Friday Night Lights is currently on NBC and I hope you’re watching.  It’s a great show and a great season.  The Bearded Guy and I have already seen the full season and I decided to repost this in hopes of getting a few more people into the show.  If you’ve missed some episodes, you can catch up on  Watch it!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

Season 4 of Friday Night Lights just concluded on DirecTV and it will be shown on NBC starting April 30th.  In Korea I have neither of those but through the magic of the internet I have already seen every episode and I must say that it’s the best season by far.  Some familiar faces are gone (Tyra, Jason Street, Smash Williams), some characters have their last hurrah (Lyla, Matt Saracen), some characters are pushed aside (Buddy, J.D. McCoy, Joe McCoy, Dillon Panthers) and new characters emerge (Vince, Jess, Becky, Luke, East Dillon High, a maturing Tim Riggins).  If you haven’t watched this show, you still have time to catch up.  To be honest, I stopped watching after season one but caught up on seasons two and three in a two-week span in late September – early October.  Season two is not the best but maybe the whole writers strike had something to do with it.

Some have come and gone but the story remains the same

Four seasons in and FNL still hasn’t been able to garner much of an audience but those who watch are very loyal  NBC has jerked around its schedule and the DirecTV thing may or may not be a good thing.  No matter what happens, season five will be its last and I don’t think we’ll see a show this good for a while.  America is caught up in the reality television thing but nothing on Survivor, Biggest Loser or American Idol is as real as what happens on this show.  The setting is real, the characters are real and the struggles they go through are very real.  Why aren’t you watching?

I was going to break down season four but I’ll wait until it airs on NBC.  Look for my thoughts (and probably The Bearded Guy’s too) later.  In the meantime, WATCH THE DAMN SHOW!!!

That's Coach Taylor but those aren't the Dillon Panthers

Texas Forever!!!!

  1. sittingpugs says:

    Four seasons in and FNL still hasn’t been able to garner much of an audience but those who watch are very loyal

    Many well-written and well-produced TV shows don’t even make it through half a season to two seasons even with a loyal fan base. Networks and studios can now very easily get an idea of the size if not the quality of their faithful viewers thanks to the interwebs (blogging to twittering to unofficial Facebook pages to tribute vids on the YouTube).

    Yet, eyeballs on the TV screen (during broadcast time or Tivo’d) are still more important. Internet traffic is like the good backup kicker. You still want the TDs, but if your number 2 guy can nail a 45 yrd+ FG, then victory won’t be quite so out of reach.

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