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Posted: August 27, 2010 by The Bearded Guy in Baseball
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Recently ESPN’s Rick Reilly did a story about a blind Yankees’ a fan named Jane who walks to approximately 30 games a year on a trip that takes her 2 and half hours.  The story reminds me of some of real good stuff when he was on the back page of SI, a moving piece about life and sports. It was also a great public relations move  (They surely wouldn’t have done it without all the press knowing about it).  My interest is why aren’t we talking more about Nebraska native and current Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain’s walking abilities or why didn’t Reilly include the second part of the Joba quote:

“Hey! Slow down!”….”I haven’t made this walk since last Spring!”

I mean, wasn’t it rather recently (late 2008) that he was arrested for a DUI?  If this is the case, maybe he and Jane could walk together more often, but alas the state laws only suspended his license for 60 days for a first time  offense.

But consider if Joba took this stance, ‘I am going to walk every day to Yankee home games.  I know I am going to go out and have some drinks after the game with either my teammates, or some good-looking fan and I want to make the responsible decision, and not repeat a past mistake. I want to show people I have really learned.’

It would be a revolutionary move in Public Relations, and plenty of reporters would come out with the Yankee pitcher and paint him as a face of responsibility. Imagine that someone going out partying as a young professional athlete while also being the spokesperson for responsibility.


The Bearded Guy

  1. Stilla Favrefan says:

    good post – seems like a good opportunity missed by the Yankee’s PR Dept.

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