BCS-A feel of sickness

Posted: January 8, 2010 by The Bearded Guy in NCAA Football
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As much as I would like to agree with The Mark. I have seen Texas sputter too often this season. I think they have played very similar to Florida during the regular season, Uninspired. What made the difference for Florida was a whirlwind of emotions surrounding Tebow’s last game and Meyer’s walking away. If  Texas can find some of that magic, they could pull off the upset, but I do not know what they will be drawing that magic from.  I think both defenses will play their games, and the game will be decided by less than 4 points, but it will be an Alabama victory. I hate you Nick Saban.

The Bearded One

  1. The Mark says:

    I’m with you Bearded One, I hate Nick Saban. He’s what’s wrong with college sports. He screwed over LSU, then the Miami Dolphins and now he’ll be known as a genius instead of the snake he is. The championship couldn’t have gone to a worse guy. What’s next, John Calipari wins the tournament?

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