Baseball Update: Ken Griffey Jr. & Some Dude Named Braden

Posted: May 11, 2010 by The Bearded Guy in Baseball
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So I haven’t quit my day job as an ALT, in fact I picked up two spelling classes to train my students to beat the students of  백의리 (Baegui-ri) elementary in the upcoming competition. Why you ask? Actually you don’t… but I am going to tell you anyways The Blasian has been prepping his kids all year and I said I could get my kids up to his level in less than two months and we are going to have a little exchange of funds based on the results of the Yeoncheon Golden Bell. So maybe that explains the simply wong-less.  Yet here I am posting again.

Not quiet Golden Bell Yeon Cheon

15 minutes stuck on the number 13

At the start of the weekend some young pitcher was making noise about calling A-Rod out for stepping over his mound. Most sports fans thought ‘who is this guy again?’ But after the conclusion of the weekend we will have to take notice of the guy who hates when people touch his dirt. A-Rod had down played him, clowned him, and then had to bite his tongue come Sunday.

No one's on Alex's side now

As everyone has said now Grandma Braden is the one running her mouth. Braden does have to live with the fact that the stadium was 34.9% full, at best considering, that a lot of times those  statistics are  inflated by the teams. At least this way, Grandma didn’t have to worry about fighting crowds while coming down to greet her grandson.  All jest aside what Dallas did was amazing, 19 times it has happened in 141 seasons. Making rarer than seeing a lot of comets. Last year, I was in Chicago and got the chance to catch a game, since I am not a Chicago fan (Royals For Life) I refused to put on my friends Buehrle jersey. We ended up having the seats used by Gatorade at U.S. Cellular behind home plate 7 rows back and saw Buehrle become number 18 on the list! Both games against Tampa Bay, odd for how good they have been lately.  It was a great memory but more importantly, as Braden would reiterate,  it was whom your with that makes it last…

Having the Last Laugh for now


This cost him some potential homers

The Kid has died….in fact he died probably mid 2003 and it made sense…the guy had been in the league 14 years and had always been all or nothing guy. My Childhood hero has now been mortal for roughly 7 years.  I love him for it, he’s as clean as a bleached shirt. Ultimately he may go down as the only player to come out of the 90’s/00’s without a tarnished name.  He wore his hat backwards, sadly still does. So far this year he has hit .208 with five RBIs in the DH or PH role. In fact, it seems he’s so mortal that he needs  mid-game naps.

"Hey Ichiro, vouch for me I just drank an Ensure and Im really drowsy"

In my discussions with our new contributor about my favorite player, the athlete formerly known as the kid, vs her’s, the scapegoat of the steroid era, Barry Bonds. The Sand-rant has continually suggested that Griffey get the asterisk and everyone from the era just go down as having competed against the the each other. I think its the first time the asterisk would be used to represent something positive. But The ranter has a point, baseball is an era sport, the other home run era of Ruth and Maris was aided by the limited use of relief pitching. Imagine Griffey, Bonds, McGwire, Pujols, or any other current heavy hitter going against a guy who had pitched 7 innings already and is starting to throw canned corn. All I know is when Griffey retires and he should soon, we all need to celebrate the competitor he was.


The Bearded Guy


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