Early Doucet Celebrates By Taking A Trip To The Gun Show

Posted: January 11, 2010 by The Mark in NFL Football
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Thanks Arizona, for saving us from what would eventually have been an insufferable Green Bay – Minnesota matchup.  You just know the worldwide leader would’ve covered this game like it was the Super Bowl and as if no other games were being played.  Now if Dallas can do it’s part and knock out the Vikings, I will be a happy man.

  1. sittingpugs says:

    I don’t know why but Kurt Warner scares me. I wouldn’t want to be around him even when he’s happy. I keep imagining him chasing me trying to feed me oatmeal or squash soup.

    I’d still be a Cowboys fan but Tony Romo has gotten too smirky as of late. I still like their uniforms, though.

  2. Donna Antrim says:

    Who dislikes Farve so much??

  3. […] that does not have a bird for a logo! And believe you and me it’s even harder to pick against Early Doucet’s  impressive gun collection and our fave Civil War Vet and QB leader of the local bible study, the Rev’d General Stonewall […]

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