Guard Play Not Welcome In The KBL

Posted: January 11, 2010 by The Mark in Korea, Korean Sports, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball
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If you’re a point guard who can dribble, who can sort of see the floor and who can stop at the three-point line and pass the ball without ever getting a look at the basket, then the Korean Basketball League is the place for you.  If, on the other hand, you can dribble, command the floor, dribble penetrate and get multiple looks at the basket, then please go elsewhere.  Guard play if frowned upon in South Korea.  They don’t need you pretending to be the most important player on the team, scoring 30 and dishing 20.  Let the big guys and the three-point specialists handle the scoring.  All you’re supposed to do in Korea is take the ball over mid-court and dish the ball of to someone bigger than you as soon as possible. 

A guard with any kind of game would have a field day in Korea.  Stephon Marbury, as crazy as he is, would score a minimum of 60 points a night here in the KBL.  There’s not a lot of defense on the guards here.  They only worry about the bigger forwards and the centers here.  That’s why a guy like Samaki Walker, who should be killing the other team for at least 30 a night, isn’t dominating like he should.  As soon as he gets the ball, there are two or three guys on him in a second but the guard has nothing to do but watch. 

Let’s say that John Wall, instead of walking out on Memphis and instead of going to Kentucky, decides to go overseas to play for a year before going pro.  Let’s also say that he doesn’t go to Europe but for some reason decides to ply his trade in South Korea for the SK Knights.  This is what his box score would look like:

John Wall – 70 points, 25 assists, 15 steals

That would be every single night.  Plus, Samaki Walker would also have 30 points and all SK games would end something like 130-70.  Guaranteed!

I don’t know who’s in charge of the KBL but someone needs to tell the coaches to let the guards do their thing.  Maybe a foreign coach is needed to show them how to handle guard play.  Kelvin Sampson, instead of being an assistant for the Milwaukee Bucks, could do well here.  He wouldn’t have to worry about those pesky NCAA recruiting rules.  C’mon KBL, give me some guard play.  I’ll watch more, I promise.

  1. Kennedy Wong says:

    AMEN!!..and I’d not only watch but go to games more!!…for that and to see my lil Krispy Kreme Homie!

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