Jersey Shore – EP 7 & 8 – Snooki’s (Alleged) Eating Disorder, The Situation = Douche, Ronnie Gives It One Shot

Posted: January 21, 2010 by The Mark in Televison
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Episode 7 & 8 were not the best of the bunch but very good nonetheless.  As much as I like Vinny, Pauly D is moving up the charts as the best cast member on the show.  The dude is just cool.  He doesn’t say a lot but, then again, he doesn’t need to.  He has much game.  Why Pauly, why, are you going to hang out with Danielle again?  She’s obviously psycho and she’s definitely not going to put out.  The third time she popped up on the boardwalk, you should have hit the eject button on her.  If Pauly can get her to give it up, going back on her Jewish faith, then he will shoot to number one with a bullet.  

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish .....whatever..... keep your daughters away from this guy.

Snooki reveals, after a huge burn from The Situation, that she had an eating disorder that she only cured a year ago.  Not buying it.  She says she used to eat a cracker a day because she was so worried about her looks.  No F’n way.  Unless, for the last year, she’s been eating nothing but Big Mac’s and pickles every damn day.  She’s north of 120 bills and looks like she’s always been that way.  

She said in episode 7 that she’s not a whore unless she’s been drinking.  Nice.  She falls in love with the next guy she sees at the clubs.  But just like The Situation, she’s not been able to close the deal.     

The cracker a day diet?

The Situation.  Has there been anyone as annoying on tv as this guy?  He obviously had his heart broken by Sammi and is still trying to deny it.  His diss on Ronnie is that he made out with Sammi first so somehow he’s one up on him.  Also, not buying it.  Sure Mike, you held Sammi’s hand first but Ronnie’s hittin’ it every single night bro.  Edge: Ronnie.  His bust up with JWoww and pointing out to Sammi that Ronnie was talking to a girl only further solidifies his induction into the Douche Hall of Fame.  He won’t have to wait five years after he retires, he gets in immediately.  He’s a unanimous Hall of Famer.   

GTL baby! Douche HOF

Ronnie continues to get the life sucked out of him.  You can see that, left to his own devices, he would be a pretty crazy guy to hang out with.  You can also see that he just wants to kick the shit out of The Situation.  I liked that he was talking to a girl (harmless) while Sammi was watching and then when confronted about it, he absolutely denies it.   

When are guys going to realize to stop fucking with Ronnie.  He’s 2-0 since the show started with 2 KO’s (they would’ve stopped the first fight for sure).  If MTV had CompuBox stats like HBO, then Ronnie would be connecting at around 99%.  Ronnie jacked-up that dude in episode 8 with one punch.  “That’s one shot kid!”  He was out cold on the pavement.  It was funny watching him try to get up.  Unfortunately, Ronnie got arrested and we’ll have to wait ’til this week to see what happens.  Who’s next  

Wanna go to the gun show?

Except for punching/hitting The Situation, JWoww was pretty quiet in the two episodes.  Somehow she still has a boyfriend.  That guy has to be the stupidest person in the world.  House music or no, JWoww doesn’t seen like a one man kinda girl.  

I never said they're real.

Vinny was solid as always.  He just loves to get under The Situation’s skin.  I wouldn’t doubt it if he banged Mike’s sister out of spite.  On second thought, maybe not.  He seems like he’s better than that.  He had the best quote of the episodes when he told The Situation, “How’s my dick taste bro?”, after Mike stole his girl in AC.  

Can I interest you in a fist pump?


Final episode this Thursday.  I’m gonna miss this show.  There’s no way they can top this. 


  1. Deanna says:

    Pauly D Is So Freakin Hotttt!!!

  2. smurf shoe says:

    “Pauly D Is So Freakin Hotttt!!!”

    D id short for douche.. “Pauly Douche is so freakin hot!!” Sounds like you got a STD

  3. pauly if i meet u my wish will cum true i love you show i love u all

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