It’s good to be from Atlanta right now!

Posted: April 30, 2010 by The Bearded Guy in Baseball, Random Shit, Uncategorized
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Recently Ciara has been sexually assaulting anyone with a television and a pair of working eyes. Her video, Ride, just might be dirtier than a highway strip club, not that I have ever been to one but i heard they aren’t clean places to have dinner. Just imagine the video coming to you with a 3D television. I think you would be saying ‘no touching’ instead of vice-versa. Often the video goes beyond sexual though and is just odd when she pops and locks it and does crazy arm moves….. I don’t know many guys who are losing it over her crazed arms, but if it gives us any insight it is protect your face when with her. If you can take your eyes off her ‘hips’, you will notice she is reppin’ the ATL with a Braves game issued fitted.

I think I can pin point the reason….Its not the late 90’s star Larry Jones, some of you may call him Chipper. I think its the up-n-coming, the second coming of Griffey, or commonly known as Torii Hunter’s black friend: Jason Heyward who has already hit 5 homers but is only hitting .239. Anyways like I was saying with Ciara creasing your 59/50 and Heyward¬† giving¬† the Braves a fresher look, ATL might not be a bad spot to be this summer.

For a list of strip clubs in the area ask anyone from all male school in the there!

Special Thanks to our future contributor The Sandrant for showing me “why her kids won’t have television”


-The Bearded Guy

  1. sittingpugs says:

    I used to like and follow the Braves…back in the day during and just after the Gulf War. Mon dieu, that was a long time ago. And then one day Fred McGriff was no longer first baseman.

    I’ve always wanted to go to an exhibitionist, dirty dancing kind of establishment for sociological/anthropological reasons, but the opportunity has yet to present itself. Moreover, I tend to hallucinate smells when it comes to certain physiological realms put on display–with or without a layer of fabric to obscure the view–so it’s probably a good thing that I’ve not been able to satisfy my curiosity.

    I’d also want to wear a hazmat outfit.

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