A month ago I told you how the Chicago White Sox would win the AL Central.  I also to you not to get too happy or too bummed out with what happens in April because the baseball season is long.  Forget both those things.

The Chicago White Sox are terrible!  They are last in hitting in all of baseball.  The White Sox are batting .223 as a team.  That’s 30th out of 30 teams.  Embarrassing!  The next best (worst) team, the Toronto Blue Jays, are batting ten points higher than the White Sox.  How can this team be hitting so poorly?  Check out these pathetic averages:

J. Pierre          .204

G. Beckham    .207

C. Quentin      .173

AJ. Pierzynski  .208

A. Ramirez      .229

That’s terrible!  Only Rios (.299), Konerko (.286) and Andruw Jones (.288) are the only Sox flirting with .300.  (We) The White Sox had the same problem last year and I think the year before that.  Who’s responsible?

Maybe Beckham isn't ready quite yet

Greg Walker is in his sixth season as the White Sox hitting coach and it seems his job has been in question ever since Chicago won the World Series.  Ozzie doesn’t always seem to have his back but Walker has always been able to keep his job.  Is it finally time?  How much influence does the hitting coach have anyway?  How do players who could hit last year suddenly forget how to hit?

Sox pitching isn’t doing much better.  They’re 25th in ERA at 4.91 and their relievers have blown four out of nine save opportunities.  John Danks is the only pitcher proving his worth.  He’s 3-0 with a 1.85 ERA. Bobby Jenks, as bad as the bullpen is, hasn’t blown a save but does have a 4.50 ERA even though he hasn’t given up a home run in ten games.  Now check out these terrible ERA’s:

M. Buehrle      5.30

J. Peavy          6.31

G. Floyd          6.49

F. Garcia         5.87

Disgraceful!!!  Jake Peavy is missing something.  He’s been throwing way too many pitches.  In his first five starts he threw 534 pitches in 28.2 innings.  He’s only reached the seventh inning once in those starts.

John Danks - your new White Sox ace

The pitching will come around but I wonder if the hitting will?  There are too many big names not producing.  Who’s responsible?  What needs to change?

Is it time for Ozzie Guillen to go?  I love Ozzie.  He’s good for the game because he’s real and doesn’t pull any punches.  But, has his act gotten old on this team?  Are his rants and tantrums having the same effect on the players?  I say fire Ozzie ONLY IF someone good is available.  Getting a retread to take over this team would be a step back for a team who should be contending for the division.  The only person I’d fire Guillen for is Bobby Valentine.  He would/could light a fire and would be a huge fan favorite but would he come?  It seems he only wants the Mets job and is willing to wait around for it to become available.

I still hate Jay Mariotti

Bobby, this job would be great for you and you’d own this town if you could turn this team around.  Think about it.  White Sox fans can bring it game in and game out, if they’re winning, and you’d love the atmosphere and passion.

My favorite Bobby Valentine moment

Can you imagine Bobby Valentine and Lou Pinella in the same town?  Awesome!

Whatever happens, Detroit and Minnesota are tearing up the league right now and the White Sox can’t afford to lose any more ground in the standings (6 games back).  C’mon Sox, you’re killing me!!  Clippers – suck, Browns – suck, Irish – suck, White Sox – suck.  God, I hate sports!!!

I still love you wrestling


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