Aight, this is a great way to jump-off! At least The Mark and I will be guiding you in different directions you will have to decide.  This week we have 3 rematches from last week. I am going to start with my easiest decisions:

Baltimore vs. New England:  Straight Forward

The Mark is right. It’s January and Tom Brady is Tom Brady.  The Pats have been hitting the ground game more over the last couple weeks to get back to a balanced attack, and the games at Foxboro. Raven’s Defense without Ryan hasn’t been the same and enter Falco in a sophomore season.  Easy pick Pats will win by 7 or more.

New York Jets vs. Cincinnati:  Not the Sanchise yet.

Who thought the New York team we would be talking about after 17 weeks would be the Jets.  Rex Ryan and Sanchez snuck into the playoffs against two resting teams.  Cincinnati will control the game and put one a finger in the sky for Chris Henry at the conclusion of this one. Cincinnati is the one team that beat the Hard Knocks curse.  Super Favorite?  Who Dey?

Green Bay vs. Arizona

I’m taking Arizona. I think Warner will hit 65 percent or more of his passes and that’s enough. They win by 7.  This is the only game they win in the playoffs, but they move on.

Philadelphia vs. Dallas: Taking the Dark horse

Can Dallas beat Philly 3 times?….Absolutely not. Not only will Philly cover the spread, but they will win as well. This Cowboys team couldn’t beat any team in the league 3 in a row this season, Chiefs included. I know you say this game is at Dallas and we all saw what happened last week, but really? The home field didn’t matter in the hyped stadium opening game to the Giants, a team that swept the ‘boys this year. I repeat the Giants swept them! This is the team that fell completely apart once Jersey Shore debuted and started scoring better television ratings than Giants home games. It’s still a toss up between who blew it more: The Broncos or The Giants. I mean the Broncos had a shot going into the last week, and decided they want to save Derrik Johnson’s career. I mean I am a fan of his, but he hadn’t started but half the games this season for an undisclosed reason.  I guess you don’t need to have Mike Shanahan coaching to blow it in the final weeks of the season.  One more shot at the Giants and I will get back to the Cowboys v Eagles: The past 6 weeks it looks like the Giants were taking defensive boxing lessons from Snooki. I haven’t seen a team beaten like that back to back weeks to end the season.  I guess Jersey pride doesn’t matter to the Giants.

Dallas still has Wade Phillips and Roy Williams (WR).  I do believe Tony Romo is better than his playoff record, but The Mark even mentioning him in the same sentence as MVPeyton is sacrilege.  I mean com’ on ‘The Mark’, Peyton is the offensive coordinator and the quarterback and just mentally wrecks people on the field. Who were his receivers this year? Anyways, I know Philly’s center is out and who knows about the consistency of Brian Westbrook. But Desean Jackson has two big plays for sure and Donovan McNabb is consistent enough to pull it off.

Question: Did any of the youthful hired  coaches get into the playoffs?


Salute,  and if  I parlay this, Three Penis Wine for Everyone.

  1. The Mark says:

    Listen Bearded One, Im didn’t say Tony Romo was even remotely close to Peyton Manning but until he finally beat the Patriots everyone had doubts about him. Even if Romo wins this game, he’s not Peyton Manning or will never be Peyton Manning. Winning this game would go a long way for him and people might have more faith in him as a quarterback that can win the big game.

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