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“Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for.”   -Marian Wright Edelman

I’m not one of those people who think athletes, as a whole, deserve this or that but there are some instances where I believe some athletes are entitled to a certain career.  Joe Montana should have been a 49er for life.  Michael Jordan should never have had to put on that ridiculous Wizards jersey.  Ray Borque should have won a championship with the Boston Bruins and not have to do with it the Colorado Avalanche.  Can you imagine if back in the late 1950’s the Boston Red Sox had decided that Ted Williams was past his prime and maybe he should ply his trade elsewhere?  After all, he only hit .254 in 1959.  That’s not very Splendid Splinter like and it was the lowest batting average for the career .344 hitter.  Instead, Ted Williams came back and retired on his own terms and, more importantly, retired as a Red Sox player.


This never should have happened

This brings me to Derek Jeter.  Am I a Yankee fan?  No, but I’m not a hater either.  I seem to be in the minority that thinks that Jeter deserves to be a Yankee as long as he wants.  Derek Jeter grew up a Yankee fan and his goal early in life was to be a Yankee.  He worked hard and achieved his dream.  He debuted in 1995, won rookie of the year in 1996, won five World Series, an All-Star MVP, a World Series MVP and five Gold Gloves.  I’ll talk more about Jeter’s most recent Gold Glove later.

Derek Jeter has become a New York icon.  He OWNS the Big Apple.  He’s the damn captain of the New York Yankees but the Yankees want to play hardball with his contract negotiations.  He’s been such a huge part of this franchise that he deserves, nay, is entitled to stick around as long as he wants.  It’s not like, at 36, he’s washed up.  Sure, he doesn’t have many good years left but he does have something left in the tank.

The sign says it all

His demands of somewhere around $25 million a year for five years is a bit steep.  Jeter’s agent denies these demands.  The Yankees are offering $15 million a year for three years.  The Yankees offer seems more reasonable given Derek Jeter’s age but their differences shouldn’t be dragged out in the media.  The Yankees told Jeter to test the market and see what’s out there.  How dare you?  Whatever the Yankees and Jeter are doing should be kept behind closed doors.

Then again, this is not The Boss’ Yankees anymore.  As much of a hard-ass George Steinbrenner was, I doubt he would allow this to be played out in the media.  Why all the sudden are the Yankees worried about spending money?  This is the same team that game Jason Giambi $120 million over seven years and Carl Pavano a four-year $40 million dollar deal.  Why is money so important now, and with a legend and future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter?  Hopefully the Yankees and Jeter can come to terms and find a number they both can agree on.

On to the most recent Gold Glove won by the Yankee captain.  The Bearded One and The SandRant both derided the decision to bestow a fifth Gold Glove on Jeter as, “a joke”.  Why is it such a stretch?  Derek Jeter only had six errors in 2010.  Those six errors are the lowest in his fifteen full seasons.  Those six errors are also the lowest of any American League shortstop.  His .989 fielding percentage was also the lowest of any everyday American League shortstop.  Only two American League shortstops were involved in more double plays than Jeter.  Those players are Alexei Ramirez of the Chicago White Sox and Cliff Pennington of the Oakland A’s.  That’s nice but Ramirez had twenty errors and a .974 fielding percentage.  Pennington had twenty-five errors and a .966 fielding percentage.


He can still get it done in the field

I have a feeling the major argument anyone will make has to do with range.  Yes, there are eight AL shortstops that have a higher range factor than Jeter but how much stock should we take in this number?  Most of the shortstops above Derek Jeter in range have double-digit errors.  You definitely want a shortstop with range but let’s not get too excited about it.  How many of those extra chances a player gets by having range ends up in the stands?  Sure, getting to that ball might save an extra base hit or a run here or there but I imagine that gets cancelled out with an errant throw that allows player to advance.  Maybe Cesar Izturis of the Baltimore Orioles deserved a closer look for the Gold Glove but to totally discount Jeter is the real joke.

Besides those stats, here are some other stats you might be interested in.  Here’s a list of Derek Jeter’s girlfriends over the years.

Mariah Carey (before she became a cow)

Miss Universe Lara Dutta

Joy Enriquez

Jordana Brewster

Venessa Minnillo

Jessica Biel

Minka Kelly

Jessica Alba

Scarlett Johansson

Gabrielle Union

Vida Guerra

Rachel Uchitel (Tiger Woods knows her too)

Adriana Lima

Yankees, pay the man!

Before I post my Jersey Shore update I thought I’d put out an amber alert on one of the writers of this blog, Kennedy Wong.  He was last seen on the pages of writing his weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly/???? Simply RiCOCKulous on March 17, 2010.  Don’t get me wrong, I like not having to turn my speakers down to read his posts but he does add a unique perspective on things going on in and out of the world of sports.  

This guy is a Blasian but it's not Kennedy Wong


If you see him, please ask him to sit in front of his computer and come up with some witty comments like only he can.  Actually, if you see him, tell him to spend less time on Facebook and more time contributing to this site.  How will you recognize him?  Since he’s a huge hoops fan, he should have a Memphis Tigers jersey on or an NBA jersey of whatever team is hot at the moment.  Since he’s such a huge NASCAR fan, maybe he’s wearing his Dale Jr. jacket or something like that.  And since he’s a huge football fan, he’ll probably be wearing something USC related and talking about how great the Trojans will be since he’s going to be going to school there.  Whatever he’s wearing, you’ll also notice him by the decibel level in your area suddenly going up by a power of ten when he enters the room. 

This is probably hanging in Kennedy's closet


Blasian, I miss you, The Bearded One misses you and Sitting Pugs misses you.  Come back soon.

I have been on the side of Tiger Woods through his whole ordeal.  Not the, “hooking up with pornstars” part, but the, “he doesn’t owe anyone anything” part.  Now, I’m starting to get sick of his act and he’s only been back for one tournament.   

WTF was that Nike commercial supposed to sell other than Tiger Woods?  It really turned me off and I’m not the only one.  I would have been better off if I didn’t know anything that happened with him personally.  Either tell us nothing or tell us everything.  You can’t tell us nothing and then air a commercial where I’m supposed to feel sorry for you because your deceased father is questioning your behavior.  Woe is Tiger.  My ass!  


Jim Nantz spoke out against Tiger’s behavior at The Masters and I’m gonna have to agree with him.  Damn you Jim Nantz!  Not only are you the undisputed voice of any sport but you also know what most of us are thinking.  Thank God we have Jim Nantz to say the things we can’t.  I don’t care if golfers swear at a tournament but Tiger told us he was going to change and he didn’t.  If it’s this hard to control his emotions on the course, how are we supposed to believe that he’s a changed man off it?  Why do I care if he’s a changed man?  Because he held that staged press conference and told us that he was going to change and I believed him.  

Nantz could read the phone book and I'd listen

Don’t get me wrong, this elevation of Phil Mickelson as a wholesome family man bit isn’t my cup of tea either.  Phil Mickelson has always been that way so why choose to spotlight him now?  It’s because we as a society like to build people up only to knock them down.  Tiger could do no wrong before and now that he’s down and out, comparing him to Mickelson outside of golf makes his fall even greater.   

He's always been wholesome

Tiger finished fourth at The Masters but it’s like he was miles away from Lefty.  I just wonder how the coverage would have changed if Tiger had won The Masters?  I think the media and the coverage would have quickly turned to,” The Redemption of Tiger”, and all his antics on the course would have been overlooked.  Mickelson would have been the guy who lost to Tiger, again and we wouldn’t have cared about his family’s fight with cancer.  Just as Tiger can’t have it both ways, neither can the broadcasters and press.  Pick a side.  Tiger is a scumbag or Tiger deserves forgiveness.  Don’t wait to see how the tournaments play out to make up your mind.  

Like The Godfather used to say, "Pimpin' ain't easy."

Tiger, either change your ways or don’t.  I don’t care either way but don’t try to portray yourself as the tragic hero who fell from grace.  If you want to ride the hoe train then do it.  If you want to change and be the Tiger we thought you were then do that.  I personally would feel better if he just admitted everything and was this edgy, Tiger that golf hated but the casual golf fans liked.  Like John Daly, except a million times better.  

Tiger, like this guy, only better, and without those silly pants