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LeBron James’ ill conceived “The Decison”  happened  on July 8th but the bad taste it left in everyone’s mouth is still here.  To be honest, I am not an LBJ fan and couldn’t care less where he decided to go unless it was to my beloved Clippers.  If that had happened, he would have automatically been my favorite player.  That didn’t happen but what did happen left most sports fans disillusioned with LeBron, ESPN and the state of sports in general.

The people of Cleveland beg to differ

I will tell you what I think about “The Decision” in a minute but if you want to get it from a pro please go to ESPN’s Ombudsman, Don Ohlmeyer, and read his magnificent piece on “The Decision”.  Ohlmeyer’s article is probably one of my favorite pieces of sports writing in a long, long time.  The only thing I would’ve added is that this wasn’t the first time ESPN blurred the line between being a news organization and self promotion.  The Adam James/Mike Leach saga last December showed that ESPN had trouble being truthful and objective when the story concerned one of their own.  Here’s Ohlmeyer’s take on that too.  Another good read.

But even before that there was ESPN’s promotion of baseball’s Home Run Derby between 1995 and 2006 and the Sosa-McGwire saga of 1998.  I have no problem with the Derby but I did have a problem with ESPN being outraged to learn that baseball players were on the juice.  I wrote a little about it here.  ESPN had specials on the Sosa-McGuire home run battle and they would even cut in on all Sosa and McGwire at bats late in the season but no one ever thought to question if these guys were clean.  Later, they felt betrayed by both Sosa and McGwire after the whole congressional hearings thing played out.  That’s an insult to all sports fans because we all had an idea it was happening but wondered why it wasn’t investigated more.  When Selig made his big announcement that MLB would be cleaning up the game of PED’s, the only people surprised to hear that players were on the juice were ESPN and MLB.  I could write a World Cup length piece on it but I’m on vacation and can’t be bothered right now.  I’ll wait until some big name star gets outed for using to write that.

Note to ESPN: A lot of people feel this way

Back to “The Decision”.  ESPN had to know that having an hour-long, prime-time show was overkill and wouldn’t go over well with anyone not living in South Beach.  If they didn’t, then they don’t know their audience and are out of touch with todays ever cynical sports fans.  Truthfully, I didn’t watch it but already hated the idea when I heard it.  I didn’t know all the details until I read the Ombudsman’s piece on it.  How did ESPN allow itself to be taken over by LeBron and his posse for one night?  What was the reward?  Sure they did mad numbers but at what cost?  They didn’t make any money because LeBron pretty much made them pay for the privilege of allowing him to be on their airwaves that night.  Plus, ESPN should’ve known that something was up when LeBron decided that he wanted the loathsome Jim Gray to conduct the interview of him on a show LeBron and Co. conceived.  My favorite quote from the Ohlmeyer piece has to do with Gray’s involvement.  Ohlmeyer writes, “if the interviewee also brings along his own interviewer, you cannot protect the integrity of the broadcast”.  Word!!!

Jim Gray? What, wasn't Stephen A. Smith available?

Not only was ESPN at fault but how did LeBron not realize what the backlash was going to be?  He went from a loveable man-child to probably one the most hated guys in the NBA.  He’s right up there with Kobe now.  I hate Kobe Bryant and now LeBron but I can’t deny these guys are talented as hell.  Oddly, I think Kobe benefits from this short-sightedness by LeBron.  I immediately wished Kobe was in the gym at the time of the broadcast and thinking to himself, “I’m gonna turn it up this year and there ain’t nothing 6-3-1 can do about it.”  Kobe somehow was more tolerable to me and another Lakers championship wouldn’t be as hard to swallow as a Miami Heat triumph.

Go ahead and win another title. As long as 6-3-1 doesn't I'm cool with it

LeBron James, for all his business acumen, seems like an insecure child sometimes.  He’s already defined his career and legacy as a failure is he doesn’t win a ring.  He needs that ring to be Michael Jordan or better.  The only thing is that Michael would never have gone to another team to get what he wanted.  Michael was going to make things happen on his terms.  People would have to join him and not the other way around.  Kobe is the same.  Magic and Larry Bird were also the same.  LeBron just wants to be part of something and if that gets him the ring, nothing else matters.  That’s why he’ll never be like Mike.

Jordan would've never joined The Bad Boys. It was his way or no way

Was it worth it LeBron?

Does Dwyane Wade realize that he’s gonna be LBJ’s lackey in Miami and not the other way around?

Be careful what you wish for Dwyane


Everyone outside of  Miami

Dictated to: The Bearded Guy

Some little kid probably already had these three guys on one of his Video Game teams

Pick the conversation that suits you

TBG: Hey, you remember when we were growing up in the mid 90’s (Insert The Mark Age joke here) and we would play Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and eventually N64?


A)Yeah, of course, I had a huge collection of games

B) Yeah, kind of, I played them at a friends house

C) Yeah, but I only played Final Fantasy

D) No, I (read books, was Amish, sucked)

If you answered A or B keep reading

If you answered C or D please never comeback

TBG: Okay, so did you play those great sports games before everyone was forced to play the EA sports line almost exclusively?


A) Sega had sports games?

B) I love Prime Time Football and Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside!

C) EA for Life

If you answered A you are younger than 10 years old, thanks for being our youngest reader

If you answered C keep reading although you might not get this like B readers

If you answered B, This article is for you.

TBG: Besides being able to talk trash, what was your favorite part of those games?

Press the C button and let the trash talking begin


A) The graphics, they are still great!

B) You could do ridiculous trades, force teams to release players although you weren’t in control of them, and no salary cap. So you could make your favorite team an all-star squad and destroy everyone.

C) Dude, I am sorry what were we talking about.

If you answered A or C, you’re in your own world.

If you answered B, you know we are kind of living this right now, right?

Team’s are moving around the NBA Free Agency market in order to have three of their own 2008 Dream-Teamers. We have all looked at the names floating around and thought “When did a (8-16) year old become in charge of this process.”

TBG: Yeah, the possible culprits  are Bosh, Wade, and the King himself.  They officially could kill the NBA.  If all of them decide to collude and go to Miami. It will be time to lay the NBA to rest.


A) Yeah, you are right I would cancel my NBA court side and start watching Wrestling (probably not).

B) Com’on Bearded Guy, you know it was fun to dominate and rack up meaningless stats.

If you answered A you can skip ahead,  B readers continue you below.

TBG: I know what you’re saying Reader B, I did it too and had a stellar lineup on Kobe’s Courtside:

Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, Shaq, Shareef, Ray Allen, Antoine Walker, KG, Eddie Jones, Jason Kidd…to name a few.

Memphis learned their GM skills from this game

But let me ask you this, how long did you enjoy playing when it wasn’t competitive? How many,if  more than one, seasons did you play that video game through?


A) 2 months, and I played a season and half, I was the MVP, Finals MVP, and set a scoring record. What’s your point?

B) I think I got you….

If you answered A or B keep reading.

TBG: The point is that you got bored with dominance. You were at the top of the game could do whatever you wanted as a team and you wanted to go and play something else. This is how it’s going to be for fans and even that team, if they land all three players. It’s not fun for fan if the outcome of a season is pretty much determined and it’s not fun for a player if their isn’t a challenge to overcome, if everything comes to easy, and they never have to take over single-handedly. It also leads to issues with touches, shot attempts, and endorsement dollars.


A) What about Shaq and Kobe situation, MJ and Pippen type situation (see also Bird and Celts and Magic and Kareem), or Kobe and Gasol situation?

B) That makes sense!

If you answered A see below,

If you answered B you can skip ahead.

TBG: Those situations are much different.  When Shaq and Kobe were together Shaq was the clear Alpha Dog. MJ was the alpha, plus Pippen was drafted by the Bulls, and Gasol was a numbers guy, not a wins guy, in no way did he challenge Kobe for  Alpha status. Plus the Gasol trade was a crime against the Association.  In all these situations, the personalities fit together and were not brokered together in some kid’s imagination.


A) The Truth shall set me free

B) I guess, although I don’t totally agree

If you answered either keep reading

TBG: This is where the EA gamer comes in, how many seasons do you play in Dynasty mode trying to sign good free agents, or prospects, or develop your players?


A) All the time, my teams status continues to improve and there are often difficult things to achieve in building a Dynasty.

B) I was the Sega and Super Nintendo guy, can you explain what this means in life terms.

They can't be in the same jersey: for us and for them

TBG: I think of it like this. Lebron and Wade are Alpha dogs for sure. Both great players with their own legend built up where they currently play. Playing together would ruin one or both of their E/A Dynasty modes. Being the best player in the league and wanting to be one of the best of all-time would be kind of over shadowed when you teamed up with the second best in order to win your share of championships.  Kings do not have a Co-King. Kings do not share their throne. Kings don’t defer to a number two. King is a singular title.  Bosh is more of your Gasol type, and the Raptors are at a place where they can only get a sign and trade value out of him, but only if it’s a deal they can agree on. They will probably end up with less than Memphis did for Gasol. So Miami might buy Wade a sidekick for the future. I guess I can deal with that, but the epic event of all three teaming up would lead me to take my copy of the NBA down to the used game store and try to get some cash for my memories.

Enjoy Our Video Game July

The Bearded Guy

Sidelines Banter- The USC Bowl Game Ban

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Unfortunately, and fortunately, my Korean co-teacher has me working on a Korean studying plan. It’s basically a Billy Madison type, two weeks per grade studying plan. Along with passing the first and second grade, though, I haven’t been able to find much time to write. I just wish my finally studying Korean hadn’t coincided with The Stanley Cup, the NBA playoffs, the World Cup, 2.5 perfect games in a month (please see The Mark’s article “Baseball Is Just Fine the Way It Is” below), Strasburg’s Debut, Griffey’s Retirement, the Big-12 potentially dissolving, etc. Although I haven’t had time to write a formal article, I thought I’d share a conversation all of us at Reverse Oreo had after the release of the news that USC has been banned from bowl games for the next two years.

This conversation was directed at our good buddy, The Blasian…you may know him as the man who recently stopped writing for Reverse Oreo Sports. He got into USC Business school recently (in all seriousness, congrats to The Blasian), but me being a Cal alum, this has made for constant bickering. So, although I may not have time to get my thoughts on paper, I’m not completely out of the game.

These are comments The Bearded Man and I wrote to The Blasian, which followed in a standard harassment of The Blasian.

The Bearded Man So turns out USC went all Memphis and didn’t play in the national title game against Texas, and won’t be able to go to a bowl
game in your two years there, Enjoy!

양식의 맨 위

The Blasian

Bet you just got all moist with anticipation to write this on my wall!! HATER!! I can read..I know…and ohh always..Kill Urself!!

The Bearded Man

Im confused why I would kill myself, I don’t have to put up with no bowls, vacated wins, and decreased scholarships. I just have to deal with scalping some tickets and being in the Mountain West in the near future. USC has just been setup to lose top billing in their own conference, decreased recruiting then add Texas and Oklahoma and Kiffin (12-21). Again I am confused why I would kill myself

The Sand-Rant I just wanted to congratulate you again on getting into USC.

The Blasian

Please see the response I wrote to The Bearded Man…although…urs is a lil more understandable seeing as how now ur excited that Cal probably has a chance to win a conf title in football now…MAYBE!! FIGHT ON!!

The Sand-Rant

Please see the response The Bearded Man wrote to you.

The Blasian

That’s ok…We will appeal and still going to be beat you guys the next two years

The Sand-Rant

I don’t know, we can recruit quite a few people with our full use of scholarship money and benefits, and we’ll have a bit more bowl game experience than your team.

The Blasian

Well you’ve had full scholarships and money and benefits before but that hasn’t really done you guys any favors…so…we’ll see how it goes…and I wouldn’t get too cockey about that bowl experience thing…I mean hey u never know by the time we get off probation u guys still might have the same number of bowl game experience..NONE!!

The Sand-Rant

Something about the fact that we’ve been to a bowl game the last 7 years, that we’ve been to a bowl game under Tedford all but Tedford’s first year, and that the two big teams in the Pac 10 just screwed themselves up the asses majorly is making me feel OK about our bowl chances.

The Blasian

First rule of investing..the Past is not an accurate predictor of the future…Same applies here..but we’ll see…point is I’m not worried…Loss of scholarships, 2 yr Ban…we will still beat Cal!!

The Sand-Rant

We don’t need the past to predict the future. We know the future…it’s that you guys have none for two years. I think you’re missing something about what’s happening here. We get to play. You don’t. Your recruiting will take a major hit from this. Now we all have chances at the players you guys are gonna lose.

The Sand-Rant

Just do me a favor and re-read what The Bearded Man wrote. Pretty much sums up the situation nicely.

The Blasian

How do you figure??..our recruits are still not going to go to CAL…b/c they never they’ll go to Texas or UCLA, UW, or Oregon all of which are better programs than CAL’s and our recruiting class for this year was top ten..the kids who have already committed for next year (given they stay are top 10) and I don’t know why they wouldn’t b/c… See More they’d only be on probation for 1 yr….but it’s good you have soo much hope and realize that you basically need to handicap the rest of the Conference to win…and then the year after that…The other teams come into the Pac 10 meaning you guys will slip further down the totem pole..If I were you..I’d go ahead and cry…Poor thing..I’ll let you come to USC games with me if you want!!

The Mark

The two years is just a start. I’m sure Lane Kiffin can dirty things up in the next couple of years.

The Blasian

😀 I can only hope and pray!

The Bearded Man

Idk about this first rule of investing, I think you must have been following a different set of rules if you google the first rule of investing two things are common: 1) Don’t lose your money-Buffet and 2) stop listening to professionals-Peter Lynch

The Blasian

Read Graham and Dodds: Security Analysis the original 1930’s press version…Who by the way those are the guys that taught Warren Buffet (literally was his professor at Columbia) and he basis his investing style of Value Investing on….but what’s up with all the attacking today? Yall aint got shit else better to do?..or does it just give you guys … See Moreso much pleasure to rile me up?

But take a look didn’t make it up..this site lists it as a number 5 although in the book its listed as one of the most important concepts to realize….

The Bearded Man

I know that Graham was one of Buffet’s early go to’s as a prof, working at his firm, and making him apart of his family. I will stick with Buffet though based on the money he ended up making, maybe he can buy the Big 12 and force Nebraska to remain.
As to why I am coming at you: you referred to USC as we and our, but mainly cause its fun and I never have shit to do

The Blasian

I expect nothing ELSE and the last thimg I’m going to say FIGHT ON!! That’s aight I can already see it..The 2012 Yr USC and Memphis both crowned National Champions…Ahh going to be soooooo sweet!

The Sand-Rant

The reason we’re all coming after you is cause you make it far too easy. And Edward, you’re alone on this one. Your response to The Mark doesn’t make sense cause he was commenting on the fact that you guys just took a huge hit in your coach. From Carroll to Kiffin is gonna hurt.
And the handicap comment doesn’t make sense cause as I said we’ve made it to bowl games the last 7 years running, along with being a regular on the top 25.

The Blasian

But you’ve made it to GARBAGE bowls…and with all 8 million bowls out there so what???! The truth of the matter is College Football, for the last couple of years has been about the SEC, Big 12 a couple Big Ten teams and USC…the rest of the conference is considered to be a wash..So what you made it to bowl games the last 7 years? Were you … See Moreplaying for anything important?? Nope!! Texas Tech has been to bowl games the last 10yrs…Nobody Cares b/c they were unimportant! Just like Cal’s..

and I don’t take anything The Mark says The Mark plan of just to chuckle at him, let him think he’s clever and then go about my business!

The Sand-Rant

And I’m really excited to see the Bowls you guys make it to the next to years.

The Blasian me when yall win something meaningful!!

The Sand-Rant

Call me when you get to a bowl game and get your BCS title back

Celeb Appearance

Go Huskies! USC what? Who? Never heard of them…

The Blasian

…seeeing as how we have 9 others and won the last one in 2003 (that one is not being taken away)…I’ll deal with it…maybe your long historic list of National Championships at Cal can keep your optimisitic too..

….Ur Yellow Jacket now!!! BOOOOOOO!

The Sand-Rant

To your comment: “the past is not an accurate prediction of the future”. That’s a quote I heard from someone once.
The future: “USC punished with two year ban” -ESPN headline.
And again, we’re not the ones with the ban.

The Sand-Rant

I think I’m just gonna put you on auto response:
“Cal is top 25. Your team cheats. Please see The Bearded Man’s response below for more details.” respond to that please if you’d finally like to make a valid argument about your team cheating.

The Bearded Man

I am not sure you know a ton about “your 2003 national title” season. You might be surprised, you might not that you will not see the BCS Trophy on campus (So I guess no one will be taking that away cause it was never there). In fact that year, USC played Michigan in the Rose Bowl not the BCS National Championship game. I am not sure you know the … See Morereason or not, but it is because “you” guys lost to a team that does not have the tradition, prestige, or violations from Northern California, a public university called University of California at Berkley. It’s weird that Pete Carroll’s one remaining championship has a loss to Cal and is held up only by the AP vote.

The Sand-Rant

I’ve never loved learning something so much. I knew we were the last ones to beat them during their undefeated streak, but that just made it so sweet. Thank you, Bearded Man.

The Blasian

…Ur statement is irrelevant b/c when it’s all said and done we were STILL National Champs for that year…be it split or whatever…and yea, so we lost to CAL that year in 3 OT game…still ended up being #1 in the polls at the end of the year….split Champs is Still CHAMPS

in none … See Moreof my statements did I point to the past as a proof we would be ok going forward!!..and Yea, you guys aren’t the ones with the Ban but ur also not the ones winning anything significant either…

The Sand-Rant

“…seeeing as how we have 9 others and won the last one in 2003 (that one is not being taken away)…I’ll deal with it”

The Blasian

Again..still not using that as proof that the future will be bright…didn’t say based on the other 9 Titles…I’m saying I’ll take solace in the fact that if 1 is taken we still have 9 Left!!

The Bearded Man

Yet still “you” do not have the National Championship trophy, besides a side plaque saying you finished first in the AP Poll? I guess “you” can call a split a championship if you want…My next is with your participation that warrants the use “we”and “you” I didn’t know you played, coached, or worked for the football at USC. If so isn’t that a violation cause you would have been a part of two undergraduate institutions at the same time, thus vacating another season.

The Blasian

LMAO..nope I never played in college therefore all of my eligibility remains!! BAM

The Bearded Man

So you will stop referring to USC as we then?

The Blasian

NEVER…FIGHT ON!! I’m going to be just like The Mark!!

The Sand-Rant

I don’t understand the The Mark comment, but I do have to hand you the USC pride already.
Just get used to hearing it: “Twice the price, half the education”. I know you’re there free, but looks like your football team won’t be able to say the same…

Scout the home crowd next time Dwayne!

Dwayne Bowe already probably not Hailey’s favorite player might be seeing his way out of Kansas City sooner than later.  In a blurb in ESPN The Magazine, Bowe said the Chiefs imported ‘talent’ to road games. Women were waiting for them 3 to 4 days before a game in San Diego. This story has prompted many to speculate that Da Bowe Show, no relation to the T.O. Show, is over in Kansas City, especially with Haley’s interactions last season with Larry Johnson. It’s lead others to joke “The Chief’s have groupies?”. As a Chiefs fan myself, I wonder if the groupies are much better in Oakland than in Kansas City, since we have lost the last two at home to the also lowly Raiders but have won the last 7 there. Maybe import some to KC, whaddu say fellas?

Just a Thought

The Bearded Guy

Reverse Oreo Sports has agreed to terms on the release of Kennedy Wong a.k.a. The Blasian.  Everyone at Reverse Oreo Sports wishes Mr. Wong all the best in his future endeavors.

The Blasian was part of this blog since its inception but the pressure might have been too much to bear and he hasn’t surfaced on this site in two months, a site he helped to create.  You might remember Mr. Wong from his not so weekly “Simply RiCOCKulous” posts or, as he was the resident expert, his single NASCAR post.

Although he will no longer be writing for this blog, his clever turn of phrase can be enjoyed on Facebook, where he is a frequent contributor to his friend’s walls…well…some of his friend’s walls.

Good luck and Godspeed to you Mr. Wong in whatever you decide to do, whether that be spinning vinyl or in the business world.

Wasn’t really feeling sports this week.  My White Sox still suck, Lance Armstrong was accused of doping (again), Hanley Ramirez has been doggin’ it on the field, I think something is happening in hockey and the inevitable Lakers – Celtics NBA Finals is gonna happen.  I don’t really give a shit, right now.

Something did pique my interest this week.  I’ve been in Korea for about nine months now and I’ve gotten used to the way things are around here.  I’m no Korean culture expert but I think I know what’s up.  But, I read something this week that made me question something about this place, something that every Korean loves and has to have.  I thought I knew quite a bit on this subject but then someone came along and blew my mind and I’ve had to rethink what I (thought I) knew.

Luckily, common sense prevailed and I realized I was right all along.  I like it when that happens.

The point here:

Never take what people think they know at face value.

Always do your research.

It’s ok to laugh at people who pretend to know it all.

Inside jokes are fun.

Thanks for indulging me.  Here’s a little something for your enjoyment.

Kimchi Recipe

Napa cabbage – approximately one pound
4 cups of cold water
3 tablespoons of sea salt
1 tablespoon of fresh garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of fresh ginger, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of fresh green onions (scallions), finely chopped
1 teaspoon of dried red chili pepper flakes (more if you like things spicy, less if you don’t)
1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of sugar


Separate and wash cabbage leaves. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of sea or kosher salt evenly on cabbage leaves. Place salted cabbage leaves in a large bowl, add 4 cups of cold water, cover with plastic wrap, and place in refrigerator overnight. Be sure that water covers all cabbage leaves – place a plate or other heavy object on top of leaves to ensure that they stay covered with water.

The next day, pour off water and thoroughly rinse cabbage leaves. You can shake them gently in the sink to remove excess moisture.

Place cabbage leaves back into large bowl and add garlic, green onion or scallions, ginger, dried red chili flakes, sugar, and 1 tablespoon of salt. Use your hands to rub seasoning evenly into all cabbage leaves. Be sure to use gloves to do this, otherwise, your hands will burn from the chili flakes. If you are pressed for time, mix seasoning ingredients with about a cup of warm water before adding them to cabbage to allow for easier distribution on cabbage leaves.

Transfer seasoned cabbage leaves into a large glass bottle. Be sure to use firm pressure with your hands to push down on cabbage leaves as they stack up inside the bottle. Transfer any liquid that accumulated during the mixing process into the bottle as well – it will become kim chi brine. Some liquid will also come out of the cabbage leaves as you press down on them as they are stacked in the bottle.

Leave about 2 inches of room at the top of the bottle before capping it tightly with a lid. Allow bottle of kim chi to sit at room temperature for 2-3 days.

Your kim chi is now ready to eat. Use scissors or a knife and cutting board to cut cabbage leaves into 2 inch pieces before serving as a side dish to a bowl of rice, soup, and perhaps a piece of fish. Refrigerate remaining kim chi and take out small portions right before meals. The refrigerated kim chi will continue to ferment slowly in the refrigerator over time, becoming more sour and flavorful with each passing day. So long as you use clean utensils to take out small portions, it will keep for up to a month in your refrigerator.