Two of my best friends have served in the US Military and I noticed that in our conversations after they both got back from overseas, that they both kept using the phrase “RiCOCKulous! Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that it took me a couple of minutes to catch on but ever since I did, I have never missed a chance to use this fantastic word in a conversation. “What’s that? Your car won’t start….RiCOCKulous”. “Huh, your wife I sleeping with your sister??…That’s really RiCOCKulous!”… “What?? After 18 years of child support you just found out that the kid aint yours?!…Simply RiCOCKulous!” So as my tribute not just to my buddies or the U.S. Military, but to all of those fine people protecting their respective corner’s of the world I bring to you the 1st of my weekly musings, called (drum roll please)……….“Simply RiCOCKulous!

Now let’s get started….

1) This week, I was all prepared to go off on the situation of Mr. Gunsmoke Arenas. I mean by no ways do I condone violence but to be suspended basically for a DANCE, that his teammates participated in aint right! I mean we all know he will get suspended and rightfully so, for his decision to be the T.I. of the NBA but at least let the due process take its course Mr. Stern. For Pete’s sake, have a heart and let the man have fun, before he has to start picking up the Soap in front of guys that look likes Shaq’s Big Brother…….Simply RiCOCKulous!

2) Plus, I have a greater issue with not letting athletes be entertaining anymore. I mean ever since the NFL decided to become the league of Nuns and not let you even celebrate after a touchdown…Sports has just taken a turn for the worse. Now at days, I can’t blame guys who let their wives take the remote during the game and turn it to Desperate Housewives or whatever monotonous drivel is on…because I’m sure it’s more entertaining. (Ok, maybe I just went a lil overboard, but you get my point.) For me, I miss players with flash like Deion Sanders. Now you have to legally change your name every season like Ochocinco, in order to provide a little entertainment to the fans. For men sports is our Soap Opera, so let us enjoy the Dam drama and pageantry. That goes to you NFL, NBA, and FIFA…..Simply RiCOCKulous!!

3) Speaking of Footy, my favorite Italian Player Mario Balotelli was fined by the Italian League for clapping at the same fans who were RACIALLY abusing him and another black player (this also might be another reason players don’t want to play in Italy anymore The Mark). I applaud Mr. Balotelli because a clap is definitely not the hand gesture I would have given them. And even more preposterous, the fans of the team that was doing the abuse got no sort of reprimand or anything of the sort…Simply RiCOCKulous!

4) And finally, the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight! This is just simply Mind Blowing! How do you let egos get in the way of what is going to be the most COLOSSAL boxing match of this century? This fight was going to be the EPIC fight I was going to tell my grandkids about! And now Bob Arum and Manny, you have denied, my poor innocent, yet to be born Grandchildren that chance! Think of the children, for Christ’s sake! SIMPLY RiCOCKulous!!!

Now the only fight that they will be having, will be in the courtroom as Manny is taking a beating in the court of public opinion about the voices in his head telling him the blood tests will make him week, and is suing Pretty Boy for libel. Personally, I understand both sides: Manny wants to stay within his superstitions and maybe letting his voodoo medicine give him the strength of Hercules while Mayweather, is FINALLY going to fight someone who could beat his ass, and he wants to make sure he loses on the up and up. But the final straw is what has happened since… Manny has agreed to fight Joshua Clottey, instead. WHO?!?! No disrespect Joshua, (and I will be pulling for you simply because I’m a salty boxing fan) but I find the whole situation is SIMPLY RiCOCKulous!!!

  1. The Mark says:

    Where to begin? So you agree that Gilbert Arenas will have some legal troubles stemming from bringing guns to the arena and yet you want David Stern to hold off on his punishment so he can have his, “fun”? Why? Am I missing something when Arenas is on the court? Is he doing something special besides dribbling, passing and shooting? Ridiculous. Remember when Arenas was supposed to be something great? Me too. Not going to happen.

    David Stern is in charge and he can do whatever the hell he wants. Do you think Michael Jordan really wanted to try his hand at baseball instead of continuing to school the rest of the NBA? No, Stern pushed him out of the league to punish him for gambling, allegedly.

    As far as Italian soccer, I’m with you on this. Serie A is the worst when it comes to racism. The leagues and the clubs just don’t care. They talk a big game and put on a show whenever there is a problem but nothing ever gets done. Start docking points and making teams play in empty stadiums and maybe the clubs will start taking it seriously.

    Let me understand, are you implying that Manny Pacquiao is on the juice? Are you high? Pacquiao is pound-for-pound the best fighter there is and has been for a few years now. If there is anyone to blame for this situation it’s Mayweather and his camp. They shot their mouth off, like they always do, but this time their opponent doesn’t need them. Pacquiao has all the leverage here. Pac Man has never said anything outrageous like Mayweather, he just does his job. It just happens that his job is beating the crap out of anyone who wants to fight him. It looks to me that Mayweather doesn’t want any part of Pacquiao.

  2. Kennedy Wong says:

    1) I do agree that punishment should be upheld until the legal rammifications are figured out! And no, he doesn’t do anything super human on the court but nobody does. However, he is one of the more entertaining NBA players..and as for being a bust?!?! You been drinking too much Soju my friend! Arenas, a guy who was picked in the 2nd round is a ALL-Star player and still is. If it weren’t for his injury last season he would still be an All-Star, the Wiz were crap without him and expect more of the same once he’s gone. With him however, they were pushing LeBust..I mean LeBron and the CAVs in the Playoffs. Like I said, due process…wait and see what happens

    2). Yea, I think MJ really wanted to play Baseball. His Father was a baseball player and the primary reason he left was because he was stricken with grief about his Father dying….I think it was kind of a tribute to his dad in a sappy kind of way! Plus, its RiCOCKulous to think Stern ever could force MJ out! MJ was bigger than the league itself…D.Stern didn’t matter! Unlike Gilbert and the rest of the crew, as you so pointed out D.Stern doesn’t dribble a ball, shoot or anything else for that matter so I have trouble believing he really is that powerful. And trust me he’s not in control the Owners, and NBA union are collectively are each individually more powerful than Stern. He’s Horrible!

    3) I don’t know whether Manny is on the juice or not, but I know a dam, Blood Test shouldn’t make a GROWN ASS MAN that afraid to where he can’t fight Money May!…so if you want to look at it that way(and I do), it sounds like Pac-man is the 1 who’s scared. Because just as Money, knows Pac could beat him, the same is true for Manny. He knows the ONLY man who can beat him is Floyd. Why else is he holding on to this RiCOCKulous belief. Either that or he does have something to hide, especially with this much money on the line! Either way not looking good for Pac. and for the Record…Mayweather would win if they fought!!

  3. The Mark says:

    Arenas is good, no doubt, but he doesn’t make me want to buy a ticket to see the Wizards.

    David Stern can make things happen, trust me.

    The problem with your argument is that you called Mayweather, Money May. Do you think Pac Man cares about the money? He just wants to pound dudes into submission. No flash, just business.

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