(2010 NFL Playoffs Week 2 “Let’s try this again”)

First off before I get into my actual picks this week, let me start by apologizing to my mom, my pastor and everybody else who has called me and is embarrassed by my picks from last week.  I know, I know 1-3 aint going to cut it! That’s why I’m GUARANTEEING that I will do better this week (and if I don’t, too damn bad!).  So now that, that is over, let’s get right into my picks for this week!


Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys

“OLD MAN RIVER, JUST KEEPS ON ROLLING ALONG”…I think that should be the theme song for this current reincarnation of the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll be the first one to admit that during the beginning of the season I thought Brett “I’ve been playing since your dad was a twinkle in your Grandma’s eye” Favre, was done and just couldn’t shake the need to be in the spotlight. Boy did he prove me wrong! Behind Lazarus Favre, All-Day Peterson (the 2nd Best RB in the League), and Jarred Allen the Vikings have been pretty darn good. On the other hand, sometimes all it takes is getting over the initial hump and then the rest is pie! And this might be just the situation for the Cowboys, coming off their 1st playoff victory with the Rominator at the helm and the 1st since 2004 (I bet the Eagles wish they had flown Jessica Simpson to the game) . Also, it doesn’t hurt that the Boys are doing a great NY Giants of 2008 impression (an ok season and getting insanely hot right before the playoffs) and challenging the Bolts as the hottest team in the L. So for me this comes down to 2 simple things. 1st: Dallas’ WR’s are better than MIN’s…this means the DB’s for the Vikes are going to have hell all day and 2nd: the Cowboy’s Defense is better! They are not a one horse unit like the Vikings. Demarcus Ware has a lot of other talented guys around him so I’m going to give the edge to the Boys on this one…”How BOUT DEM COWBOYS?!”

Pick: Cowboys: DAL 25 – MIN 21

New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals

The only pick that I got right all last week faces the Saints…Now, just on general principle it is hard for me to pick any team in the NFC South that does not have a bird for a logo! And believe you and me it’s even harder to pick against Early Doucet’s  impressive gun collection and our fave Civil War Vet and QB leader of the local bible study, the Rev’d General Stonewall Warner, who I am sure is going to be giving it all he’s got. However, and it’s weird for me to say this… but I feel like the Aints are the team of destiny this year…and although, I’m not an Aints fan I do pull for the city of N.O. (only for the facts that they gave us jazz and Lil Wayne is from there!) So despite the great cookies that Mrs. Warner baked during last Thursday’s prayer meeting, I’m still going to have to go with the Aints in this one.

Pick: Saints: NO 42 – AZ 38


Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts

Joe Flacco might just be the luckiest man in the WORLD! I mean you get to be a starting NFL QB, only throw 10 passes, connect on a WHOPPING 4 of them and still win a playoff game?!?!…Either that or you are lucky to play for the Ravens and that aging D-fence that is still one of the best in the L! Plus, when did Ray Rice decide to change his name to Jamal Lewis? …But wait, Joe’s luck doesn’t stop there, he gets the HONOR of not having to pay for his front row seat this weekend! That’s right!, He gets to watch a REAL QB, and one of the best to ever do it this weekend for free! Yep, the CHOSEN ONE, Payton Manning will be kind enough to demonstrate to Joe how to pick apart those very same brain teasing D-fensive schemes he sees EVERY DAY in practice, and in less time than it takes Joe to tie his shoes! I guess, Rod Stewart said it best..”Some guys have all the luck!”….Colts win this one, easily!

P.S. thanks Randy Moss for not providing any supporting evidence last weekend of my opinion of you as the most talented and best receiver EVER to play the game! I appreciate that!

Pick: Colts: INDY 36 – BAL 21



New York JETS vs. San Diego Chargers

DAM YOU MARK SANCHEZ!! By winning last week in such convincing fashion and robbing me of getting to watch the marketing machine known as Chad Ochocinco for at least 1 more week you have made this personal (Insert Your Own Four Letter Tirade Here)! From here on out I am ANTI- Mark Sanchez in EVERYTHING! So I’m picking the Bolts to win…well not just b/c I hate the Sanchize but also b/c Philip Rivers is the most underrated QB in the league who like a Stone Cold Steve Austin circa’ 1999, “JUST WHIPS YOUR ASS” (that reference is for you The Mark). Also add that the Whale’s Vagina team is arguably the hottest team going into the playoffs (having won 11 straight) and healthy!!…The Chargers will take this one, so get used to Sean Merriman doing his epilepsy dance, b/c you’re going to have to watch it for at least 1 more week.

Pick: Chargers: SD 29 – NY 22


  1. The Mark says:

    As Stone Cold Steve Austin would say, “What?” “What?” “What?”

    Did you say Tom Brady is not a “real” quarterback? In which of the three Super Bowls he won was he not a “real” quarterback? Please stick to talking about the Memphis basketball dynasty that never was instead of insulting us with your lack of NFL acumen

    Just pick the damn games and skip the part where you pretend to know and like the NFL.


  2. The Bearded Guy says:

    The Mark,

    Maybe you should reread the post. He didnt say Tom Brady is not a “real” quarterback. Infact, he never mentions Tom Brady at all. His ‘Real QB’ comments are based on Flacco’s lack of real QB stats from Week 1 of the Playoffs. Now we all know The Blasian’s specialty is Memphis hoops and some Nascar events. But you are coming at him for the wrong thing for the second time in a row. I dont understand why you are ‘Nick Cannoning’ him when you are taking the post out of context.

    Oh and it’s Peyton Manning!

    The Bearded Guy

  3. The Mark says:

    “He gets to watch a REAL QB, and one of the best to ever do it this weekend for free!”

    I don’t think this statement has anything to do with Flacco as a quarterback. While Tom Brady isn’t mentioned specifically, this seems to imply that although Flacco was on the same field as Brady, Brady is not, in fact, a REAL quarterback. Like Flacco couldn’t learn anything from Brady because Peyton Manning is REAL as opposed to Brady. I know I’m older but does anyone remember how Brady OWNED Manning up until the Colts finally won the Super Bowl? Remember the Manning face? Tom Brady created that. Is Peyton awesome? Yes, but let’s not discount Brady. I’m sorry, I don’t get the Nick Cannon reference.

    Blasian, enlighten us, tell us what you were thinking. I don’t mind being wrong. Plus, I’m not afraid to admit I have some man-love for Tom Brady.

  4. Kennedy Wong says:

    Once again, the MARK…ur WRONG!!…I like the way that sounds….. You have to read what I wrote and stop hallucinating about other stuff….maybe its the fumes from all the Kim Chi…lol…My statement is only about FLACCO and how he put up a HORRIBLE performance during the last game…HE (FLACCO) is not a real QB yet in my opinion…and he will get the chance to watch a REAL QB this week, Payton, Peyton (whatever) Manning…this has nothing to do with Tom Brady!…yea, he got to watch Brady last week, but I’m talking about THIS week….. Tom Brady is not being mentioned nor was in my mind when I wrote it…and yes, Tom Brady is a GREAT QB, although I’m not a fan, so you can stop crying now!!….and I don’t get the Nick Cannon reference either!

  5. The Mark says:

    Ok, I get it now, I think. Whatever! Bearded One, please explain the Nick Cannon reference. I really don’t want to go on wikipedia for this one.

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