1) So I came forward last week and basically called the Cowboys an easy out against the Eagles. I am here to apologize to the Cowboys.  I took you for the Cowboys of the past few years, the collapsing at the end of the season ‘boys who get hyped by the media and then fall apart with a sub story developing. Despite McNabb looking loose before the game, it was apparent from the beginning, loose didn’t mean ready.  The real player was Vick, who didn’t want the season to end so badly that he delivered one of the longest touchdown passes of his career. He must really not want to attend PETA rallies.  Beyond that, the Patriots era is no more, unable to stop the Ravens rush attack to save their lives; at home no less. Cincinnati failed to redeem Chris Henry, also at home, and how hard is it to hit a field goal? Everyone having a son now a days should get them kicking, there are definitely kicking positions available. The only pick I got right happened in the anti-defense game of 2010. Making it look a lot like the Cardinals of last year. They will need Boldin to continue on, but still a tough out.

2) The BCS game fell apart when the uninjured McCoy went down in the first series of the game. Once that happened, everyone watching considered switching over to catch the new Jersey Shore or started complaining their wasn’t a new Office. It had to be one of the biggest disappointments to happen that early in a championship game.  Even when Ted Ginn went down a few years back after the opening kickoff return (see terrible celebrations), Ohio State still had the Heisman trophy defaulter* in Troy Smith.  So they had other options. But McCoy goes down and in comes Gilbert, not smoking gun agent zero, but a red-shirt freshman who had thrown 26 passes this season in mop-up time, and with little running game it looked like it could be over just like that. But Gilbert did his part, sure he had a couple of turnovers, but his receivers did not pick him up either, the shovel pass, an extremely costly turnover should not be on him and the line did not seem to give him quite the time necessary. Obviously McCoy is the better QB, but Texas still could have won this game if the supporting players stepped up.

3) Unbeatens fall:  KU and Purdue. Both on the road and of little consequence at this point in the season. But a Kansas team that had been skating by turned the ball over 16 times and shot 38 percent finally doomed the former No. 1. Despite Tennessee being ranked 15th. Bruce Pearl recently dismissed star guard Tyler Smith and three other players remain on suspension. As a KU homer, I think it needed to happen especially after the close call to Cornell. Kansas clearly didn’t show up to play in back-to-back games and if they were able to get another win out of that mentality it could have cost them down the road. Self should refocus his squad especially recent turnover machines like Markieff Morris and Tyshawn Taylor.

So No 3 Penis Wine this week! Hopefully we can get some picks right next weekend. To come my picks in the KHBL, Korean Handball League, straight lock picks.


The Bearded Guy


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