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So I may be new to the scene, but I am the one person who will be paying any attention to hockey on this site.  Being from the Bay area I have favored San Jose, much to my surprise I was feeling pretty good after 3 games, still a bit skeptical though.  How can my team, the modern fuckup in playoffs be one game away from sweeping the modern-day dynasty and making it to the finals?  After a decade of finishing first and second in the Pacific, the team that includes an all-star goalie and a gold medal winning front line has somehow never been able to put it together in the playoffs.  Although we were strongly favored in round 1, we did our best to let the Avalanche take us out.  Granted, the Red Wings took 7 games to make it to round 2 in very un-Red Wings like fashion, but I still expected them to roll over the Sharks….very similar to what was seen tonight in the 7-1 slaughter by the Red Wings.

After year after year of watching the Sharks get taken out earlier than expected, and just being happy making it to round two, it’s a bit hard to believe that the Red Wings aren’t going to pull a 2004 Red Sox move.  You know the move, I mean it was one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history, all sports included, but let me add I HATE the Red Sox (you will hear plenty about that) and really do not want to give them credit for that year but alas.  Hopefully the Sharks can hang on for at least one home ice victory to make it to the finals and be the number one  seed that actually makes it to the Stanley Cup Finals. What a Cinderella story that would be.

The Sand-Rant

I know, I’ve been a terrible prognosticator but I’m not giving up.  I’ve gambled for far too long to step away just because I’ve been a Mush for a few weeks.  Things will turn around.  If not, who cares, I’ll be in Hong Kong for a week so I could give a shit. 

Before I get to my picks I have to talk about the coverage of these games.  I won’t see any of these games and I don’t get ESPN of the NFL Network but I can just imagine what the talking heads are….well….talking about.  I’m pretty sure the coverage has revolved and will revolve around Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez.  Don’t let The Blasian fool you, he definitely has much man-love for the guy.  As Shakespeare once wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  Replace, “The lady” with, “The Blasian”. 

The Bard knew how The Blasian felt for The Sanchise

Back to the coverage.  Most people probably don’t know that Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are playing in these games because Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez are hogging all the coverage.  Has John Madden come out of retirement yet?  How is he not doing the Vikings – Saints game?  If you think it’s bad this week, imagine if the Jets and Vikings both win on Sunday.  Then we will have two weeks of non-stop Favre, Sanchez talk.  If the Vikings win, they might as well change the name from Super Bowl XLIV to Super Bowl Favre.  I can’t see any of the coverage and I’m already annoyed.

On to the games:

NY Jets @ Indianapolis (-7)

Pick:  Colts     

Blah blah blah….the Colts offense is awesome.  Blah blah blah……The Sanchise is a rookie.  Blah blah blah….Rex Ryan is fat.  Blah blah blah….there’s no way the Jets win this one.

Indianapolis 23-10

Minnesota @ New Orleans (-3.5)

Pick:  Vikings

Blah blah blah…both teams play in a dome.  Blah blah blah….Sean Payton forgot how to coach the last time he was in the Championship game.  Blah blah blah…….Adrian Peterson.  Blah blah blah……Sidney Rice.  Blah blah blah….BRETT FUCKING  FAVRE.

Minnesota 31-27

Sound the horn Vikings fans.  That sound you hear is Packer fan killing himself.  Enjoy Super Bowl Favre.

The Blasian likey?

Round two of the NFL Playoffs have come and gone and a couple things are clear.  First, I can’t pick games to save my life right now.  Second, Tony Romo is not ready to take the next step and I’m not sure if he’ll ever be.  Third, Philip Rivers is a pretty good quarterback but he’s only good enough to get you there but not good enough to win it. 

Thanks Indy for keeping me from losing all four games on the weekend.  The Bearded One and I both agreed the over/under for the Arizona – New Orleans was too low at 57 but boy were we wrong.  The game ended at 59.  Man, those guys are good.  I don’t know how many times I’ve questioned the lines but somehow they always come through. 

Forget about what I (and The Blasian) said about the Cowboys doing an impression of the 2008 Giants.  The Giant had a REAL quarterback, a quarterback that didn’t fold when the team needed him most.  If Eli Manning had folded in the Super Bowl, we’d still be talking about the undefeated Patriots.  And, I’d never have to see or hear about the 1972 Dolphins again. 

I’m sorry Cowboy fans but you’ll never win anything with Romo.  In past years Terrell Owens was the problem but where does the blame lie now?  It should fall squarely on the shoulders of the quarterback.  How do you follow-up the solid game against the Eagles in the Wild Card game by stinking up the joint against the Vikings.  Romo’s quarterback rating was 66.1 while grandpa Favre’s rating was 134.4.  Face it Dallas fans, it wasn’t Terrell Owens, it wasn’t Jessica Simpson, it was Tony Romo.  He’s hit the ceiling already.  There’s no next level for him.  He can have a million dollar smile but right now I’d take ten other quarterbacks in a big game, including The Sanchise because he’s found a way to get things done.  All you Romo fans, call me when he wins something.   

Philip Rivers, you broke my heart.  I’ve been on your bandwagon since you got drafted out of NC State.  I hated the way Eli Manning pouted on draft day so I immediately became a Rivers fan.  I told my friends to watch out for Rivers because he would win more than Eli.  It didn’t happen and it will never happen.  Not only would I, and Charger fans, want Eli Manning now but I would also take an older Drew Brees.  Remember him San Diego fans?  He had to go to make room for Philip and now Brees makes it rain every Sunday.  Rivers can throw for thousands and thousands of yards a year but, until he wins the big one, I could give a shit. 

Has Norv Turner been fired yet?

Can we write an obituary on LaDainian Tomlinson’s career?  I don’t think anyone is scared of him anymore. 

Is The Sanchise for real?  Sure, he doesn’t have great numbers but he’s finding ways to get it done and that’s what matters.

Does Kurt Warner know where he is yet?  He got jacked-up big-time.  Looks like SoCal Matt will be the Cardinals quarterback next year. 

Can someone with a Dallas uniform please cover Sidney Rice?

Last week didn’t go so well.  1-3 against the number, with Dallas being the only thing I got right, so the man would have been very happy with me.  What went wrong?  Seems The Sanchise was enough, considering Ochocinco decided not to show up for the game.  That thing I said about Ben Watson?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Yes, Aaron Rodgers had a monster game but his fumble cost the Packers the game.  Thanks Aaron, maybe you are just like Brett Favre after all.  He did throw that interception against the Giants in the NFC Championship game that led to an end of the Packers 2007 season. 

On to the games:

Baltimore @ Indianapolis (-6.5)

Pick:  Colts

This number is funny.  I thought it would be higher but then I noticed that the Colts have the 24th ranked rushing defense.  They gave up 126.5 yards per game during the regular season.  Remember how bad their rushing defense was during their Super Bowl year?  Somehow they turned it up in the playoffs and were stopping people.  I don’t know how much they can stop Ray Rice.  No matter, too much Manning and Wayne with a little Dallas Clark and the Colts win and cover.

Arizona @ New Orleans (-7)

Pick:  Cardinals

First team to 40 wins this one.  Or is it 50?  Boldin looks like he might play in this game but how healthy is he if they haven’t made the decision yet?  This will probably be the most exciting game of the playoffs.  I think New Orleans wins but Arizona covers.  Hopefully Sean Payton doesn’t forget how to coach in the playoffs like he did against the Bears in the 2007. 

Dallas @ Minnesota (-3)

Pick:  Cowboys

For some reason I like the Dallas to win this game straight up.  I AGREE with The Blasian about the Cowboys doing and their 2008 New York Giants impression.  Favre will get hit in this game and he won’t like that.  Look for some crazy throws and jump balls.  Romo keeps on moving to erase the memory of him not winning the big games, or games past November 30th.

New York Jets @ San Diego (-7.5)

Pick:  Chargers

The Sanchise goes back to SoCal but San Diego isn’t Washington State so the homecoming might not be so sweet.  If Philip Rivers can’t get it done, he’s dead to me.  I’ve defended him against the Eli Manning critics since he came in the league but he keeps disappointing me.  I know I’m in the ROK but I didn’t hear much about LaDanian Tomlinson this year.  Did I miss something?  It should be The Antonio Gates Show and that’ll do it for the Chargers.   

Who is Pete Axthelm you ask?  Remember, I’m old.  Pete Axthelm was on the NFL on NBC and ESPN Primetime in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  He’s the reason I gamble.  He knew everything about betting on football and horse racing.  “The Ax” was awesome.

Thanks Arizona, for saving us from what would eventually have been an insufferable Green Bay – Minnesota matchup.  You just know the worldwide leader would’ve covered this game like it was the Super Bowl and as if no other games were being played.  Now if Dallas can do it’s part and knock out the Vikings, I will be a happy man.

The Bengals just got shown the door in the playoffs by Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.  That’s, rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez and the Jets, who just snuck into the playoffs.  And, this game was in Cincinnati.  While this was happening where was Ochocinco?  Other than making two catches for twenty-eight yards what was he doing?  Can we stop talking about him as one of the elite receivers in the league?  At this point, if I had to choose a big game receiver, I would probably choose ten other receivers over him.  Please don’t tell me about double coverage and shit like that.  Great receivers make things happen.  He doesn’t have to catch twelve passes for one hundred fifty yards but where’s the game breaker?  I’ll take the Chad Johnson who, up until a few years ago, could catch anything and get open.  Sure, Ochocinco is a marketing genius but he’s no longer that receiver I think about to make the difference in a game.  Ochocinco, you can twitter and ustream all you want and I will be interested but when Sunday afternoons roll around I will be thinking of Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Reggie Wayne.

The NFL playoffs start this weekend and I’m here to help you beat the man. All picks are against the spread. We’re not gay pussies here, the lines matter. If a friend wants to bet you straight up, tell them to go get their shine box.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati (-4)

Pick: Cincy

I just don’t see Mark Sanchez being enough to win this game. The Jets leading tackler, David Harris, hasn’t practiced this week but is listed as day-to-day. I’m thinking the Bengals Laveranues Coles would like to have a big game against his former team. Rex Ryan, please keep you mouth shut. It’s great how animated you are but calling yourself, ”the super favorite”, doesn’t help. It’s the playoffs. I know this is your first time being a head coach in the playoffs but act like you’ve been there.

Philadelphia @ Dallas (-4.5)

Pick: Dallas

Sure, Dallas hasn’t won a playoff game in 13 years but it ends here. Tony Romo has a monster game so he can silence the critics about not being able to win the big game. Remember when Payton Manning was in this boat? Dallas can’t let DeSean Jackson get off. Jason Witten has a big game.


Baltimore @ New England (-6.5)

Pick: New England

I know Wes Welker is out but Tom Brady will be fine. Ben Watson steps up in this game. Huge game for him, 7 yards at a time. Sure, Randy Moss gets double teamed but he will get open for a few big plays.

Green Bay @ Arizona (-3)

Pick: Green Bay

The Packers win this game straight up. The big reason I don’t like the Cardinals is because Boldin, Campbell and Rodgers-Cromartie are dinged up. Boldin is the most in doubt. We finally get to see the playoff debut of Aaron Rodgers who quietly had another solid season to be the fourth highest rating quarterback in the league.