USC is not Seattle and Pete Carroll is not Mike Holmgren

Posted: January 9, 2010 by The Mark in NCAA Football, NFL Football
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The Jim Mora Jr. era in Seattle is over, after only one year.  Funny, Mora was such a great choice that he was announced as the heir apparent to Mike Holmgren a year before Holmgren was finished.  No need to look elsewhere, Seattle had their man.  So, how do you follow-up that bad decision?  You make another equally bad decision. 

Pete Carroll is said to be nearing a deal to become head coach (and president?) of the Seahawks.  Way to go Paul Allen, just hand over the keys to someone who, while being successful in college, hasn’t proven himself in the NFL.  I don’t know if the other kids on this site remember, but his tenure with the New York Jets and New England was mediocre, at best.  Why does Allen think that Carroll’s success in college will suddenly translate to the NFL when it didn’t before?  Carroll could pick and choose his players at USC but in Seattle he’s stuck with the players who weren’t good enough this year and got Mora fired.  In the salary cap era it’s hard to turn a team around quickly.

This is also a bad idea for Pete Carroll.  He’s the BMOC at USC, won two National Championships and has been successful but to the fans in Seattle, “what have you done for us lately?”  Maybe now’s the right time to leave USC.  I think the player/booster/agent scandals are catching up with him.  He can’t keep denying any knowledge when his players show up in new cars with no discernable income.

  1. The Bearded Guy says:

    So do you really think it’s a bad idea then? You said at the beginning of this that its a bad idea for Pete Carroll to leave and then changed your mind midway through. Although he is the toast of Southern California, his staff had been depleted year after year. This past year has shown that assistant coaches do make a difference, especially after the past top classes USC had brought in. It was an embarrassing season for this program. I think Pete is wise for taking the opportunity to prove any naysayers wrong about his ability to coach at the next level. For Pete, its the right move. But probably not the right move for Seattle. I never endorse firing a coach after one season.

  2. The Mark says:

    I didn’t change my mind, Carroll shouldn’t leave USC and Seattle shouldn’t hire Carroll. I can see why he might want to leave though. The funny thing to me is that Seattle didn’t even bother to interview anyone else before hiring Mora. Do you think they would have done better by going through the whole process rather than naming Mora?

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