No one will ever call me a hero for my game picks!  For the second week in a row, I went 1-3.  I declared that we had to take the over (57) in the Saints and Cardinals game,  it ended at 59.  So I was in a funk because of this miserable performance again, and couldn’t bring myself to post. 

On the upside, Texas suffered a KU situation, battling at home against A &M, basically playing like garbage but pulling out the win in overtime (see KU vs. Cornell).  Then followed the survival with a road loss to a rank opponent who is probably overrated. K-State will still be K-State, they will be eliminated in the second round of the tournament. (While Tennessee was playing with great emotion after the loss, see hotbox-gate)  So now the only unbeaten left is Kentucky, but in all reality its only a matter of time until they are winless, just ask the 2007-2008 Memphis tigers or the Marcus Camby UMass 95-96 team, they have are a Calipari NCAA Sanction waiting to happen. Someone may want to check John Wall’s SAT/ACT scores.  Another question worth pondering if the 2007-2008 Memphis Tigers and the 1995-1996 UMass Minutemen (the good kind) went defeated how did Calipari win the Naismith  College (96 and 08) and the Conference USA  (2008) and A-10 (96) coach of the year awards? He must be the only coach in the history of the game to have a completely defeated team TWICE and win coach of the year with said defeated team!  Someone should discuss that….That being said, he still hasn’t won a national championship.  Speaking of Shady….. 

Article to check out: The Dirtiest Player, GQ 2-2010 

Don't mess with his Carwash

The wheels have come off for the quietformer Colts Receiver Marvin Harrison. Apparently he is not a nice guy.  Everyone used to love him, he did his job, he was quite, the anti-T.O. Then all of a sudden he is kicking a dude in the streets in Philly and trying to shoot him while the guy is in a car.  Some role model, as a society maybe we should back-off the idea of the idea of humility on the football field makes for a great person.  Something worth noting: His sports bar is aptly named Playmakers, obviously he loved the  canceled ESPN show when the players are going crazy beyond the football field so much that he named his sports bar after his beloved canceled show. 

At least he has finally earned a nickname: Marv the Menace!  Look for him to release a hip-hop album very soon. 

What to watch: Final episode of the Jersey Shore

Don't make him use his strength

I am already in mourning.  I can’t wait for the final episode followed by the reunion, a reunion I will watch any time I feel like the dumbest person alive.  Ronnie has turned out to be controlled by Sammi unless you follow him on the boardwalk and then some sort of hulk character emerges and he kills anyone on the 2X4s who makes any comments about him.  Ronnie hasn’t mentioned what he does outside of this month on the shore, but can you imagine his employer seeing him drop the dude with a running one punch!!!  Someone needs to put up a photo of that dude crumpled on the ground and Ronnie jumping up and down!  Ronnie possess that strength that certain people have that aren’t that smart!  Speaking of physical violence, J-woww may be a man!  This would explain the terrible boob job and extreme strength.  When this show started who knew almost everyone would get hit in the face!  The Mark is going to hit this up more in depth so I will stop for now… 

Korean Sports Update: 

It's a celebration bitches

Some men’s and women’s volleyball teams competed, half won and half lost, and no one was entertained by their beauty, besides the one female Puerto Rican  player. 

Handball maintains an untapped market that the United States could dominate.  A slow-paced game, that all you have to do is attack a goal by throwing the ball! Really  Come on now, US let’s get some intramural teams together and a get ready for 2012. 

He would have score 50 a game!

KBL missed out on the Stephon Marbury “Sweepstakes”.  He signed in the Chinese league for some low amount of currency so he can sell The Starburys in China.  China welcome blisters and broken down shoes! 

Problematic song of the Month: Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA (Chopped and Screwed).  Thanks Draper! 

Ok Cheers! 

The Bearded Guy

  1. Brian says:

    I know this blog is simply opinion but let me explain a few things about what we (the US Handball movement) is up against. in Olympic and World Championship competition we are competing against professionals from all over the world. These players have been playing the game since they were 5. While I have no doubt that we can find athletes that can physically match up against these players they lack the experience. What we are trying to do is the equivalent of taking athletes who have never even played one game of basketball and putting them up against the NBA All-Star teams. I don’t care how good the athletes are if they lack the experience then we get killed. Our efforts now are on developing a youth movement in Handball. This is not something that will happen overnight. Think US Soccer 30 years ago–and most Americans have no idea what Team Handball is. With regard to the “slow-paced” comment–have you seen an actual game? It is very fast paced and ball movement is very quick. You Tube some footage and you will see how fast and physical the game really is. Contact me if you want more information or if you really have an interest in helping us in our goal of returning to the Olympics and eventually medaling….but it won’t happen overnight.

  2. Draper says:

    “Choppin’ and Screwin'” is the elixir for all broken music…it can fix any problem.

  3. The Bearded Guy says:


    Great Comments! I think it much more feasible for the United States to make strides in the global competition than you, I guess. All of the contributors to this blog are Americans displaced to teach in South Korea, a hot bed of Handball, so making a short answer long: yes I have seen a handball game. I can catch one almost everyday on television. When I refer to the slow pace, I am talking about the defensive mindset of the game, as the defenders set up in a 6-0 or 5-1 formation in which the offense passes the ball around looking for an opening. I respect the physical nature of the game, and was not questioning that at all. I think that’s one of the reasons the United States might be able to excel. I understand that teams need to practice and play together often to create the chemistry necessary to compete at a global level, but I feel former college basketball and football players could be together a very formidable squad. I agree that a lot of Americans do not know what team handball is, but I think you it is also worth mentioning, that with a smaller ball and a much bigger goal than a basketball hoop, someone with the ability to throw the ball and think creatively should be able to ease into the game rather nicely, i.e. an option quarterback, a point guard or a power forward. I think the transition from handball to basketball would be much more difficult in creating a team. I respect what you guys are doing and enjoy the sport. Thanks again for you comments. I am going to post a video on our site of some top highlights.


    Your a sick man, you can’t chop and screw Miley. But thanks for inspiring a new theme in the month.


    The Bearded Guy

    • Brian says:

      Bearded Guy-
      I guess I didn’t really make my insight very clear but I am actually the West Region Director for USA Team Handball so I live every day working to develop the sport and to recruit and develop players. In theory you are correct. The problem is our players are at a level of experience where they still have to think about what to do on the court, they have to think about how to attack a defense, they have to think about how to set up plays on offense, they have to think about their feet and their movements. Players who have played a sport all their lives REACT to the flow of the game rather than think. In a game where finding gaps in defenses and closing gaps on defense is so instinctive and reactive we are at a great disadvantage. I can promise you that we will do better moving forward but it will take time and it will have to come from a youth movement rather than converting grown players from other sports. The history of the US handball situation is a sad tale of mismanagement. Our group actually received sanctioning from the USOC only a year and a half ago after they took away certification from the old federation and we have made lots of headway in a short period of time. We are sending our best players to play in Europe so they can get experience and coaching that isn’t available here. Even then the best of them are playing third tier (equal to single A baseball). We’ve got work to do but we will succeed. I appreciate any visibility you can give our sport and if I can ever give you more insight into the sport please feel free to ask.

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