Jersey Shore – Goodbye Season 1, It Will Never Be The Same

Posted: February 4, 2010 by The Mark in Televison
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I finally watched the season finale of Jersey Shore and, I’m serious when I say this, I will miss the show.  At the same time, I don’t think this season can be topped.  I know they’re coming back but I think it might be a mistake.  The show was too good, too fresh in the first season.  The cast members were average Guidos and Guidettes.  No more.  Now everyone is a star and they have gotten around.  Watching season one you got the feeling that none of the cast members ever ventured outside their neighborhoods but now they’re going to The Grammys, Fashion Week and, for sure, The Super Bowl.  Snooki and The Situation were much better when they had no worldview.  Now, they’re celebrities and they are going to act like celebrities. 

MTV, in all their wisdom, wants to capitalize on something hot so they’ll do this by killing the show.  They want new episodes in a hurry so now the cast, including Angelina, will be back together for a season two.  Except, forget about that whole being on the Jersey Shore thing.  The new season will be filmed somewhere, probably South Beach, so they can start filming as soon as possible.  Also, each cast member will be making ten large an episode.  So, they don’t have to pretend to work in order to stay in the house and they don’t get to hang out with other Guidos and Guidettes.

The cast is the same but they will never be the same.

Snooki was not palatable to guys hanging out on the Jersey Shore but she will definitely be a hot commodity in South Beach now that’s she’s a star and making $10K an episode.  The Situation literally repelled women in season one; girls would not even answer his calls.  Now, he’ll have to beat them off with a stick.  What will become of Vinny?  I think we’ll see the biggest change in him.  I don’t think mom will be bringing food and clean laundry all the way down to South Beach. 

If MTV was smart, they would bring the cast together again for season two at the same beach house and keep this going, season after season, until every cast member dropped out.  Some would get married, some would get pregnant, some might be in jail.  I’m sure by season five the field would be thinned.  In season 15, The Situation and Snooki would be the only ones left. 

If I ran MTV this is what Jersey Shore season 15 would look like.

Will I watch the new season?  Hell yeah!  I just hope Sammi and Ronnie aren’t dating in season two.  Let Ronnie fly.  I can see Angelina and, a hopefully single, Sammi being the biggest cock-blockers ever.  Whatever happens, we will be able to figure out where the show is going in the first ten minutes of season two.  If they have changed, we’ll know. 

Cockblock much?

As for the finale, most people called it anticlimactic but I enjoyed the show.  They seemed like family in the end.  Mike, no matter how much the others protest, was the man of the house.  He kept things together.  Is he still a douche?  Yes, but he does have a sensitive side.  He was like an older brother to Snooki.  Well, until they made out in the hot tub.  Does anyone find it odd that Vinny is the only one who caught something (pink eye) at the Jersey Shore?  I thought it was funny that they all realized that the whole summer they didn’t really spend any time on the beach so they had to make up for it on the last weekend.  Of course, Ronnie and Sammi had to go do their own thing the last night.  Why should  that night be any different from the rest of the summer?

I gotta be me.

Bye season one.  You will be missed.


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