Picks from a Kennedy – The only predictions that matter!!

Posted: January 7, 2010 by Kennedy Wong in NFL Football
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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

It’s hard as hell to beat a team three times during the same season!! Especially one with the offensive studs that Philadelphia has! I think Philly will  just have another gear when it counts.  And this would be great payback for the Boy’s depriving us of the entertainment that was T.O. and Tony Romo!  Plus, I’m something of a feel good story guy and would like nothing more than to see Mike Vick win the Superbowl even if he plays only 1 play every seven quarters.  I mean come on!  It would be pretty sweet to See Mike Vick go all Cruella DeVille and pull out a fur coat made of Dalmatians after the Superbowl, all while saying “I’m going to Disney Land!” Take that PETA!

Pick: Eagles: Philly 35 – Dal 27

Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals

When you have a quarterback that’s been playing since the Civil War, there’s not too much he hasn’t seen before.  Then on top of that give him a Dreadlocked version of Jerry Rice and its pretty hopeless for your team! Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner alone are enough to get the job done.  Although, I will admit that I want to Green Bay to win, if for nothing else than seeing an eventual Green Bay vs. Minnesota playoff game!  That would be sweet!  Just imagine the chaos!!  But also a quarterback duel brought to you and sponsored by Montgomery Burns and the Shady Oaks Retirement Home would be kind of sweet too.  Arizona all day in this one!

Pick: Cardinals: AZ 27 – GB 13  


Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Randy Moss is the most talented and arguably the best receiver EVER to play the game.  Yea, I said it so what! Tom Brady, although I still haven’t forgiven him for banging Turtle’s girl, is a great cold weather QB and proven winner! Given these facts, I like the PATS chances to overcome an aging Baltimore D-fence! Doesn’t matter that Wes Welker isn’t there, it’s the PATS, someone always steps up when needed.  Also, I’m just not sold on Mr. Flacco being ready for the big time yet.  However, I definitely feel this will be the closest of the 4 games as the PATS defense sucks more than cocktail waitresses at a Tiger Woods Party!  And before you start griping I’m tired of the PATS too, but they will win this one.

Pick: Patriots: NE 24 – BAL 21

New York JETS vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The JETS have no business being in the playoffs. I can think of several teams much better than them. I mean realistically, who out there doesn’t think that the Titans aren’t a couple of Vince Young Starts away from replacing this team? However, the thing that makes this game intriguing is that Cincy started off hot (winning 4 of the first 5 and 7 of 10) but kind of tinkered out in the later parts of the season.  Was this because they pretty much figured they had a playoff spot locked down and were coasting? I’m not completely sold on that. Add that to my view that Mark Sanchez is one of the Worst Pick the JETS have EVER made in the first round and I’m going to have to roll with the Bengals in this one.

Pick: Bengals: Cincy 30 – JETS 10

  1. The Mark says:

    While I agree with you mostly, I do have one bone to pick with you and it’s tiny. Yes, Tom Brady is a great cold weather quarterback but Joe Flacco plays in Baltimore and I’m pretty sure it gets cold there too. Plus, he played at Delaware which can get a bit chilly. That being said, New England takes this. I know you don’t care much about football but at least look at a map when you’re talking about the weather.

    • Kennedy Wong says:

      I never said Joe Flacco couldn’t play in the cold…Read what’s there and stop making stuff up…Like If I say I cant believe UNC lost to College of Charleston…that doesn’t mean that I think UNC is a two bit program that just got embarrased by a program that lost to Samford…..so don’t go making stuff up, I’m just extolling the virtues of Mr. Brady not hating on kid Joe!!

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