Ochocinco is no Chad Johnson

Posted: January 10, 2010 by The Mark in NFL Football
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The Bengals just got shown the door in the playoffs by Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.  That’s, rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez and the Jets, who just snuck into the playoffs.  And, this game was in Cincinnati.  While this was happening where was Ochocinco?  Other than making two catches for twenty-eight yards what was he doing?  Can we stop talking about him as one of the elite receivers in the league?  At this point, if I had to choose a big game receiver, I would probably choose ten other receivers over him.  Please don’t tell me about double coverage and shit like that.  Great receivers make things happen.  He doesn’t have to catch twelve passes for one hundred fifty yards but where’s the game breaker?  I’ll take the Chad Johnson who, up until a few years ago, could catch anything and get open.  Sure, Ochocinco is a marketing genius but he’s no longer that receiver I think about to make the difference in a game.  Ochocinco, you can twitter and ustream all you want and I will be interested but when Sunday afternoons roll around I will be thinking of Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Reggie Wayne.


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