Jersey Shore Season Two – Episode Two – The Shirt Before The Shirt

Posted: August 11, 2010 by The Mark in Televison
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It’s official, Ronnie and Sammi are both batshit crazy.  Last week Ronnie called Sammi a f**king c**t and she still loves him.  The episode starts off with a recap of Ronnie being totally destroyed and hitting on anything that moves.  Cut to this week and the boys are coming home with Ronnie boasting about doing “mad work”.  After laughing it off, Ronnie goes and gets in bed with Sammi and, being the psycho she is, she lets him.  Seeing Ronnie make his way to her bed I thought to myself, this might be the first reality show where we see an actual rape.  It didn’t happen, yet.

There has to be something seriously wrong with Ronnie.  He’s so up and down and it has nothing to with his excessive drinking.  Sober Ronnie is a mess.  The guys looked very uncomfortable with him at the club and they felt uncomfortable with him talking about how much mad work he did and how he’s gonna go get in bed with Sammi.  These guys better be more careful with Ronnie, he could end up getting them all in trouble.

Most of the episode centers around Ronnie and Sammi.  They both love each other but Ronnie thinks it’s ok to creep because he can always deny, deny, deny.  I think they broke up like five times this episode.  The tender moment of the show came when Ronnie decides that getting a tattoo is a good way to clear his head and Sammi comes along to support him.  Aww!!!  I’m hoping this season ends in a Ronnie-Sammi wedding because that marriage would be a show of its own.

I think I've seen this episode before

Angelina almost gets beat up by JWOWW again.  That might be a recurring theme until she leaves and she will surely be gone.  The question is when?  I read a spoiler and it said that when the gang goes back to Jersey a new cast member will be introduced and Angelina will be gone.  I bet The Situation and Pauly D can’t wait for her to go because she was back to her cock blocking self.  After she got done getting hammered and dancing with other chicks, she decides that Pauly D dancing and making out with an engaged woman was a no-no.  This coming from a woman who was dating a married man in the little she was in of season one.

At the end of the night, back at the house, she tells both The Situation and Pauly D that she loves them but she seems really in love with Pauly D.  She’s telling him that he shouldn’t be creeping on an engaged woman and ends up slapping Pauly D.  Pauly D yells at her to stay out of his business and for her to stop touching him.  The Situation and Pauly D tell her that they were the only ones in the house that liked her but they’re done.  Angelina is all alone now.  She’s beginning to seem like a tragic character.

The clock is ticking on Angelina

The gang does have to work this season.  I thought they would’ve done away with that since they’re making so much money per episode.  They meet their boss at the gelato shop.  This should be interesting.  I bet we lose Angelina the first day she has to go to work.  We all know how averse to work she is.

Vinny is following the same formula he had in the first season.  He’s very quiet early on but I bet he breaks out in the upcoming episodes.  Just listening to all the people in the house you can tell that Vinny is the brains of the operation.  He knows what’s right and wrong.  Vinny tries to help the others make the right decisions but even he can’t save them from themselves.  On the other hand, The Situation has no use for the Bro Code.  He doesn’t mind spilling the beans on anyone.

The Situation needs to read this

Besides the up and downs of the Ronnie and Sammi relationship, we had a gem from The Situation.  He told us all the secret of, “The shirt before the shirt”.  In a nutshell, “the shirt before the shirt” is the undershirt you wear before you put on the actual shirt you’re gonna wear for the evening.  Most likely it’s a wife-beater.  I’ve been wearing “the shirt before the shirt” for years and didn’t even know it.

The episode was light on JWOWW and Snooki except for them wanting to kick Angelina’s ass.  Hopefully we get more from these two next week.  I’m sure the first day of work should be interesting.  See you next week.

Quote of the week:

The Situation:  Yeah, I’d like to place an order for pick up please.
Delivery guy:  What’s your name?
The Situation:  Situation.
Delivery guy:  The name?
The Situation:  Yeah. Situation. Capital S-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n.
Delivery guy:  Whatever man, What’s the order?


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