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Antonio Cromartie decided to call out Tom Brady this week. Smart move. It’s always a good idea to call out the league’s best quarterback on the league’s best team right before you have to travel to their stadium in a pivotal playoff game. The Patriots are a 9.5 point favorite in that game in case you care about those kind of things.

Why would you want to make this guy angry?

Before I go any further I must tell you that I am biased towards Tom Brady. I professed my man-love for him in this post. Let’s be clear, I’m not solely writing this because I have a man crush on Tom Brady, I’m writing this because the Jets talking is getting on my nerves. It just so happens that the Patriots are the target for the Jets jibes.

Why would Cromartie run his mouth? I forgot, he plays for the Jets and they like to talk and talk and talk, just look at who their coach is. Rex Ryan said this game is personal. What does this mean? Forget about Ryan. Cromartie thought it would be a good idea to call Tom Brady an asshole. Cromartie felt he needed to call out Brady because Brady allegedly taunted the Jets late in their 45-3 loss to the Patriots back in December. Boo hoo! Here’s the proof (what’s the big deal?). The ever-classy Tom Brady responded to Cromartie by saying, “Not everybody has great things to say about our team or organization or certain players. That’s kind of the way it’s always been. We’re just going to do our talking on the field. That’s the way we’ve always chosen to do it.” Exactly! Let your play do the talking.

So am I supposed to believe that Antonio Cromartie or the Jets never taunt on the field? The team with the biggest mouth, the Jets, are angry that got shown up by Tom Brady on the Pats. You know how you stop Brady from allegedly taunting you? Cover a damn receiver and don’t let him throw 4 TD’s against you.

Cromartie did a lot of chasing last week.

You’d think Antonio Cromartie wouldn’t want to bring attention to himself after the game he had against the Colts? Sure, he had that late kick return that set up the game winning field goal, and that was huge, but the rest of his game was forgettable. Pierre Garcon was Indy’s top receiver and guess who was covering him? I’ll give you one guess. Garcon had five catches for 112 yards in the game including a 57-yard touchdown in the second quarter. Reggie Wayne had one catch for one yard. Why is that? The Colts and Peyton Manning didn’t want anything to do with Darelle Revis. Indianapolis targeted Cromartie because they could.

The Patriots are going about their business and not playing this silly game. Bill Belichick told the Patriots players not to continue this Jets nonsense in the media. Smart. The Patriots are paying attention to what’s being said, that’s for sure, but they’re better than that to continue this war of words. Will these comments from the Jets and Cromartie fire up the Pats? I doubt it. I think they were already focused on the task at hand. It’ll just be sweeter if they can beat New York on Sunday.

Antonio Cromartie trying to remember the names of all his kids.

“Vanity keeps persons in favor with themselves who are out of favor with all others.” – William Shakespeare

Some time between last season and this season Brett Favre got old.  I’m sure he wasn’t expecting it but it happens to all of us.  Sure, he had probably his best season last year but he had to figure that wasn’t gonna last.  Why not go out on top.?  Looks like Favre came back one too many times.

Brett Favre 2009

336 of 531, 4,202 yds., 33 TD’s, 7 INT’s, 259 yds/game, 107.2 QB rating – Viking record 12-4

Brett Favre 2010

197 of 327, 2274 yds., 10 TD’s, 17 INT’s, 227 yds/game, 69.8 QB rating – Vikings record 3-7

Actually, even though he had a great season in 2009, Favre came back three too many times.  He should’ve called it quits after the 2007 season.  The Packers were so close to going to the Super Bowl.  Sure, his interception in the NFC Championship Game caused the Giants to win and eventually go on to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, but that wasn’t a bad season either.  The writing was on the wall that Green Bay wanted Aaron Rodgers to take over the team.  Favre should have stepped away a hero and beloved by all but instead he felt the need to get back at the Packers and try to prove them wrong.  Big mistake.

The Favre we all loved

Favre was and probably still is an icon in Green Bay but with every year he comes back and feels the need to stick it to the Packers, his star faded more and more.  Did we really need to see him in a Jets uniform?  I remember John Madden falling all over himself whenever he called Packer games with Favre at the helm.  This elevated Favre but probably led to the decline of Madden.  Madden went from the beloved announcer who made the game fun to the guy who didn’t hide his man crush of Favre.  Remember how we felt about John Madden in the 1990’s?  Remember what we thought about him when he walked away?

Will we remember this in 10 years?

Brett Favre was the player everyone wanted on their team.  You hated him when he played your team but you rooted for him otherwise.  Now, we can’t wait for him to go away.  His retirements and un-retirements have grown old, just like the man himself.  I guess I could stand it when he went to the Jets but when he had to be wooed out of retirement by the Vikings, that was too much.  Then after last season he let us know that he wasn’t sure if he was coming back only to come back part way through the pre-season.  Now he says he’s done after this season.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Brad Childress was fired by the Viking today, as he should have been.  It seems Childress’ only real game plan was to have Favre on the team and to let him do whatever he wanted.  That didn’t end well.  Favre showed that by being able to miss camps and dictate whether his streak stays alive or not, that he was in charge and not Childress.  During the 31-3 pounding this weekend at the hands of Green Bay, Favre and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell got into an argument which Favre wanted no part of.  Bevell was probably peeved that Favre pretty much locked on to his receiver right after the snap which allowed the Packers to step in front and get the INT.  Valid point by Bevell but Favre tried his hardest to get away from him and plead his case, even though he was totally in the wrong.

I’m not going to mention the whole Favre – Jenn Sterger dong photo drama.  Did it happen?  Probably.  Is it creepy?  Yes.  Does it lower our esteem for Favre?  Yes, but if he had stayed away, this would’ve never happened.  Who do you think you are, Keith Hernandez?

Please go away Brett.  Don’t wait until the end of the season, do it now.  Try to salvage some of the good memories we had of you.  Enjoy life on the ranch and don’t worry about being needed.

Too many of these moments this year

“I wanna be adored

You adore me

You adore me

You adore me

I wanna

I wanna

I wanna be adored”

I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses

Alright, the past two weeks I am 2-6 on my playoff picks. Sure I felt bad after the wild card weekend going 1 and 3, but Simmons went 0 and 4. I felt pretty confident the next weekend I would lock down some solid picks, just to come up short again going 1 and 3. So in an attempt to save my post season, I am going to pick this week and the Super Bowl! I turning the playoffs into a march madness betting system, its kind of a hail mary, but I think its possible.

Jets v Colts (-7)

I watched Peyton Manning feel out the defense all first half last week then just own them in the last four minutes before halftime. Everyone knew when he put up 14 points right then that it was over. Peyton is the smartest football player playing.  I think it gives them the edge. Plus he  and his brother love Oreos! So got to give him some love. He will control the game, and it will be the colts by 10 or more

If only Peyton had known about the Reverse Oreo

Pick: Colts

Vikings v Saints (-3.5)

So I was asleep for most of the Saints game last week, but both the Saints and the Vikings took care of business. A side note, Keith Brooking is a bitch, seriously you are professional, it’s your teams job to stop the opposing team, not to stop themselves. This isn’t little league where kids can be driven away from a sport or scarred for life. Keith, it’s called making a play, and if you can’t do it that’s your own fault.

KB sad

I think he is beginning to get all watery eyed

Anyways, Vikings have not been good on the road, but the Saints lost two at home down the stretch. Any stat in this game has an equal counter stat. I anticipate it being a great game, but I think the Vikings actually step up and are able to make the plays on the road to win the game.

Pick: Vikings

Super Bowl

Vikings v Colts (undetermined, maybe -4)

Favre’s magic got them this far, and you are taking to dome teams and putting them outside in Florida, where Peyton in a rainy Super Bowl watched Grossman struggle getting snaps from the Center. I think the emotional aspects should favor Favre, but I simply can’t bet against Peyton this year. I would take the Colts in either match up and would actually be more willing to against the Saints, especially with their defense.

Things to come

Super Bowl Champs: Colts, they got No Ceilings


The Bearded Guy

The Jim Mora Jr. era in Seattle is over, after only one year.  Funny, Mora was such a great choice that he was announced as the heir apparent to Mike Holmgren a year before Holmgren was finished.  No need to look elsewhere, Seattle had their man.  So, how do you follow-up that bad decision?  You make another equally bad decision. 

Pete Carroll is said to be nearing a deal to become head coach (and president?) of the Seahawks.  Way to go Paul Allen, just hand over the keys to someone who, while being successful in college, hasn’t proven himself in the NFL.  I don’t know if the other kids on this site remember, but his tenure with the New York Jets and New England was mediocre, at best.  Why does Allen think that Carroll’s success in college will suddenly translate to the NFL when it didn’t before?  Carroll could pick and choose his players at USC but in Seattle he’s stuck with the players who weren’t good enough this year and got Mora fired.  In the salary cap era it’s hard to turn a team around quickly.

This is also a bad idea for Pete Carroll.  He’s the BMOC at USC, won two National Championships and has been successful but to the fans in Seattle, “what have you done for us lately?”  Maybe now’s the right time to leave USC.  I think the player/booster/agent scandals are catching up with him.  He can’t keep denying any knowledge when his players show up in new cars with no discernable income.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

It’s hard as hell to beat a team three times during the same season!! Especially one with the offensive studs that Philadelphia has! I think Philly will  just have another gear when it counts.  And this would be great payback for the Boy’s depriving us of the entertainment that was T.O. and Tony Romo!  Plus, I’m something of a feel good story guy and would like nothing more than to see Mike Vick win the Superbowl even if he plays only 1 play every seven quarters.  I mean come on!  It would be pretty sweet to See Mike Vick go all Cruella DeVille and pull out a fur coat made of Dalmatians after the Superbowl, all while saying “I’m going to Disney Land!” Take that PETA!

Pick: Eagles: Philly 35 – Dal 27

Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals

When you have a quarterback that’s been playing since the Civil War, there’s not too much he hasn’t seen before.  Then on top of that give him a Dreadlocked version of Jerry Rice and its pretty hopeless for your team! Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner alone are enough to get the job done.  Although, I will admit that I want to Green Bay to win, if for nothing else than seeing an eventual Green Bay vs. Minnesota playoff game!  That would be sweet!  Just imagine the chaos!!  But also a quarterback duel brought to you and sponsored by Montgomery Burns and the Shady Oaks Retirement Home would be kind of sweet too.  Arizona all day in this one!

Pick: Cardinals: AZ 27 – GB 13  


Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Randy Moss is the most talented and arguably the best receiver EVER to play the game.  Yea, I said it so what! Tom Brady, although I still haven’t forgiven him for banging Turtle’s girl, is a great cold weather QB and proven winner! Given these facts, I like the PATS chances to overcome an aging Baltimore D-fence! Doesn’t matter that Wes Welker isn’t there, it’s the PATS, someone always steps up when needed.  Also, I’m just not sold on Mr. Flacco being ready for the big time yet.  However, I definitely feel this will be the closest of the 4 games as the PATS defense sucks more than cocktail waitresses at a Tiger Woods Party!  And before you start griping I’m tired of the PATS too, but they will win this one.

Pick: Patriots: NE 24 – BAL 21

New York JETS vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The JETS have no business being in the playoffs. I can think of several teams much better than them. I mean realistically, who out there doesn’t think that the Titans aren’t a couple of Vince Young Starts away from replacing this team? However, the thing that makes this game intriguing is that Cincy started off hot (winning 4 of the first 5 and 7 of 10) but kind of tinkered out in the later parts of the season.  Was this because they pretty much figured they had a playoff spot locked down and were coasting? I’m not completely sold on that. Add that to my view that Mark Sanchez is one of the Worst Pick the JETS have EVER made in the first round and I’m going to have to roll with the Bengals in this one.

Pick: Bengals: Cincy 30 – JETS 10

The NFL playoffs start this weekend and I’m here to help you beat the man. All picks are against the spread. We’re not gay pussies here, the lines matter. If a friend wants to bet you straight up, tell them to go get their shine box.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati (-4)

Pick: Cincy

I just don’t see Mark Sanchez being enough to win this game. The Jets leading tackler, David Harris, hasn’t practiced this week but is listed as day-to-day. I’m thinking the Bengals Laveranues Coles would like to have a big game against his former team. Rex Ryan, please keep you mouth shut. It’s great how animated you are but calling yourself, ”the super favorite”, doesn’t help. It’s the playoffs. I know this is your first time being a head coach in the playoffs but act like you’ve been there.

Philadelphia @ Dallas (-4.5)

Pick: Dallas

Sure, Dallas hasn’t won a playoff game in 13 years but it ends here. Tony Romo has a monster game so he can silence the critics about not being able to win the big game. Remember when Payton Manning was in this boat? Dallas can’t let DeSean Jackson get off. Jason Witten has a big game.


Baltimore @ New England (-6.5)

Pick: New England

I know Wes Welker is out but Tom Brady will be fine. Ben Watson steps up in this game. Huge game for him, 7 yards at a time. Sure, Randy Moss gets double teamed but he will get open for a few big plays.

Green Bay @ Arizona (-3)

Pick: Green Bay

The Packers win this game straight up. The big reason I don’t like the Cardinals is because Boldin, Campbell and Rodgers-Cromartie are dinged up. Boldin is the most in doubt. We finally get to see the playoff debut of Aaron Rodgers who quietly had another solid season to be the fourth highest rating quarterback in the league.