Eighth Time’s a Charm!

Posted: May 15, 2010 by sandydmz in Baseball
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SOS please send run support

The Cy Young winner finally got his first win of the season. All it took was for his team not to screw up miserably, as has been the pattern for the first month and a half of this season. In one of his worst games of the season (yes, it was still a quality start), he was finally able to chalk one up in the win column thanks to his team finally providing a bit of run support. Hes pitching like he wants to win the Cy Young again, allowing over 3 runs only once in his 8 starts, but has been plagued by a lack of support. Not only is the other team trying to beat Greinke, but so are the Royals offense, defense, and bullpen. Prior to this game, he had an ERA of only 2.51, but his team was providing him with only 2.4 runs per game; of the 17 runs against him this season, only 13 were earned; and his 3 no decisions were all probable wins when he left the game but his bullpen gave it up. Whether its the batters, the defense, or the bullpen working against him, they have timed themselves perfectly to sabotage any chance at a win he might have setup for himself.

Sometimes having the Ace isn't Enough

Unfortunately for the Yankees and Red Sox (and anyone else whos saving up to make offers as soon as Greinke hits the market), Kansas City played it smart locking him down till 2012, trying to get him as the face of what they are trying to make the new era of Royals baseball. Its just rough that they havent been able to support him, despite their best efforts.  Theyve put together a pretty young team in hopes for a bright future, and today made a big move getting rid of manager Trey Hillman. Individually, its really not a bad group of guys, a few starters hitting over .300 for the year and a good amount flirting with, or above .300 in their careers. Im gonna pay the Royals the compliment and say that they at least have the potential to turn this team around. A solid DH and two more years might do the trick.

Until then, Congratulations, Zack.



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