MLB Minute: Griffey!

Posted: May 21, 2010 by The Bearded Guy in Baseball
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Don’t Call it a comeback, as ESPN said he, “awakened from his slumber” to deliver a walk off hit today to beat the Blue Jays.  In this month the Blue Jays have been on a tear, while the Mariners, well, have not.  Yet, the Blue Jays are still the third best team in the division, and last time I checked that did not mean jack.  On the other hand, Griffey proves that he doesn’t belong in a home watching TV Land episodes of Golden Girls, at least not yet, despite his loss of power, his perfect swing can still produce results in the clutch.  So in the end, this game might not mean anything, but it’s nice to see Griffey convert the opportunity and get his name out there for something other than his recent naps.

All Smiles, No Yawns

Look for a perspective on Floyd Landis coming soon

The Bearded Guy


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