in the business and somehow manages to not get fired whenever the roster cuts happen.  I wonder if Tarver will be jobbing on NXT like Carlito does on RAW?

William Regal and Skip Sheffield – Regal is not a big fan of Sheffield and feels negative comments are the best way to teach your rookie.  Sheffield is muscular and has some moves.  He’s not the smartest person, he said it, but this odd couple pairing should be entertaining.  Regal could definitely show this guy how to be physical in the ring and not just use his power.  During their tag team match with Hardy and Gabriel, Regal spent most of the time yelling at Sheffield.  At least he was teaching him something (see Punk-Young).

If you want to learn how to fight (dirty), this is your man

Christian and Heath Slater – My first problem with Heath Slater is that he looks like Jessie/Slam Master J.  Secondly, he looks like an idiot jumping around and celebrating.  I see Christian having a problem with that too.  Christian looks like he genuinely wants to help Slater and I’m sure we’ll see the One Man Rock Band (Slater) mature over the course of this show.

I can’t wait to see the next episode.  I just wonder what will happen to the wrestlers who don’t win?  I can’t see WWE just giving up on any of these guys.  So far it’s been The Daniel Bryan Show but I’m sure the tone of the show will change.  It’s still too early to separate these guys but I’m sure, with more exposure, someone will rise and fall.  The rookies all seem to like each other but that can’t last.  There’s gonna have to be some conflict introduced and backstabbing.

At any rate, these guys are all interesting.  Check them out on twitter.  WWE is using twitter to market this show and it’s working.  Don’t forget, TNA sucks!

Too Bad, It's Over!

Now that the Olympics are over it is time for me to officially start my commentary on the NCAA basketball season. In our group it has been discussed that there is not a clear cut group of number ones and even more so, number twos. Based on the rankings right now (which seeding is not based on), Ohio State would get a 2 seed with 7 losses, that’s right seven, and West Virginia would get the final one with 6 losses. Really? There’s something for The Blasian to write about right there.  Ohio State lost to North Carolina, Minnesota, and Michigan (plus their quality losses). Wow they deserve to be in the top 10 like I need to be treated for anorexia.

This season does not make sense, pre-season we had Kansas at one (ok they are still around there) and Texas and Michigan State at two depending on the poll. Texas fell apart! 17-0 and since? 6-7.

Michigan State  at 22-7 also lost to North Carolina to add to their 16-14 record, apparently they had two quality wins out of their 16. I will take them over the Buckeyes in the rematch.  But that’s the Big 10.

Pac 10? Are you out there? There is a chance that everyone in the conference could have double digit losses. A stretch maybe, but still a possibility. I guess Cal gets in, but it depends on who wins the PAC 10 Tournament, they might only get two teams in.  Is this really the conference that has: Stanford, UCLA, Arizona, and USC?

Count on him down the Stretch!

SEC basketball is back, kind of, not really, but they have Kentucky and Tennessee. Do not count on Kentucky when it matters though, I mean they have Calipari, the worse close game coach around. He called a timeout the other day giving the opposing team a chance for a shot to tie or win. Afterwards, Calipari said “It’s the dumbest Timeout, I have ever called!” (True) but what about timeouts you haven’t called  JOHN?!? He’s bad on both sides of the decision making.

Now I am not going to fill out a bracket and post it on Reverse Oreo. Come on, some secretary is going to fill out a bracket based on colors and mascots and get 75% correct.  So I am going to take my likely final four, before the bracket is out and after its out.

Pre-Bracket Final Four

Kentucky – out in the final four because of Calipari

Syracuse- They have been pretty consistent

Kansas- They have two big games to wrap up the season before the Big 12 tourney (KSU and @ Mizzou).

Michigan State- They are mature and the held Purdue to 44 pts over the weekend

All I care to remember from the KBL

Korean Basketball:  We have talked about how terrible KBL guard play and wondered out loud why they haven’t brought over a foreign player to run the show. This is further confused by the history of the league that once banned foreigners over the height of 6’8″, which has since been abolished. Yet they have never shown an interest in guards from outside Korea. Still a foreign concept here, and I am left more confused after watching the daily games.

I leave you with this video, enjoy


The Bearded Guy