This isn't Funny Money, it's just funny

Olympics again. A question came to me after today’s hockey game what does the Canadian 5 dollar bill stand for….? I had three guesses

1) The number of goals given up to the United States team on Sunday night

2) Or does the 5 that stands for the popularity of Hockey in America, behind Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Auto Racing.

3) or the most economical choice, that it’s the conversion rate of Canadian dollar for the US dollar:  for every 3 given up the US gets 5.  If that’s not the conversion rate, it soon will be. People will be in a tear to get out of the country, your past time is gone!

Canada, you put kids playing hockey on your money! How did we beat you?

It's so big, Stanley!

Most Americans can’t tell you who won the last two Stanley Cups, not to mention its been almost two decades since a team from Canada won Lord Stanley’s over compensating thing, I mean it’s like a 55 year old with a Corvette Convertible.  Although our current players were raised in the Mighty Duck era, so we have the Gordon Bombay drive, there is no excuse for losing to us.  You should just submit your application for statehood now because it seems like we are already home in Vancouver!

As Tony Kornheiser says “Good Night Canada!”

The Bearded Guy

  1. Danielle says:

    We’ll win when it counts. See you in the finals (if you’re lucky)

  2. The Mark says:

    Nice Canada blast Bearded Guy.

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  4. Stilla Favrefan says:

    The only problem I see with a 50-year-old owning a Corvette is that she’s not old enough yet to appreciate it!

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