The Rundown (TV edition) part 1

Posted: January 12, 2010 by The Bearded Guy in Televison
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Jersey Shore-

Initial thoughts, that this is a genius idea. I love that they can pick out 8 people from the same background to create their own drama with each other. It’s simply amazing.  Although they didn’t find four attractive girls, let alone one. None of these girls are hot, smart, or world savvy. They found these girl who love to fight anyone who looks at them wrong, drinks their drinks (Snooki getting punched 1), girls showing up at their crib (Snooki punched again), and getting called fat and/or ugly (Jwoww defending Snooki).

Great Moments:

Angelina getting kicked out: terrible for the dynamic and dating a married guy. Definition of hoodrat

-The Situation: Anything he says is gold and usually ends up making him look dumb ‘Pauli is hooking up with his girl, and I am feeling my girl and we are going to have sex, That the situation.’ Ends up the girls weren’t feeling it and they peaced!

-“Don’t fall in love on the Jersey Shore”- Ronnie. Pretty sure you cried in an episode cause you had a fight with Sammi after 3 days of hanging out. Bipolar roid rage has made him interesting.

-Almost forgot Vinny, the most normal one of the crew. So normal, that he disappeared from 3 episodes. He had to hookup with the boss’s ugly chick to get any video play. But in all reality he must love Snooki, cause he got crazy for the first time after she got jacked up in the bar.

Its just a bad car wreck in a neighborhood, everyone has come out of the woodwork to watch it unravel, and I am as guilty as the next person. Shine on Jersey Shore!


The Bearded Guy


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