No words

No one has posted since The Collins Effect. So I wanted to throw something up there that was fresh for any of our followers. Recently the circulation of Ghetto work out videos have been making there way around the DMZ teachers.  At first I thought these were going to be mock work out videos until I saw these CRAZY works on top of Bus stations, cross walk signs, playgrounds, park pavilions, and trash cans.

What you need:

All the participants appear to be on HGH or some other form of The Clear. They are crazy swoll.  Just noticing but you haven’t seen any white guys caught doing the Ghetto workout, but I have concluded that John Cena must have had an official “24 ghetto pass “.  John has jorts, no shorts, quarterback wrist bands (substitute for gloves), as for shoes? ask The Mark.

John loves Jorts

Ghetto Workout even has a celebrity representative (Cause people under WWE contracts do not count as celebrities)….

Who can forget the Driveway workout/interview

Terrell practiced the principals of the 24 hr Ghetto Workout by doing sit-ups  during his interview in a driveway. Way to rep’ it TO!

Enjoy these masterpieces

Yeah I know! Now you do too….

The Bearded Guy

  1. The Mark says:

    John Cena wears Reebok Pump Omni Hexrides.

    Since he’s such a famous athlete, Reebok makes them custom for him. He has Hustle, Loyalty, Respect on the back of the shoe.

    He’s would be a good endorser of the Ghetto Workout because he was known as, The Doctor of Thuganomics, when he came into WWE.

    “You can’t see me!!!”

  2. Stilla Favrefan says:

    I have to admire the discipline – and the amazing results :).

  3. sittingpugs says:

    That picture of John Cena ….. his blood vessels are so conspicuous! slice, squirt, slurp.

    He also looks like he’s wearing a jean skirt. It’s a shame Spike Lee didn’t make “Ghetto Workout” as a B-side to Do the Right Thing.

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